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Win back the one you love with August Rigo's "Don't Do Drugs"

Why do you do the things you do? Better question, what don’t you do? August Rigo is pouring his heart out for someone who feels he lost because of something he may have or have not done. 190 more words

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S is for Snake, Spine, Scoliosis, Surgery... Surprise!

You might have already figured out where we’re going with this. Or maybe you already know, if you’re one of the people I’m acquainted with in the Reality Zone. 423 more words

Stuck on Needle...

His life has become a disaster waiting to happen,

yet he just couldn’t stop himself,

he was not in a good place.

He hated the choices that he had made… 17 more words

The Daily Post

How to Become a Amateur Skater!

Most  kids these days use skateboarding as away to get out of the house and do drugs or other bad things, but some of us want to do it for the rest of are lives. 340 more words

Transcendental Consciousness

For sometime now, I have been thinking about human consciousness and the plausibility of transferring consciousness to another human or machine (?). Of course, the first thing that pops up on google when you look up something similar is the trailer to the movie called Transcendence starring Johnny Depp (which inspired the title). 404 more words


What does cocaine do with your brain?

What does cocaine do with your brain? You shouldn’t use drugs, they are bad for you. This video explains all the bad things it does to you.

Bad Things