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Smile #42

30 March 2015

Happy Birthday Norah Jones and Vincent Van Gogh!

Obviously the song of the day is Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones :P I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this song, because it is really pretty, but I literally heard it every day when I was in pre school because they always – … 63 more words

Don't Know Why, by Sparkle

What’s going on?
Tell me what’s up
Do you wanna know why
This woman’s fed up
People running their mouth
But they don’t know
I might as well changed my name to Jackie O… 380 more words


I Thought

I thought of that
And now don’t know why.

I thought of this
And now I feel a need to cry.

I thought of things… 22 more words


“Right guys, it’s 2011. LOL-pop is over, and we need a new sound. You’ve got 15 seconds. Go.”

“Well, I’ve got this song. It’s basically a pop-reggae interpolation of… 177 more words

Pop Music

The Chillout Room Volume 2 - Various Artists (#265)

The Chillout Room Volume 2 – Various Artists

Enough people must have bought The Chillout Room to warrant a second volume of chill out choons and chonging. 134 more words

Various Artists


~for Emily

(and all the troubled teenagers struggling to find their way… )

In cold dark lonely nights the appeal of depressive isolation is tempting. I sensed this more strongly when I was younger and insecure. 838 more words

Brick By Brick