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How to Tell If That Online Fundraiser Will Actually Help Immigrant Children at the Border

Motherboard: How to Tell If That Online Fundraiser Will Actually Help Immigrant Children at the Border. “As we’ve all become increasingly aware of the thousands of migrant children separated from their families and detained at the US border, many people have understandably had the urge to try to help. 16 more words

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I have had a VERY BUSY weekend. This is going to be another long-winded post because I am exhausted, I have severe Decision Fatigue and I’ve been going non-stop for the last two days (hey, when you’re feeling it, go for it!)….. 463 more words

Donation time again

My curio cabinet was so loaded with stuff and so heavy that it was starting to pull the L-brackets out of the studs in the wall. 568 more words

Donate bras to support sex trafficking victims with Free the Girls

Every year or so, I do a bra drawer purge to replace bras that no longer fit or just aren’t comfortable (although I’m trying to cut down on buying those in the first place!) 241 more words


Street Fundraising in Melbourne

Our days working as street fundraisers would typically unfold as follows. The alarm breaks the silence at 06:30. By 07:00, we’ve successfully dragged ourselves out of bed, showered, and are sitting by the breakfast table desperately trying find the will to wake up. 1,257 more words


Not Buying Feels Wonderful

Sometimes not buying something you want is the right thing to do.

Recently I browsed for old towels at a Goodwill and came upon a gorgeous woven white blanket. 381 more words



Why didn’t know it would be so hard? It was slow at the beginning, looking closely at everything, thinking hard what is pile it should go in–keep, toss, donate and of course, I had fourth one–who can I give it to. 275 more words

The Big Move