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EDC: I'm pretty pumped

Soooo there is a lot of controversy with the Electric Daisy Concert and EDM music. Every year, EDM lovers gather at Metlife Stadium (which is in Rutherford, NJ not NYC don’t even get me started) and dance to djs and their sets for two days for EDC New York. 478 more words

New York

Loki The Gateway Drug

One moment they’re making cupcakes with Loki and the next thing you know, they’re out drinking, sleeping around with monsters and running naked through the woods!


This Heroin Addict Allegedly Stole A Group Of Girl Scouts' Cookie Money So He Could Buy Dope

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The Girl Scouts in the Bay Area seem to be an enterprising bunch. Last year, they made headlines by setting up shop… 249 more words


Thoughts On BuzzFeed, Crack and Binge Watching

BuzzFeed get’s a lot of crap about delivering a non thought out content from time to time. I know this because I frequent the BuzzFeed YouTube site and I watch their videos to gauge how many minutes has passed since I’ve done something productive and the comments that people leave on there is just….well…some of them are mostly true. 333 more words

Dora's Monologues


A ballad is a song sung out an open window by an Italian man in one of those terrible hats, you know the ones, to an uncaring world. 455 more words