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Mind over mortality

Endgame – the realities of dying of cancer in a country that forbids Assisted Dying

A change of narrative tone for this blog, as a brief break from the bitterness. 710 more words

Mortality And Assisted Dying

I Fell Down a Rabbit Hole and Then...

I fell down another.  And yet another.  And, apparently, I shall not see the light of day for quite some time.

It’s been a fun series of detours, though.   1,373 more words

Vintage Christmas

Book no.2 A Question of Belief by Donna Leon

You know that expression change is as good as a holiday, well for me Donna Leon books are as good as a holiday – well almost, obviously the actual holiday would still be better, but there is something intensely relaxing and soothing about sitting back on the lounge with the latest Brunetti detective novel. 583 more words



“He ran through a list of possible crimes and vices until he found himself faced with the truth of Paolo’s claims: most of the Seven Deadly Sins were no longer so. 85 more words


New Year in Venice

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been to Venice: it’s one of my favourite haunts, and there was a time when I visited every single year.   384 more words

Guardian report on gender and novel reading

A recent Guardian had a piece claiming that most novels read by men are written by men, and most women read novels by women.  That may be true in the round, but looking at my pile of recently read books waiting to go to a charity shop, I see they are all detective stories written by women. 150 more words