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Book Review: Desperate Passage

Desperate passage: The Donner Party’s Perilous Journey West, By Ethan Rarick

Did you ever play the game Oregon Trail? If you did you may have a small idea of the dangers faced by pioneers as they plodded west in hopes of a better life. 285 more words

Book Review

'The Hunger' Is a Supernatural Spin on the Donner Party

Alma Katsu’s latest supernatural thriller is The Hunger, based on the Donner Party incident of 1846-7, when a group of pioneers stranded in the Sierra Nevada resorted to cannibalism to survive a harsh winter. 1,380 more words



Who says horror books should only come out around Halloween?  There’s definitely something to be said for winter as the season of horror: being stuck indoors by snow and ice, at the mercy of whatever demons you brought in with you, or whatever supernatural forces you encounter there (see The Shining or Traveler’s Rest  for examples).   427 more words


Guest Post: "The Monster in 'The Hunger'" by Alma Katsu

Today’s post on The Horror Bookshelf comes from Alma Katsu, the author of The Hunger and The Taker trilogy. I first heard about The Hunger from Max Booth III’s “ 1,039 more words

Just took the dog out

The snow was blown up against the front door, the wind is whipping the falling snow into your face, the accumulation is about 8 inches in only a few hours and it’s supposed to continue all day. 37 more words

Dogs are Animals, Just like Us

There’s a horrible news story about dogs that killed and ate their owner. This is awful but many people refuse to believe a dog could do anything wrong. 224 more words


16 Day of Opening Feat. A Donner Party Christmas

So first off  I messed up and Opened the wrong door. I opened the 16th door last time and not 15th. So now here is the 15th door. 131 more words

24 Days Till Christmas