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Like We Need Another Hole In Our Head

Reality Tv. I don’t like it much. We need another reality show like we need another hole in our head. Wait, do we need another one? 1,232 more words

Personal Revelation

Why GedMatch, Why You? What Next?

To date, I have helped 6 donor conceived humans find out who their parents are. And, I was able to do it because they helped ME by being willing upload their DNA segments to wherever I said to. 1,060 more words


Keep on Running

Dear Robyn,

It’s been a little while since I wrote to you on your birthday. I had a very sad few weeks but I think I am on track again now. 343 more words

Australian donor conceived

There was an interesting interview on ABC Nightlife about the ethical and scientific position of Australians who are donor conceived. You can listen to the interview with medical scientist Damian Adams and Associate Professor in Health Law, Dr Sonja Allen. 39 more words


Another Mothers Day

Dear Robyn,

What a bitter sweet day it has been today. When I went through IVF I used to dream of Mother’s Day. Of cards made from tiny hands, of feeling blessed and whole. 301 more words

Tracking your Ovulation

We bought some fertility strips from Amazon and we also bought a dual hormone digital clear blue test too.

The strips are 30 x One Step Highly Sensitive 20mIU Ovulation / Fertility Strip Tests (Wide Width). 310 more words

Timing is Key

I can’t stress how important getting the timing right is!

Out of all or our attempts we only had the timing spot on for the final and successful attempt. 212 more words

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