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Mondayish Roundup, 2/24

An and Mariko (FF2015 art | An/Mariko | worksafe)

But I’m A Cat Person
Stars and Scrapes (art | Timothy, Reseda, Patrick, Walker, Blake, Cohen, Bennett, Cybele | worksafe) 148 more words


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The Good, the Ugly, and The Bad Romance: RomCom Sitcoms

Consuming: Turned in my salad card for another free Hale and Hearty Salad. That’s the third one since I moved here. They’re doing away with the cards, though–they want us to use an app. 1,529 more words

“My foregrounds are imaginary, my backgrounds real.”

I officially have 7 days until I’m supposed to leave this place. I’m excited, crazy nervous, and a little scared. During my day-to-day, it doesn’t seem real. 783 more words

Netflix: New York Sitcom Edition

Start spreading the news…if you want to produce a hit show, set it in the Big Apple.  Who cares that most of them are filmed on an L.A. 155 more words