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Something I saw on Facebook that pissed me off

So I was going through Facebook like every other person when I come across a post a video blogger posted about this size 22 plus size model Tess. 389 more words

May 24th, 2015


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A meeting place for folks who know they’re human

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Jesonian: Judgeless... May 24th, 2015

   Jonathots Daily Blog


At an early age, I awoke from a theological nightmare, quickly realizing that Christianity was not about relating to a composite of Moses, David, Abraham, Joseph, Jesus and the Apostle Paul, but rather, an intriguing study of the personality and character of a Nazarene carpenter, who became a philosophical, healing Redeemer. 391 more words

The Jesonian

Do you work???

“Do you work?”  I get this question almost weekly.

When we first moved to rural, northern Michigan to escape the hustle and bustle of “city” life and to be close to family, I wasn’t bothered by the question.  994 more words

advice to young writer, advice to myself

Or, Advice to Myself as a Young Writer, as if I am an old writer, even though I am just a younger writer desperately seeking security and confidence– by all of which I mean this is a pep rally to myself, from the future, to help with the now. 354 more words


Can't Judge a Book by it's Cover

He was covered with tattoos
Skin art galore
How trashy, I thought
I could look at him no more
I disliked him immensely
For his arty obsession… 105 more words

Arty Obsession

Newest Obsession: Chapter One

Since way back in the earliest days of exploring mixed media online, through the vast and wondrous wealth of blogs, the treasures and techniques that ppl share on YouTube, I’ve often come across folks… 243 more words