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Love Locks

Dear Robyn,

mummy and I miss you so much. No words reflect or explain it enough. We are both finding things tough at the moment, it feels like we have to make our entry into the world much quicker than we feel ready for. 232 more words


Donor Conceived

I can’t help but worry that our children will grow up to resent us for using a sperm donor. I don’t want my children to grow up feeling lost, lonely and like something is missing in their life. 825 more words

My Kids

Friends who met at college discover they have the same sperm donor father

Mikayla told the Tulane Hullabaloo that she first made contact with Emily last summer while searching for a possible roommate on Facebook. ‘There was an online survey, and we were both interested in Wall ,’ Mikayla said. 423 more words

Woman feels deprived of the identity of her sperm donor dad

The film Delivery Man, about a sperm donor who unwittingly fathers more than 500 children, has been panned by the critics. Its cloying sentimentality, clumsy symbolism and implausible plot certainly grate; but for me, as a donor-conceived adult, it is important that the feelings of people like me have been brought to light. 767 more words