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Diary: Gender Studies

Weekend. What do I have lined up. AA pancake breakfast. Talk to my parents. Poor mother had a bad dream about me. Now I have to call her. 704 more words


Backlash (1956)

Give me a western and I’m usually a contented fellow.

Now add in Richard Widmark under John Sturges direction with a great cast of well known outlaws and the added bonus of Donna Reed makes me all smiles. 650 more words

Daily Take

Sexy Old Stuff: Hot Scenes in Two '40s Films

The Hays Code necessitated a lot of creativity when it came to romance, and filmmakers found ways to give us some of the sexiest scenes in film history with none of the moaning and nudity anyone can get away with today.   494 more words


Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 195 — ‘Resurrection’

“Resurrection” brings Mark Graison back from the dead and Sue Ellen Ewing back from the brink. His revival is the more surprising of the two, although hers is more satisfying. 1,211 more words

Larry Hagman

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 192 — ‘The Family Ewing’

“The Family Ewing,” the first episode of “Dallas’s” ninth season, chronicles the immediate aftermath of Bobby’s death. Miss Ellie, sad but sturdy, tries to plan the funeral while holding her family together — a task complicated by J.R.’s anger, Sue Ellen’s drinking and lingering questions about why Bobby and Pam were together when he was killed. 1,081 more words

Larry Hagman

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Be a Family’

In “Swan Song,” “Dallas’s” eighth-season finale, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) lies in a hospital bed, surrounded by Pam (Victoria Principal), Jenna (Priscilla Beaulieu Presley), J.R. (Larry Hagman), Miss Ellie (Donna Reed), Clayton (Howard Keel), Donna (Susan Howard) and Ray (Steve Kanaly). 134 more words


Paul's Favorite Films - Number Seven

From the tragic and depressing “Ran,” we move on to the film that makes me cry tears of joy every time.

The strange mystery of life is that it can be simple yet complicated at the same time. 1,652 more words