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Surprising Video Game Origins

by Justin Crockett

If you were a child of the Nintendo age, you no doubt have fond memories of the times: seeing the unmistakable shape of an NES game wrapped up under the tree, going to the movie rental stores that had video games and being able to rent two at a time(damn you for losing the instruction manual!), and enjoying a game that had focus and purpose that didn’t require 60 hours to complete. 1,080 more words


Shigeru Miyamoto: Why the Wii U crashed and burned

Fortunes change fast in the video game world. Six years ago, Nintendo’s Wii was in a position that every hardware company dreamed of—a game system that not only captured the imagination of the core player but also was widely and warmly embraced by the mass audience. 614 more words


Mama Said There'll be Days like This

The past few days I’ve felt sort of… off. I haven’t been sleeping at night, and I just got some new birth control installed that (I think) is messing with my hormones, and the sheer volume of Diet Coke I’ve consumed is enough to make any normal person completely schizophrenic. 757 more words


Classic Nintendo Games are (NP-)Hard by Aloupis et al.

I came across an interesting paper on arXiv, “Classic Nintendo Games are (NP-)Hard” by Greg Aloupis, Erik D. Demaine, Alan Guo, and Giovanni Viglietta. The paper is originally from 2012, but it’s been updated in February of this year with additional results. 1,663 more words

General Commentary

E3 Get Off the Hype Train: Microsoft

By: Stephen Chislett

Microsoft is a big player in the gaming industry. Not only does the Xbox One set the bar for the next-gen consoles, but they’re one of the biggest tech companies in the world. 581 more words


New Amiibo Line-Up

A lot of a new amiibo were announced at this years E3. Here is the line-up:

Mario Maker amiibos

Two new variations of Mario amiibo were revealed at E3. 228 more words

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