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I wanna be me !


“Duniya ka to kaam h kehna !”

(people will say what they wanna say )…

I have heard this DIALOGUE a lot of times, but is it so easy to get over what people say to you. 136 more words


Do you know what I feel should be eradicated from society?


I honestly thought that dealing with adults, I wouldn’t have to be subjected to judgement on a regular basis. 399 more words

Everyday Living

Mercy Always Wins

Click Here to Read Today’s Epistle: James 2:1-13

Why are the poor so important? When Jesus said, “…the poor will always be with you”, He wasn’t saying we should take them for granted, that they were somehow unimportant. 551 more words

I’m not shy – so stop labelling me as it.

Why is being shy is considered a bad thing?  The world has shaped us into thinking that only the extroverted and bold speaking people are capable of achieving.  219 more words


Are we not allowed to feel?

My last post got my stats booming here (I had 77 visitors, which normally averages 10 per post…). People seemed to like reading about whatever kind of misery I had ended up with. 718 more words

Everyday Living

Topic #2 - Charity

“The bitch wouldn’t even give me £10 towards my charity run last summer. (pause) I know! That selfish wh*re!”

I overheard this phone conversation while grocery shopping today. 2,394 more words

Annoying Things

Why Being Nice Is Not Always So Nice

I believe in kindness. That is, I believe the only way to live an enriched life filled with gratitude, faith and love is to fill it with kindness. 797 more words

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