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Don't judge...

In the month of August, My sister went for dental check up and her tooth was completely fine except for the wisdom tooth. I recommended my dentist to her and a few days ago, she went to get consultation. 181 more words


[YT] Remove labels

Which everything that happened in Paris I thought about this story I read on a forum earlier this week. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the horrible things that happened in Paris, but for some reason I had to think about it. 161 more words


We Really Shouldn’t Judge a Book

By Lisa Sugarman

I love people. Really, I do. The majority of them, anyway. And one of the things I love most is how often people tend to surprise me in unexpectedly beautiful ways. 820 more words


Don't Judge Me That Quickly

Hey guys,

Okay, this morning I got really ticked off.  I don’t think that it’s okay for people to judge another person because of the way that person dresses, or their music taste, or anything. 306 more words

Secret diary of a Christian whore. Entry #7

Dear diary

If I had to title today’s entry it would be “wiping the slate clean”. I am writing this post in candlelight. My little sister cannot sleep with the light on. 449 more words


Love It Dont Judge It

Often times I feel as though believers try to have a list of what a Christian is. As though there is a model, a specific type and way a Christian should look like, act like, and just plain be like. 453 more words

Conversations With God

I like your selfie

I always like people’s selfies on Facebook.  I think they’re so much fun and I like seeing that YOU like YOU so much that you probably took, like, ten photos with different duck faces, chose your favourite, went through fifty filters (probably for ten minutes deciding whether black&white or the  … 386 more words