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How to Become a Amateur Skater!

Most  kids these days use skateboarding as away to get out of the house and do drugs or other bad things, but some of us want to do it for the rest of are lives. 340 more words

Transcendental Consciousness

For sometime now, I have been thinking about human consciousness and the plausibility of transferring consciousness to another human or machine (?). Of course, the first thing that pops up on google when you look up something similar is the trailer to the movie called Transcendence starring Johnny Depp (which inspired the title). 404 more words


What does cocaine do with your brain?

What does cocaine do with your brain? You shouldn’t use drugs, they are bad for you. This video explains all the bad things it does to you.

Bad Things

Illegal drugs

People all over the world take drugs but there is a way to stop it. There are a lot of people who take drugs but if people stop buying drugs than people that make drugs will stop because they won’t make the money to continue making drugs. 256 more words

Walk the Talk, don't Run on Coke

Let’s talk, let them talk, whatever talks, but don’t do political talking, neither other drugs !

December 5, 2015

*Trigger Warning*

I dated this post because there is really no way I could describe this day in a few words.

I will NEVER forget this day. 547 more words

This is my Fight Song

I have been an only child all my life, but I have two brothers. 

I can practically hear you asking me, “How are you and only child and have siblings?!?!” Well, I’m glad you asked. 1,269 more words