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Do you have someone you call when everything goes to pieces?

When you have really buggered things up?

Do you have someone who can support and help you? 67 more words

Mental Health & Stigma

Yesterday on my personal FB page I noticed someone posted a visual comparing the value of an outdoor outing over a lifetime of medication, which according to the post, one would become addicted to.   286 more words


So lately I’ve began to realise that judgements are popping up frequently around me, whether towards me or towards someone else.

On one hand there are good judgements, the type that compliment someone, lifting up their mood and boosting their confidence. 335 more words

Editor's Pick: Which is the Greater Evil - Poverty or Crime?

I recently caught up with an old friend, and we got to talking as though we’d been talking forever.  Our conversations are always deep, so I thought to share with her something that had been shared on my family group on Whatsapp.   202 more words


Shame on You

There is another type of shame. Mom shamming. Judging a parent you do not know is the surest way to have karma come spill a sippy cup on your laptop. 249 more words


A Year After ADHD Diagnosis.....

So here we are a year after diagnosis.

Are things any different?

The answer is No! Most definitely not.

I can honestly say, naively I thought things might improve. 420 more words