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Letter from the Director: The Global Grassroots

“I don’t like people who eat dogs.” my then 7-year old son said matter-of-factly to our two South Korean house guests, totally out of the blue. 1,173 more words

Letter From The Director

ON THIS DAY: March 13, 2017

March 13th is

Open An Umbrella Indoors Day *

Chicken Noodle Soup Day

Coconut Torte Day

Earmuff Day *

Good Samaritan Day

Napping Day

Smart & Sexy Day * 1,564 more words


Envisioning a sustainable world - Donella Meadows (by Lindsay Barbieri)

Prelude: Envisioning a Sustainable World.

As we move into the political realities of 2017, I have been thinking long and hard about this powerful talk – … 1,143 more words

It's complicated!...or is it?

I’ll  start with a question: What’s the difference between the two words ‘Complex’ and ‘Complicated’?

Have a think about that for a minute…and see what you arrive at. 1,800 more words

Brain Farts

Systems Thinking for your Tiny House on Wheels

I was introduced to Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows back in the 90’s. Applying her principles of sustainable stewardship was a challenge. It took me five years from 2004 – 2009 to downsize and transition into a simpler, minimal resource, substantive lifestyle.  784 more words

Living The Sustainable Tiny Life

"Why is your proposed change so profound?"

My recent serialised post titled “Your Money or your Life!” proposed that every ‘large corporate’* should make a meaningful change…that would be for the good of all. 1,991 more words

Brain Farts