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Daphne in Option(s) Land

Okay, after seeing the picture and the incredible evening with Joe… I have decided to go on the harmless lunch date with Option #2. I mean it’s not like he couldn’t be doing the same thing. 150 more words

Saturday Mornings

I get my kids 4 nights a week now. I am incredibly excited about this new chapter in my life. It means that my time with them doesn’t have to be rushed anymore and the urge to let them get away with everything doesn’t need to be there. 415 more words

Be All You Can Be…and Dance!


“Always be questioning everything that you do and who you are and be fluid with who you are and then be open with how others are and never judge them and use logic for your decisions so that you don’t end up hurting yourself or anyone else, and always be kind so you don’t harm anyone else or anything else, and then just believe that you are superwoman or superman so that you  can actually save our planet from environmental destruction, and yeah just basically be a superhero who’s open and who doesn’t judge; and love yourself and say you love yourself 20 times a day at least. 202 more words


It is the paucity of opportunity that makes people opportunistic. It isn’t what lies within them but what lies without them.

-What I tell myself when people use me like a step-ladder.


So I recently found one of my old poems. This one was made about a year ago. I was about to turn 20 and I had a lot of pressure on me at the time. 281 more words


"Sometimes In Recovery A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words". . . Time To Shatter STIGMA

Hello Recovery Friends and Welcome New Visitors,


YES,. . . . It’s Just That Simple! Please Don’t Judge Me or Others Who Live In Recovery From Gambling Addiction! 22 more words


...............So she ended her life..................

Sometimes we really don’t know when someone is hurting DEEP down inside. Some will cry out, some WILL NOT. They can walk around with a smile on their beautiful face and seem interested in life…………….When they are really NOT.  172 more words

Things On My Mind......