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Odemon #40

They have no style, they have no grace
This ‘Mon has a funny face
They can Body Slam when they need to
And Defense Curl/Rollout, just for you… 16 more words


Donkey King 64 Overview

I have recently decided to go back and play Donkey King 64 again.  As I play I am constantly wondering if I am enjoying the game because it is so good or because it reminds me of my childhood.   190 more words

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[Podcast] Donkey Kong 64 - Nostalgia Cycles

This took far too long to make but I wasn’t going to let this episode die so here it is! As I mention in the episode I’ve decided to not limit the topics to video games and instead have the podcast reflect and supplement the written content on the website which is all about taking a seemingly mundane topic and trying to make a bigger point of discussion with it. 63 more words

Video Games

Playtonic Releases The Yooka-Laylee Rap

While Yooka-Laylee is a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, it’s also a love letter to Rare fans in general. One aspect of Rare’s history is… 46 more words

Wii U Week: 'Tropical Freeze' Can't be the Best DK...Right?

Welcome to Wii U week, where Dan and Nate wax poetic about their favorite failure of a console.

Well, no it probably isn’t. But this fucker gives SNES leviathans  708 more words


The OK Beast Podcast Episode 29: The Donkey Kong 64 Episode (Feat. Barrett Courtney)

On this very special episode of OK Beast, we have on IGN and Zero Life’s Barrett Courtney to discuss Donkey Kong 64, the greatest game of all time. 98 more words