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Binged it: Don't trust the B-- in Apartment 23

So I’ve gone through the whole series for Apt. 23, granted it was a measly 2 seasons. Overall I liked the show. It was definitely funny but I don’t ever remember laughing out loud for any of its episodes. 124 more words


When Good Shows Get A Bad Name: Animal Planet Edition

We all know our fare share of terrible shows with horrible names—here’s looking at you I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.  There’s a whole host of shows that repel viewers with ridiculous monikers, and lose their lives because of their misguided choice.  350 more words


Three Films I've Recently Watched - Mini-Reviews #2

It’s my day off and G woke me up at 6 am! I’m not one to wallow in bed really but still that takes the biscuit. 699 more words

A Voluptuous Mind

Some Thoughts on Television and Euthanasia

Ask me what my favorite TV shows are, and I’ll tell you: “Mad Men,” “30 Rock,” “Scrubs,” “How I Met Your Mother.” All of these are wonderful and well-respected gems of primetime, not to mention give me some street cred among cool strangers. 520 more words


Don't Trust the A-------- in Apt 23

I started watching Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 a tv show on ABC. I was surprised that I really liked it. The show is not without problems. 410 more words

Tv Show

10 TV Shows That Will Hook You After Only One Episode

Some shows take a while to find their rhythm. They spend the first season or two figuring out the right way to balance out their ensemble or playing around with their plots until they settle on the right tone, and so it takes a few episodes to really hit a stride.  898 more words


A Love Letter To Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23

Today is Thanksgiving and since the release of the episode ‘It’s A Miracle…’ in 2012 to watch this episode every year. I also read the… 755 more words