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Always be ahead of yourself

No one ever likes to see this message whilst uploading a completed project! But you should always be prepared. Fiverr has been growing a lot since it started, and problems do occur as with every website. 177 more words


Is Life A Trap?

Have you ever seen Fight Club, great movie! It’s about this one dude who’s kinda, wandering aimlessly through life. He works a job he hates and buys shit he doesn’t need from catalogues. 403 more words

How to get out of bed when you're feeling hopeless

The world is pretty much a mess right now, it seems. A lot of people have been feeling hopeless and depressed, including some close to me. 859 more words

Overcoming Discouragement

The Kiss (of Life)

I have a secret confession. I crossed over and came back.

My art is me trying to illustrate what it was like.

There is a reckoning.

Learn to Love or else.


Predicting More Earthquakes Next Year? It’s Not Crazy.

No, this isn’t an End Times conspiracy theory. It’s an actual prediction from two practicing geologists: Rebecca Bendick of the University of Montana and Roger Bilham of the University of Colorado. 765 more words

Current Events

Random Thoughts from a Minimalist

Since the end of October, I’ve been trying to figure out a topic to cover, but I hit a roadblock. This post is really going to be improvised and from the heart. 768 more words