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Diddy Kong Monkey Tail Toast

Today’s dish is super easy Monkey Tail Toast. It is a great breakfast that is full of post-workout goodness, like protein.

The ingredients are as simple as can be. 220 more words

Nintendo on pace to have more Virtual Console games on Wii U than the Wii

One of the coolest features Nintendo has come out with in the past ten years is the Virtual Console. All the classics you love from the NES, SNES or Nintendo 64 have been available for download on the Wii, 3DS or Wii U. 501 more words

Donkey Kong Country heads to Wii U

It has been announced that Donkey Kong Country games are coming to the Wii U shop. These older platformers helped define the genre and packed a lot of secrets into simple levels. 47 more words


Donkey Kong Banana Bread! So easy, you don't have to jump over barrels or fireballs for a slice.

Ah, Donkey Kong. A timeless favorite. One of the first video games I played as a child.

I suck at it.

Well, that’s not fair. I haven’t played in well over a decade since the last time I rage quit. 1,039 more words

Two Skillets

Looking for old breakfast cereal, and hating E.T

As a child in the  80’s my world consisted or three important groups.



And Breakfast Cereal.

As an adult that list has changed a great deal. 947 more words


Donkey Kong Vs. Space Invaders

Donkey Kong is the first example of a complete narrative told in video game form, and like 1980’s Pac-Man it uses cut-scenes to advance the plot. 719 more words


Hiroshi Yamauchi: Tribute

Donkey Kong, Super Mario, and the Legend of Zelda sound familiar, right? That’s because they’re situated with the biggest and most recognizable name in the video game industry, Nintendo. 1,959 more words