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This Year's Red Ribbon Contest

Hi. Sorry I haven’t written in forever- here’s this year’s drug essay!

Red Ribbon Week Essay

Baye Fletcher

This year’s Red Ribbon Week topic is “Be Strong, Be True, Be You- Drug Free,” which is just asking for a five paragraph essay, but that’s not how I roll. 566 more words


Smile–not right. A little

to the left? Deeper on the right.

And they cast shadows on her face

where there had been none.

That dent again, tiny, insignificant, 66 more words

Crazy Train

Hi is written on my desk, should I answer?

When someone writes “HI” on a desk is it out of pure boredom or do you think they want you to answer them? Instead of paying attention to the lesson in math, I was contemplating the thoughts of the scribbles written in my desk. 180 more words


Liverpool Pathway Nightmare - 9th April 2014

Mum didn’t make vegetarian food.

Adam spent his time making friends with boys who thought it was funny to poo in their boxers and leave them on the plate as napkins.This made me cranky. 127 more words


Don't Do Drugs.

“Hey man, I need you to drive me to the corner to get some cigarettes.”

That was my punishment for showing up late to the party. 1,377 more words


EDC: I'm pretty pumped

Soooo there is a lot of controversy with the Electric Daisy Concert and EDM music. Every year, EDM lovers gather at Metlife Stadium (which is in Rutherford, NJ not NYC don’t even get me started) and dance to djs and their sets for two days for EDC New York. 478 more words

New York