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Diamonds Never Lie to Me*

There’s something about jewels. In part, it’s their mystique, of course. But they are considered to have a lot of intrinsic value. What’s more, they’re often small, so they can be easily transported, traded, and so on. 907 more words

Agatha Christie

Blutige Steine

“Er sehe keinen anderen Ausweg als den, sein Priesteramt niederzulegen, da andernfalls, wenn er es seiner Überzeugung gemäß weiterführe, ständige Konflikte mit den Vorgesetzten unvermeidlich seien. 47 more words


Looking Back At Brunetti

Earlier this year, Donna Leon published the umpteenth Comissario Brunetti story, set as always in the dreamy timelessness of Venice. These stories have appeared over the last twenty five years, and have their own timeless qualities that seems to match the city itself. 1,141 more words

Book Review

Poison is the Wind That Blows*

As this is posted, it’s 55 years since the first publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. It was a very influential indictment of the pesticide industry, and of those who accepted that industry’s claims without researching them. 1,126 more words


September Books

Last month I drew up a list of 93 authors to take with me to the library to help me choose what to read next. Thanks to everyone who helped get this list up to well over a 100. 1,343 more words

Book Review: Earthly Remains

Earthly Remains, by Donna Leon, is the twenty-sixth instalment in the author’s Brunetti series of crime fiction novels. It is the first that I have read and can easily be enjoyed standalone. 463 more words

Book Review