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Film 2018 - "Don't Look Now"

Thanks to the circumstances of my teenage years, I had a delayed introduction to anything approaching maturity, a condition that many people of my acquaintance would swear I’ve yet to attain. 2,090 more words

Films & DVDs

Don’t Look Now (1973) – movies i thought were mint #2

As far as I was concerned, this film had a lot stacked against it. First off, a couple of years ago I watched director Nicolas Roeg’s film The Man Who Fell to Earth and I didn’t like it at all. 738 more words


Ghost Stories (2018)

Adaptations of successful stage experiences to the silver screen are not always adept at capturing the magic of what drew people to the piece in a theatrical setting. 1,375 more words

Movie Reviews

The Sunday Intertitle: Wirework

1910’s THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ (Otis Turner) is a very sound example of those earlies that almost seem to be built around their intertitles. The system is simple: reduce a famous book everyone sort-of knows to about eight sentences. 672 more words


The Terror Test - EP 61 - C.H.U.D. and Don't Look Now

THE TERROR TEST podcast is a conversation between two horror fans who weigh the merits of films to decide whether to admit them  into the sacred horror canon.  387 more words