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How To Lose Five Pounds Overnight!


It’s super easy!

Just get yourself a nice case of food poisoning or a really aggressive gastrointestinal bug. If you can arrange for it to take hold around the time you go to bed, all the better–by the time you wake up and find that you can’t even keep liquids down, you’ll already have gone hours without eating or drinking! 580 more words


Extremely Bad Advice - Sloppy Neighbors

Dear SJ: My neighbor has been inviting us over for dinner for months. We went once and were quite disgusted. The place was a mess. Pizza boxes on the floor, dirty clothes all over, old newspapers and mail covering all the counters, and the cat’s litter box is right in the middle of the room with little pieces scattered in front.

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Personal Expression

Don't Try This At Home - Volume 1 (WiFi Jammer)

Welcome, fledglings, to Don’t Try This At Home – a new series where I detail a project that’s probably really stupid, or perhaps interesting, possibly illegal, but hopefully not. 570 more words

Selling a 2007 Ninja 250 for $13,500: The Story of a Scammer

This tale is a warning to anyone selling on Craigslist as well as other similar sites. It not only applies to selling motorcycles but also any high ticket items. 752 more words

Don't Try This At Home

Book Review: Seventy Maxims Of Maximally Effective Mercenaries (Defaced Edition)

Straight out of the box, the book looked like it had been shot. . .and stabbed. The pages were yellow with water staines, coffee cup “rings” and the literal scribbling of multiple people in black, red and blue ink. 897 more words

Schlock Mercenary

Incompetent Adulting Part Two: Failed Life Hack

I like to think of myself as moderately handy around our house.  I can fix some minor things, and sometimes I come up with brilliant work arounds.  463 more words

Don’t look at me, I’m not an engineer

I genuinely haven’t a clue how much of my life has been spent working with, and on, these drum muck spreaders. The idea is simple; a long drive shaft spins, powered by the tractor. 725 more words