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PSTS Plays DK64 Episode 6 - You Made a Swear!

The first level is basically a squashed banana at Jeff and J.D.’s feet, leaving them to find a new world from the strangely dead overworld. Alpacas of some sort lead them onward into the Aztec world, where J.D. 9 more words

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PSTS Plays DK64 Episode 5 - Such Utter Perfection in Form

In this episode, Jeff has a lot of trouble controlling the excitable little monkey that is Diddy Kong. First in shooting, then a lot in jumping, then in riding minecarts. 13 more words

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Donkey Kong 64: Revisited

I wasn’t planning on reviewing the same game twice within the same three months like this, but I spent a large amount of last week replaying Donkey Kong 64 and by the time I finished I realized I didn’t really have a choice. 1,182 more words

My VG Music Picks #10 – DK Rap (Donkey Kong 64)

(originally posted April 24th 2015)

When people talk about videogame music, it’s usually the tracks that inspire them; the tracks that get an emotion out of them or even tracks that cause nostalgia. 185 more words


PSTS Plays DK64 02 - What's K. Rool's Game?

Oh we’re gettin’ into it, now! First golden banana! First visit to a real game level! Fifth or sixth stupid voice applied to in-game characters! J.D.’s playing to show us how DK is really supposed to move, ready to fight Funky Kong if he has to.

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PSTS Plays DK64 01: God, Are You There? It's Me, K. Rool.

It’s time to step back and peek through the mists at the rare Donkey Kong 64, recently re-released on the Wii U Virtual Console. Jeff plays for the first time, while J.D. 12 more words

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To blog or not to blog? Obviously stop being a fucking crybaby and just do it!

Obligatory blog post since I haven’t done one in a bit.

Clearly I am in a slump. I’m at a point where I don’t feel like doing anything because everything requires way too much effort. 442 more words