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No.89 A Zombie wanabee...

The exact quote is : “He’s just getting a coffee- I offered to stand in for a few minutes.” The quote is from the movie series  of Commissario Brunetti Episode 7  called “Quietly in Their Sleep.” The author of all the books and movies is Donna Leon. 587 more words

No. 74 An Espresso to die for...

The exact quote is : “By the way, the cause of death was cyanide…in an espresso.”  The quote is from the movies by Donna Leon called  Commissario Brunetti “Death at La Fenice.” 610 more words

We Took Paper, Ink and Type*

In Agatha Christie’s Postern of Fate, Tuppence Beresford makes an interesting comment about reading:

‘‘We could all read. Me and Martin next door and Jennifer down the road and Cyril and Winifred. 1,035 more words

Agatha Christie

Earthly Remains, by Donna Leon

Hardback, Cornerstone, £18.99, out now

Commissario Brunetti, the senior Venetian police officer and star of Leon’s previous books, is sent to recuperate from stress in a secluded house on Sant’Erasmo, an island in Venice’s laguna.  217 more words


The Usual Suspects

Mysteries have long been a favorite genre of mine. Beginning with Agatha Christie and Dick Frances as a teenager, I became an early addict to these compelling reads. 605 more words

Books And Film

No. 40 How to stay awake

The Exact quote is ” Where were you?  I only went for coffee to stay awake! ” It’s from Commissario Brunetti  Episode 7 ” Quietly in Their Sleep”. 438 more words

The life of books - When people share

A couple of weeks ago, I paid a visit to an old telephone booth in Berlin. Nice, you could say, but what is special about that? 320 more words