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My Traveling Convection Car-be-que: Wash it, wrap it, wolf it.

 I’m a busy gal. My schedule (and my budget) is tight. Drive-thrus are certainly timesaving luxuries, but it’d rather save my extra pennies for postage hikes and eat a crunchy cob of corn from my traveling convection oven. 229 more words

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The Time I Crased Joe Dimaggio's Funeral

One perfectly sunny Thursday in San Francisco I crashed the funeral of Joe DiMaggio, the elegant Yankee Clipper. It was in invite-only service; the hubbub in the park across the street was that no Yankees had been invited. 315 more words

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There's This Odd Thing I lIke To Do: Canned Food is Glorious!

There’s this odd thing I do, and I tend to do it at night when no one is watching. I’ve been hearing it’s annoying, but I never hear that directly from the person I am “saving”. 579 more words

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Richard Simmons: the perfect mixture of practicality, sass and glitter deodorant

Every day, Richard Simmons calls between 50 and 100 overweight people to give them that extra boost of confidence they need to lose weight. Thousands of people e-mail him and share their stories; people write him everything about their lives. 354 more words

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Childhood Dreams of a Media Stuffed Kid

I have this rare privilege of being able to pursue in my adult life what had been my childhood dream. One of them. My daily mortician gig certainly sprung from needy childhood issues and a fondness for processions, but like any media stuffed kid, there were many daydreams to chase. 307 more words

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Northwest Nancy Drew: Pursuing the Green River Killer

Death has always woven its way through my days like rope handles through a sea grass casket. Back in the late 80s I fancied myself a real super sleuth. 547 more words

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Footballers Playing Hockey

The Southampton boys are off on a mini-break to Switzerland this week for some “team bonding” and recovery. Sure beats the scavenger hunts, cocktail hours, and paintball exercises I’ve endured over the years in the name of team building. 36 more words

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