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Just don’t, ok.

Most of us have heard about that Daily Fail article. A lot will have read it. I refuse to give that rag my time by reading it. 48 more words

Domestic Abuse

Today I ashamed to be part of a world that’s so narrow-minded. Today I read a comment that filled me with anger, sadness and just absolute disbelief. 310 more words

My Father Was A Heroin Addict

My father was a heroin addict.

What is the first thing you pictured when you read that statement?

I promise you, whatever it was, was not my father. 579 more words


Spark of War - Oneoff #01

As a writer, occasionally you get the drive to write something that’s just a ‘oneoff’. It won’t have a conclusion, it’s just to help keep your writing urge stimulated, right? 2,134 more words



There are people
Some are good
Some are bad
Some bad were once good
Some good were once bad
Some bad have a little good… 55 more words



His eyes were red.

A drug addict?

No. He cried the whole night, whining for his mother’s death.


She’s pregnant and a single mother to 3 other children. 92 more words