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Don't Panic

So. Here we are. The final month of 2016. John Oliver made a shitty-year-tribute to it. Do look that one up. Anyhow, this is my first post since the infamous elections. 1,275 more words

Ramblings On Society

The Van Plan - part 3; beginning to build

This is an non logical ordering of how the van build last week, partly because there were days I was so tired I didn’t write it down and partly because the ‘logical order’ I spent three months planning did not work once in the van. 989 more words

Música y videos

La música y la cinematografía siempre se han complementado. Yo soy una persona que le gusta editar videos y no hay nada mejor que mezclar estas dos cosas, dándole vida a el video y creando una historia. 166 more words

Fauxhasset Paroder, 9th Edition: Smell hell

By Thamanda Crompson
Fauxhasset Paroder Staff Reporter

BREAKING: An outside consultant has now officially confirmed reports that the heavy fog over Fauxhasset this morning is comprised of The Worst Smell In The World. 374 more words

Fauxhasset Paroder


So things sincerely feel like they have gone all the way to hell and I can’t even get on social media to chat with anyone because my feed is full of all sorts of hate. 130 more words

Don't Panic

The Van Plan - Part 2

Sort of, this is a ‘state of the nation’ bit really…

Sometimes everything seems like it’s on hold, normally this feeling seems to encompass me when I’m undergoing so much change I’m two steps from buckling. 843 more words

Trump Of Doom: Obergefell v Hodges

By Ken Burnside

I’m not gay; these aren’t my civil rights being dangled over a woodchipper.

I am, however, a student of history.  Let me lay out the horror show for you. 794 more words