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Sex in Fiction - Part II: the powerful intimacy of words... ~ Donna Carrick

The notion of sex in fiction is one that has ‘stirred’ authors, especially during the past 100 years.

Of course, sex and its corresponding representation in the literary arts dates back long before that, but it’s within the last century that openly expressed sexuality and sexual situations have been accepted as permissible in the mainstream arts. 460 more words

Love my kindle!

Santa arrived early this year and he brought me a Kindle Wi-Fi. It was a birthday gift, actually, because my birthday falls before Christmas in December. 199 more words

Imajin Books

The Land of Tea in Literature — “The First Excellence” by Donna Carrick

China is known by some as the land of tea, that is, the place where tea drinking began. For thousands of years, China had a stranglehold on the tea market that was finally broken by a tricky Scotsman. 735 more words

Tea Enjoyment

Tammy-Li's Spring Cardigan ~ Cable&Rib instructions:

For our Easter post, we featured young knitters Brianna L. and Tammy-Li Carrick. Tammy-Li was wearing a new Easter sweater hot off the needles that week: a lavender coloured (#143) “Baby Soft” sportweight by… 1,819 more words

End Of Winter Fun ~ Cabled Skating Sweater & Matching Scarf

With winter nearing its inevitable conclusion (YAY), Thematic Stitchings has only a few more cold-weather projects to share. Very soon, we’ll be moving on to lighter colours, fabrics and, well, attitudes! 618 more words

Crafty Friends ~ Spotlight on Gloria Aida

Years ago I learned that anything I do is more fun when I share it with friends.

This week I’d like to turn the “Crafty Friends” spotlight on Gloria Aida, a friend, fellow crafter and often a teacher in our lunch-time knitting circle. 552 more words