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He doesn't look Autistic....

I’ve been back to work for two weeks now and I am beyond tired. It’s probably because I’m so tired that when something happened to me this week I didn’t have the energy to get offended until now. 364 more words


The current soundtrack to my novel in progress

As careful readers might have noticed in the past, I like to make playlists for my works in progress even though I am constitutionally incapable of listening to music while I write. 217 more words


Lets Not Judge Each Other

We need to stop judging one another and learn tolerance and understanding, respecting differences and rather than punishment, how about rehabilitation instead. For example: http://shepardofpeace.tumblr.com/post/116381612988/useless-pen-in-this-african-tribe-when


To Say "Don't Judge" IS Judging

I’ve noted in the past how much modern lingo annoys me, which is why I love watching television shows from the 1990s like “Beverly Hills 90210″ and “Melrose Place” — the last time English language really was hip. 429 more words

status quo

status—–SEE a part and judge the whole-
Common experience, Common approach, Common–
stereotypical and box C-losing, thought Ceasing proCess.
Context unknown. Clueless judge, jury, and exeCutioners— 41 more words


Tales From Retail: Classism

Picture it, Dallas, 2008. I’ve just started my first retail job, and I’m running the registers like a boss.

So far, all of my customers have been pleasant, and while I made a couple of mistakes, everything is running smoothly. 488 more words


The Judge

“Don’t judge!”

This is a common light-hearted exclamation that often fires out of a friend’s mouth when they do something dumb. But I think this can also be a deep sentiment we feel when we fear that an action of ours is not in line with the ethical standards of someone around us. 1,779 more words

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