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The Smash Ballot

You may or may not have heard of the Smash Ballot, a site that’s letting people vote for which character they would like added to the current Super Smash Bros.   401 more words


Donkey Kong Klassic!

Hey long time no post? It’s crazy how much can change in just 2 months (for the better!). I’m 6 weeks into a new job as a lead production artist for a pretty great graphic design company. 118 more words

The Gamer: An Introduction: Part two

The Gamer: Japan, the place that brought Anime into existence, also introduced me to video games. My first console was the Nintendo 64; I played… 693 more words


21 Video Games Everyone Should Play Before They Die.

I thought this might be good to know for all you video game freaks! oops addicts, I meant to say addicts.We’re prepared for you to disagree. 608 more words