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Writing- Three Ways Life Gets in Your Way

Writing- Three Ways Life Gets in Your Way

Across the world, most artists are fighting to make space in their busy lives for their art. Certainly there are artists who make a living with their art alone, but the vast majority have day jobs. 1,330 more words


Wednesday Training, Broken Bale & Basic Badassery

Looks like it’s nice and cold in Madrid, eh? I’m freezing my tuchis off in New York lately esp. at night. But tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I’ll have a couple of days off to rest and stay cozy in my house. 344 more words

Bits And Bobs

There’s this odd thing I do, and I tend to do it at night when no one is watching. I’ve been hearing it’s annoying, but I never hear that directly from the person I am “saving.” I will creep into a friend’s kitchen unannounced, but not creepy Charlie Manson style, mind you—my handiwork is bequeathed to people I actually know. 553 more words

You SO Weird

I adore bacon. For surely. It’s scrumptious. I serve it at my funeral home. A study says lettuce is “three times worse than bacon” in terms of environmental impact. 833 more words


I have this rare privilege of being able to pursue in my adult life what had been my childhood dream. One of them. My daily mortician gig certainly sprung from needy childhood issues and a fondness for processions, but like any media stuffed kid, there were many daydreams to chase. 307 more words

You SO Weird

Family Oriented..

As I sit here sipping on some coffee, waiting on my fiance (and I mean Fiance, overexaggerating ass bitch because you never got a ring, you got a ticket back to IN but decided to come back) to get back and we can have our nice candle lit dinner together, I can’t help but imagine our future together. 177 more words

A select group of young and fresh international designers (which I am not) were allowed to submit innovative mock-ups of what an eco-friendly pope mobile should look like. 549 more words

Don't Quit Your Day Job