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Cookies always crumble.

The depression has been really taking hold, no matter what precautions and measures I take, I always end up back in the same place. Turning to the bottle has only left me more raw and detached. 120 more words

The Study Of Life

Don't Look At Me

He curled up more tightly in his corner, praying that the shadows sweeping by would ignore him and continue on their paths. He didn’t want to know what would happen should they stop and decide that he was more fun to play with than what they were already doing. 184 more words

Writing Prompts

Time Crunch

It’s coming up fast — summer vacation, the one and only perk of being an adult who works in education.*

But for whatever reason, the thought of having six weeks off for the first time since I was actually in school isn’t filling me with joy. 358 more words

Thought of the Day

Sometimes I think that I’m the only person that should be allowed to play Cards Against Humanity.*

*This is the most narcissistic thing I’ve ever said.

self expression, tho

In the same way people like the smell of gasoline or rain on hot asphalt, I enjoy posting bad photos of myself online and really committing to the vain ’n’ unpretty/dum face/dead eyes aesthetic I’ve admittedly mastered with minimal practice, though, not to brag.



Please don’t look at me

Your eyes serve only to burn

My bones are exposed.