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Poor Crocodile Is Probably Starving Because It Keeps Forgetting To Chomp

Have you ever played that arcade game that’s sort of like Whac-A-Mole, but with crocodiles? You’ve probably played that game thousands of times without ever getting bit. 124 more words


Stop Feeding My Intense Irrational Fear #2, People

This is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels. Don’t get me started. All I’ll say is, what were you thinking?!


It reminded me of this clip: 25 more words


The tale of the campground chipmunks

I confess, as a child and young teenager, I would spend hours watching, following, and feeding peanuts to chipmunks at our campsite in Algonquin Park. So, it is partly my fault that the campground chipmunks have learned (or have been naturally selected perhaps?) to be terribly, terribly tame. 428 more words

Don't Feed the Animals!

Turning Point by Nina Simone

Link to song and lyrics – http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/ninasimone/turningpoint.html

While this song is about racism and the highlights how children and adults views of differences are so diametrically opposed, there is a stanza that speaks to me on a very personal level.  537 more words

My Thoughts Exactly

i might be responsible for an opossum being dead

and squirrel diabetes and cannibal birds. this is going to be a long story…

we started a compost bin last year and darla received a bird feeder for christmas and since then our backyard has been a veritable menagerie of wildlife. 626 more words

Momma Needs A Minute...

Wildlife Watching in the Wichita Mountains, or if You Feed Prairie Dogs then I HATE YOU!

Tucked away in Southwest Oklahoma is a small mountain range, a hidden gem, that few people outside the region have heard of. 926 more words

Photo Essay