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The Eotena Onslaught: Attack of the DK Crew

Attack on Titan set review, split into Yellow/Green and Red/Blue colour pairs due to time constraints. lycheepunnet and wkim are joined by MagitekElite and teru for a discussion on how to best pronounce ‘Eotena’. 14 more words

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DK64: Wait for the Happy Face - Screen Peekers (17)

Alternate Title: Lost in the Factory. All doors and corridors start to look the same to our heroes, who nonetheless manage to find several puzzles to fail at, while discussing vampire lore, cheating using guide books, and the physics of maps.

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Original design for Tiny Kong revealed

…and its not what you’d expect. Ex-Rare artist┬áMark Stevenson dropped this bombshell on Twitter today.

Source: Twitter.

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DK64: Paint the Walls Peanut - Screen Peekers (Part 15)

Jeff has a hard day at Donkey Kong in this episode. From shooting peanuts to playing instruments to testing his ability to beaver wrangle. To beaver wrangle. 7 more words

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DK64: Monkey Hands - Screen Peekers (14)

Just how human… are monkey hands? Is a skull boned? How close can you cut a slot machine game? This place is one smooth-working engine, and these monkeys are going to MESS IT UP with their SILLY GAMES.

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DK64: Some Death Animation - Screen Peekers (13)

Moving on to world 3, Jeff and J.D. get to a level type that is inseparable from Donkey Kong: industrial computer things. Robots, winding corridors, and an inability to find a Change Barrel.

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DK64: Oh I'm Big - Screen Peekers (10)

Lava causes “abject terror” today for J.D. as he tries to be big–by being tiny. Or something like that. Plus, suicidal camels, the B-52s, and a lot of swearing at cameras.

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