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Taking control over dreams

Lucid dreaming is an incredible experience when you’re someone who’s so used to having no control over any aspect of your life– between the fibroids, my upbringing, and my anxiety problems I find it very rare to have any sense of control, in fact it’s rare enough that simply a moment of control can cause a panic attack. 843 more words

Create your own smart heater for $15

Just in time for winter, this Maker added smart temperature control to his infrared heater. 

The IoT refers to the idea that things, in this case an infrared heater, can be connected to the Internet. 223 more words


Humans can now be bioluminescent with this LED implant

The Northstar V1 is the latest device biohackers are implanting under their skin.

There are wearables… and then there are embeddables. The latter is technology you can’t necessarily take off because it’s implanted in your body under the skin. 267 more words


Writing Advice Clearly Followed by the Writers Writing Last Night's Episode of The X-Files

Fear not – no (or maybe a few very vague/mild) spoilers below.

Want to write like the folks who created last night’s premier episode of… 517 more words

Writing Advice

Build a $200 laser engraver with Arduino

This DIY machine can engrave designs into wood, opaque plastic and leather.

Many people have a nice assortment of tools in their garage or Makerspace, but once you get into computer-controlled implements, both your capabilities and, normally, the price of them goes up a notch. 191 more words

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How to mourn without anyone dying

  1. Think about something mildly to moderately inappropriate.
  2. Ensure someone you love is in a good mood.
  3. Help them recover as soon as you communicate an inappropriate thought.
  4. 79 more words

This machine can chop veggies like a pro

Simone Giertz is back — this time with a machine that can chop broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers and just about anything.

Already equipped with several quirky machines that take care of most of her morning routine (from… 218 more words

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