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self expression, tho

In the same way people like the smell of gasoline or rain on hot asphalt, I enjoy posting bad photos of myself online and really committing to the vain ’n’ unpretty/dum face/dead eyes aesthetic I’ve admittedly mastered with minimal practice, though, not to brag.



Please don’t look at me

Your eyes serve only to burn

My bones are exposed.


Review of Don't Look At Me - The work of Rachael Layne Rush

Ritualized Work; Vanity and the “Photoshop Goddess”

New Works by Rachael Layne Rush

By Drew Wilson

Rachael Layne Rush’s developing body of work, tentatively titled… 529 more words


Dear Diary

Guys. I just watched the documentary Mortified, and I am hooked on the idea of bearing your soul at its most adolescent and awkward. Luckily for me, I’ve kept a journal since 1996. 261 more words

that post should be revised to it’s not a true otp unless one has killed the other at least once 

Just Finished The Most Recent Chapter of Tokyo Ghoul

(Mostly) spoiler-free zone~ hay hay hay

(unless you haven’t read/seen Tokyo Ghoul, then everything’s a spoiler haha)

I can finally go to sleep… it’s so late (early? 224 more words

I Should Stop