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This is my Fight Song

I have been an only child all my life, but I have two brothers. 

I can practically hear you asking me, “How are you and only child and have siblings?!?!” Well, I’m glad you asked. 1,269 more words


'Sects Wednesday 05/18/2016

*Just so nobody gets the wrong impression… seriously, don’t take drugs! This was just a pun I couldn’t stop myself from making!


To The Man Who Chose Drugs Over Me

“You don’t need your fucking wallet!”

That is the last thing we fought about. 10 days ago. The last time I heard your voice and knew you were “okay.” 735 more words

This Year's Red Ribbon Contest

Hi. Sorry I haven’t written in forever- here’s this year’s drug essay!

Red Ribbon Week Essay

Baye Fletcher

This year’s Red Ribbon Week topic is “Be Strong, Be True, Be You- Drug Free,” which is just asking for a five paragraph essay, but that’s not how I roll. 566 more words


Smile–not right. A little

to the left? Deeper on the right.

And they cast shadows on her face

where there had been none.

That dent again, tiny, insignificant, 66 more words

Crazy Train