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Ranking Wedding Cake


Jerry (Terry), Joe, and Donna sample wedding cakes from the finest bakeries in Pawnee to determine which one to serve at Donna’s upcoming wedding. Donna and Joe both select the same cake, which is revealed to be the local grocery store cake. 22 more words

Tom Haverford

Celebrity Sushi


Tom and Donna are doing one last Treat Yo Self journey before Donna’s wedding. As the Butler of Honor, Tom takes Donna to eat at the hottest sushi restaurant in LA. 20 more words

Tom Haverford

Beef Milk


Donna and Tom are curious about what the newest fad is in Pawnee. Annabel Porter tells Ron, Donna, and Tom about milk with a flourish that makes it worth $60 a gallon instead of $3 a gallon. 10 more words

Ron Swanson

Star Power


Gryzzl wants to bring in a celebrity to help distinguish the company so that they can win the bid. Tom and Donna list other instances where celebrity ownership or endorsement have helped companies. 10 more words

Ron Swanson

Sushi Allergy


The Parks Department is trying to determine where to eat and Donna suggests sushi. Andy initially declines because he claims that he is allergic, but it turns out he just thinks he’s allergic. 24 more words

Ron Swanson

treat yo'self

if you are not familiar with that phrase, you clearly live underneath a fucking rock. back in october 2011, donna meagle and tom haveford introuduced us to the best day of the year on parks and recreation. 173 more words


Net Worth of Comedian Retta | Earnings From Movies and TV Series

Remember Ruby Hill in NBC’s Good Girls, who works as a waitress to earn money and pay for daughter’s kidney disease treatments. She is none other than Marietta Sirleaf a.k.a Retta. 20 more words