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This past Valentine’s Day, our son and daughter each got cards in the mail from their grandparents. Inside our son’s card was a ten dollar bill. 798 more words


Sleeping on the Floor

As we get further along with our downsizing, it has only gotten easier. It might be the excitement of getting down to the final weeks, or maybe I just want it to be over with because it is EXHAUSTING. 178 more words

Getting Started

Road to Independence

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am Justine Jones. I was born with spins bifida. In use a electric wheelchair because of this. 54 more words

Faith-Donating toiletries

I mentioned in my posts of minimalism that I have toiletries I want to donate. I googled where I can donate and here’s what I found. 25 more words

Those Cups

I have these cups, they’re 1960’s design in colours that I would never have wanted to put together. They aren’t microwaveable (which limits them and their bowls usefulness) and you definitely cannot put them in a dishwasher. 407 more words


Donate Donate Donate

I am slowly but surely working toward my minimalism goals. It’s tough. I admit it. Yes, I buy things (not only that I thrift!) but… I’ve actually been feeling guilty now each time I purchase things, because it’s a setback from my goals.I really have been planning a more in depth post (or posts) about minimalism and my goals. 205 more words