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50 Shades of Grey: was Walter Lippmann right all along?

With the recent release of Fifty Shades of Grey in theatres a couple of weeks ago (and our recent class discussion about feeling publics in the Public Texts core course), there has been a ton of media hype for the film, and even more backlash against the risqué content and its perverse messages. 410 more words

Don't Panic

A commission for Primary Assessment

Something had to happen. With Assessment Without Levels causing many of us to scratch heads and reinvent levelling for the new curriculum, after all that’s many of the systems I’ve seen, there had to be an inquest. 43 more words


Public Speaking and the dreaded "Mind Blank"

I watched the media coverage of Natalie Bennett’s mind blank yesterday with more than a small amount of sympathy. Not for political reasons but because as someone who has to stand up and speak to groups of people, I can feel her pain. 221 more words

Digital Inclusion

Writing vs. Authoring

Is there a difference between liking to write and being an author? I’m not sure, but I do know that I’m probably somewhere in the middle. 552 more words

Interview with Trent Alumni Affairs Communications Coordinator: Donald Fraser

Hi Public texts comrades!

As we move into the second reading week of the year (it’s February already?!) those of us that are in the MRP or Internship stream of the program need to start thinking about what we intend to do after graduation, especially if our career aspirations are outside the realm of academia. 629 more words

Don't Panic

3. Remember the underlying humanity of everyone involved

The temptation to demonize is strong, and no one is immune from it.

Oppressive systems and situations dehumanize everyone involved – both the oppressors and the oppressed. 136 more words


2. Don't believe everything you hear or read

In crisis situations, all information outside of first-hand experience should be considered suspect in some way. (Some might say that in times of real crisis, you should even be skeptical about your… 145 more words