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Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I
Together we go thru life
Me, Myself and I
Conquering strife, living life
Me, Myself and I
No one knows or been told that… 49 more words



We went to the Webb Rd. flea market this morning and my friend Tami (in Building A) hooked my up with the best smelling incense of all time! 445 more words

My Bohemian Life

Goodbye 2015

I wish this year could have been longer. And it actually would have been if I hadn’t gotten this newspaper job. Over 9 months have flown by that only felt like 4 months or so. 20 more words

Top 5 Songs of The Week

1. Sweet Shining – Circarama
2. Red Queen – IU
3. Kidung Pijar – Kelas Akhir Pekan
4. Don’t Know Why – Norah Jones
5. Glasses -IU… 193 more words

Glory Box


I don’t know why I tell you this, perhaps it is something about staying in touch, or perhaps it is more about not touching too close in the first place. 15 more words


You Only Wake Up When It's Over.


It wasn’t one big blow that brought our love down
It was the hairline cracks that took it to the ground
Just kept creepin’ over time, spreadin’ like wildfire… 329 more words


My Eyes Cry

My eyes cry
They cry and I don’t know why.
~ Patrice

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