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4 Series I'm Really Into Right Now

I go through phases with TV or Netflix shows. I’ll cram like 15,000 of them into the space of a month or I’ll go half a year without starting a single new show. 468 more words


Interesting TV series' I've been watching recently

I’m usually the sort of person to watch more films than tv shows however, lately I’ve found myself watching way more shows than usual so I thought I’d talk about some of them today. 790 more words


Currently Watching // TV SHOWS part 3

I’m usually juggling a few TV shows at once but at the moment I feel like I’m not watching that many things! To be fair it’s because I’ve been reading more of late but still; I need more TV shows to watch. 561 more words


Feature of the Month

Now, I thought when I wrote about a ‘Feature of the Month’ it would just feature people, but since this is my blog I decided why can’t I feature something else other than people? 163 more words

Bad Bitch Alert: Jessica Jones

So many spoilers are about to follow. Just so you know.

“Chels, you just watched Jessica Jones? Do you even Marvel Universe, bro?”

Shut up, I know. 474 more words

TV <3

NathFlix Série #3 : Don't Trust The B- in Apartment 23

Hoje NathFlix Indica a série Don’t Trust The B** in Apartment 23, que é com a atriz Krysten Ritter – que eu adoro! CARAMBA, a série é de 2012 e eu só descobri agora, em 2016! 269 more words


Fresh Off The B----

Because of their disparate settings, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see an official crossover between Nahnatchka Khan‘s current series, Fresh Off the Boat… 169 more words

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