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How you react to something,

Says more about where your head is,

Then the situation you’re in.


Just because it's not Cancer...

In 2011 my late grandfather was diagnosed with lung Cancer, none of us knew how far along it was but judging by his physical appearanceĀ it was clear to us that he wouldn’t be around much longer. 492 more words

Don't judge that book

I have four boys that live in my house that do not belong to me. I love them dearly but I did nothing to create them. 505 more words

Never Judge a Person

A doctor entered the hospital in a hurry after being called in for an urgent surgery. He answered the call ASAP, changed his clothes and went directly to the surgery block. 325 more words

The Did You Know Guy

We look different

We all have labels. True.
We tag ourselves; others tag us.
Misfits among perfection.
Should labels or tags define us?

The colour of one’s skin is compared. 77 more words


A Living Nightmare

The exact words my mother kept saying today ‘Feels like I’m living in a nightmare’. Today made me realise how important it really is to stand your ground and how just being there for someone can mean so much. 1,018 more words

...Think about it !

…As soon as you have me figured out, I’ll give you something to think about !


It's All About ME !