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The Lost World of DKC2

I’ve always loved secret levels in games.  Even if I’ve played through them countless times, knowing they aren’t a part of the main game just makes them feel special, and I like that.  805 more words

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Chicken-Fried Custer F@$k !

It’s Sunday and my wife has gone to Paris and left me alone with Thing 9 and Thing 7.  FYI, I have changed their code names to correspond to their respective ages.  712 more words

One Life Wife - 06 - Donkey Kong

This time the wife takes on the NES port of the arcade classic Donkey Kong on the Wii U virtual console. Will she be able to take down the titular monkey with a single life? 59 more words


Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Review

When Donkey Kong Country became a massive success in 1994, it was inevitable that it would get a sequel. Little did gamers know that said sequel would arrive the very next year. 1,622 more words

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32 years of brilliant video game box art - #10 (2005) DK: King of Swing

Another year, another countdown, another birthday.  And I’m boxing it all up, tying a nice little bow around it, and turning the ripe old age of 32 with a celebration of 32 BRILLIANT examples of FANTASTIC video game box art.   256 more words