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Fashion Spotlight: Kong Comics, Choose Your Belcher, Gravity Poetry

Ript Apparel has three new designs! Kong Comics, Choose Your Belcher, and Gravity Poetry, by MitchLudwig, alex.pawlicki, and Obvian are on sale today only! … 65 more words


Donkey Kong: The Novel | Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Jumpman’s Dream Scenario

Jumpman looks longingly into Pauline’s eyes, in the same way that a newborn husband might stare at his newly created wife on the day of their marriage. 590 more words

Fan Fiction

(Unlikely) Nintendo 64 Mini Wishlist

I was in the first grade when I received my Nintendo 64 – along with Cruis’n World, Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Diddy Kong Racing – for Christmas and I was living the dream. 381 more words

It's-a me, the man behind the voice of Mario!

Thanks to the folks at Great Big Story, meet Charles Martinet, who has been the voice of Mario, the iconic Nintendo game character for 26 years! 59 more words


Video Games Records That Are Impossible To Break

Competition has always been a fundamental part of why we game. From the oppositional style of Pong to the twin-control setup of many arcade cabinets, battling friends in local multiplayer or going online to see how you fare against the world, there’s something about pushing your mental skills to the absolute limit that brings out a certain caliber of individual. 398 more words