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The End of Time

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Christmas is cancelled. Prepare the Gate!”  Christmas is indeed cancelled for this Christmas special, which is actually a two-parter so is only 50% Christmas special anyway.  1,958 more words

Doctor Who

Day thirty-seven – Filling the Void Part 5

Well, how lovely to be able to rest on my laurels, basking in all the praise for Inherit the Wind. Not.

The company was supposed to be moving straight from that performance to auditions and rehearsals for the annual one-act play festival. 1,631 more words

SFSS Challenge

No Room at the Inn

Well it has been a busy few weeks since Princess Zara went off to work! 488 more words

The Runaway Bride

The Runaway Bride never lets up for a minute, almost like watching a blockbuster movie. The TARDIS car chase is breathtaking, although you need to suspend disbelief: other cars are caught in the chase, bumped and bashed, but they never stop, even when the TARDIS almost lands on the roof of one of them! 1,634 more words

Doctor Who

Day thirty-four – Filling the void Part 3

Some noteworthy things happened over the summer of 2013.

At the wrap party for the one-act plays in the spring, Donna (who’d been in one of the other plays) and I told one another in the most luvvy way how fabulous we’d each been. 1,223 more words

SFSS Challenge

KALEIDOSCOPE Presents: "Hansel & Gretel"(Part 4)

As Hansel & Gretel got close, they saw a house that wasn’t just ANY house: It was a house that was made entirely of sugar cookies, complete with lollipops, gumdrops, licorice, jelly beans, chocolate, and even icing. 1,316 more words


Stranger 30/100 - Donna

Our next stranger’s bright clothes and beautiful skin caught my eye as I strolled through The Green. As I set up to take her portrait, she said, “I’ve always wanted to be a model.” 236 more words