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Watch Nintendo games running on HoloLens

While developers have already imagined what Pokemon Go on HoloLens would be like, independent developer Andrew Peterson has ported his N3S Nintendo emulator to the headset and classic Nintendo games such as Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and Tetris looks definitely amazing in Hololens. 11 more words

September 23, 1889: Deal Me In, Yamauchi-san

Nintendo, the consumer electronics giant was founded on September 23, 1889. No, it wasn’t the first video gaming company, a hundred years ahead of its time. 417 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Game Concept (2D Platformers)

For modern day games to the classic 8-bit platformers, games have always had plot and other features such as characters, sounds, enemies,etc. The first ever game created was in 1958, by a physicist named William Higanbotham, it was “Pong”, even though it doesn’t have a complex story such as Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy, it does still have a plot, which is to hit the pong ball the most and achieve the highest score out of both of the players (AI or another player). 581 more words


Flashback Friday: Atari 2600

Welcome to Flashback Friday! If you did not have the chance to read last weeks edition of Flashback Friday covering the Sega Dreamcast you can read that here. 550 more words


Kangaroo [Atari 2600] - Review and Let's Play

After completing Ys: The Vanished Omens, I decided to pause my Sega Master System playthroughs and turn my attention to a couple of recently acquired Atari 2600 games. 574 more words

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Lin-Manuel Miranda: the key to parenting is less parenting

Writer & composer Lin-Manuel Miranda not only created GWK favourite musical “Hamilton” but he is also an awesomely geeky dad himself.  He recently sat down with… 463 more words