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The Spotlight: To Judge or "Judge Not"?

In a presenter voice: “Welcome everybody to this week’s edition of The Spotlight.  I’m happy to be your hostess…

LOL!!!  But, I am feeling the new light-hearted nature of the Spotlight series…  I am hoping it will catch on :).   179 more words


Losing the moon while counting the stars.

Sometimes we fight too hard in this life. Often in our struggles, we forget the important things in our life. We are busy chasing our dreams, getting to the top of the ladder, or even winning many battles . 975 more words

Are You Body Positive?

I try to be body positive, but in a world where I am passed over for employment in customer service due to my size it’s hard. 542 more words


The Healing Touch of Animals

I live in a large city fraught with homelessness. Many years ago, when I first moved to Portland, Oregon, those living in destitute conditions stationed themselves along one main street called Burnside. 500 more words

Mental Illness

3 Things you shouldn't say to a divorcee...

Disclaimer: Opinions ahead!  Prepare to be offended.

Note: These points mainly apply to you if 1. you are just finding out about the divorce or 2. 981 more words

About Bear

Here we go...

First post. I’m nervous. I don’t know why, I don’t know of anyone who will actually read this. And, to make things even more pathetic, this is actually a post I wrote five years ago, just updated. 329 more words