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Why Freezing to Death Makes You Want To Get Naked

Victims of exposure and hypothermia never have a good time of it, but sometimes they engage in a behavior that’s both understandable and horrifying. It’s called “terminal burrowing behavior,” and involves losing their minds, running away, and crawling into a hole to die.

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Kevin Spacey, typography, and other meteorological mitigators

It’s so cliché.

Snow used to be so much fun, so filled with wonder.

Now, it’s all commuter interruptions and misanthropic mumblings about the bread and milk lobbies agitating the populace into frenzied disaster prep mode. 240 more words


Cannibalism in "The Picture in the House"

The Picture in the House by Mercvtio (www.deviantart.com)

Previously we discussed the occurrence of cannibalism in nature and the potential literary meaning of the act. While actual incidences of cannibalism in humans are somewhat rare, particularly in recent times, it is and has known to occur. 1,083 more words

H.P. Lovecraft


Kids in British Columbia’s sunny Okanagan are now back in school, but earlier this week, the Okanagan wasn’t so sunny, and they had a couple of ‘Snow Days’ – something that hasn’t happened in this region for decades. 110 more words