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I’m thinking about going to Amsterdam for a few days to do stuff to put in my blog what do you think? Might just get a cheap flight/hostel, get super high, sit in the grass and eat tulips, you can come if you want.


Binged it: Don't trust the B-- in Apartment 23

So I’ve gone through the whole series for Apt. 23, granted it was a measly 2 seasons. Overall I liked the show. It was definitely funny but I don’t ever remember laughing out loud for any of its episodes. 124 more words


When Good Shows Get A Bad Name: Animal Planet Edition

We all know our fare share of terrible shows with horrible names—here’s looking at you I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.  There’s a whole host of shows that repel viewers with ridiculous monikers, and lose their lives because of their misguided choice.  350 more words


Three Films I've Recently Watched - Mini-Reviews #2

It’s my day off and G woke me up at 6 am! I’m not one to wallow in bed really but still that takes the biscuit. 699 more words

A Voluptuous Mind

Some Thoughts on Television and Euthanasia

Ask me what my favorite TV shows are, and I’ll tell you: “Mad Men,” “30 Rock,” “Scrubs,” “How I Met Your Mother.” All of these are wonderful and well-respected gems of primetime, not to mention give me some street cred among cool strangers. 520 more words


Don't Trust the A-------- in Apt 23

I started watching Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 a tv show on ABC. I was surprised that I really liked it. The show is not without problems. 410 more words

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