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The Devil Wears Tom Ford and Canali

He smells good. He looks good. He talks well. His vocabulary is extensive. His suit it is remarkable. Damn he’s fly. He must be a good guy. 201 more words

Don't Judge

Hey, what do you call a vampire who officiates baseball games?

A vumpire!


What do you call spirits in rush hour traffic?


*** 52 more words


Healing Takes Time. Humility Takes Courage. Forgiveness is a Process. Don't Rush It

One of the most important things we must acknowledge about forgiveness is that it is a process that occurs over time. It doesn’t happen overnight. To mend something that is broken can take a lifetime to fix. 193 more words

Catchy Tunes.

We all know the talented artist who sang Call Me Maybe. Carly Rae Jepsen. And though she does seemed to get attacked a lot due to her music, I’m not one of those critiques. 160 more words

Turn It Up

Basic | A Rant

Too a lot of people, on the outside, I might seem like one of the most basic bitches you will ever meet.

And yes I am willing to admit that I drink way too much Starbucks, I shop at Forever 21, and I have an iPhone. 152 more words

Hope's Commentary

Guest Post - An open letter to the lady who looked at me with pity and told me I was outnumbered

Dear Pottery Lady,

We were waiting in your parking lot for you to arrive, a few minutes late I might add. My children and I were hoping to enjoy some quality time together painting in your lovely store and just having fun. 736 more words



   I believe that I’m not the only one who mistaken some really inteligent people with idiots.

   In my life, short life to be specific,  I met enough people that seemed everything they’re not, and that was like a mindblow.  153 more words