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How to be Great at Making Friends

Who doesn’t like to have a good set of friends to bank upon? Although making good friends is a herculean task in itself, but once done, it definitely worth the efforts. 960 more words

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Who deserves love?

There is no such thing as not deserving love.

Everyone does.

Everyone’s different, special and perfectly imperfect.

Who are we to say that the things wrong with us means we shouldn’t be loved? 212 more words


Who am I?

I’m the person you don’t see walk by. I’m the one people have to get you to describe because they can’t remember my name. I’m the one at my high school that everyone forgets one year later. 667 more words


PSA Regarding The Other Day When I Was Mad At The World.

Dear Reader who I know isn’t an A-Hole,

So listen, I was mad at the world the other day about all the awful things that have been happening lately and wrote a blog that was neither funny nor too funny. 117 more words

How to keep motivated

I’m not going to lie, I really hesitated to post this but I wanted to show everyone how I keep motivated. My 20th post had to be a special one. 263 more words


#DontJudgeChallenge- the point of view of a girl with dermatillomania


This is disgusting. Please read this article! As someone who struggles with their skin I find this challenge offensive. I have dermatillomania! The marks that people are drawing on their faces to appear ‘ugly’ are in fact the marks I have on my face and body because I compulsively skin pick. 72 more words

Abortion - No, It's Not For Everyone

This topic is controversial as hell, so I put on my ex-husband’s balls. Still have em, keep em in a bag.

Let’s talk about the disgusting displays, the billboards depicting the broken bodies of aborted infants. 256 more words

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