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Indulging Bob Ross and fatty food together. Don’t judge our live choices, heh! PBGTTM, hah.

The Lonely Walk With Chronic Illness ❤️

When you live with chronic illness you may experience an immense heartache because of the loved ones who walk away. This is so for me, and I know so for many other people struggling to live with chronic pain and illness. 522 more words

Chronic Illness

Confessions: Things I Accidentally Taught my Kids

Sometimes I teach my kids things that I did not intend to teach them. Sometimes this is an extra bonus, like when I accidentally taught my oldest child to be extremely bossy. 895 more words

Mom Stories

Evaluate or Judge?

One of the mainstays of standards for music education has been to evaluate musical works. Whereas evaluating is a generally well understood concept when it comes to student work, evaluating artistic work has often been more problematic; it has been confused with editorializing. 1,142 more words

Music Education