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New Stock Now In Store!

These two dresses have just arrived in stock! The first features all your favourite Nintendo characters like Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Yoshi and more while the second is a Spider-Man comic dress. 60 more words


Little bits of gaming here and there

I haven’t gamed a lot since my surgery last week because I’ve not wanted to strain my eye too much, but I’ve gotten a little time in a few different games. 574 more words


Donkey Kong 2.5" Inch World of Nintendo Figure Review

Donkey Kong is probably the closest character Nintendo has to an alpha male.  Part of this is undoubtedly because he is a male ape, but solving problems through sheer strength and determination has always been Donkey Kong’s way and I think Jakks Pacific tried to capture this in the 2.5″ figure.   511 more words


In regard to childhood

For whatever reason my mind has started calling my Xbox controller a remote, and when my mind starts doing something my mouth usually follows. I keep finding myself saying “Pass me the remote and prepare to be defeated!” instead of “Pass me the controller and prepare to meet your untimely end!”. 835 more words

Life In General

Let's make a day out of all of this SUN!

You know the drill. Sunday. GameStop closes early, some places aren’t even open, and all you want to do is fill that time in between super awesome day where you have to go to work. 377 more words

Video Game

My 2015 Movies: Pixels (#22)

You all must think I’m crazy, and you’re right. I am. Does that change my mind? No. I heeded the warnings from everyone and their mothers who told me this was a piece of garbage. 550 more words