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Man Burned While Trying To Rid Rental Car Of Bed Bugs

The list of things we didn’t think needed to be explicitly stated has just grown, after a man trying to kill bedbugs with alcohol in his rental car ended up burning himself instead of delousing the vehicle. 209 more words

Best Vehicles to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Which Aren’t Classed As Military Hardware

If, like CARnivorousness, you’re massive fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead (which chronicles the on-going saga of a group of post-apocalyptic survivors attempting to make a stab at a new world order – and countless numbers of the living dead) then you’ll have doubtless become a little exasperated by the way that the lead characters in the ratings-winning show perpetually opt for the wrong type of vehicle to outrun/manoeuvre/think the omnipresent zombie threat… 1,404 more words

Don't Try This At Home

Overcoming Fear and Reaching The Top

Ok y’all I wanted to post these two pics to go along with my What Rock Climbing Can Teach Us post that first one is of me doing a super sketch climb. 37 more words

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It's YouTubesday!

Okay, so please don’t try this yourself. There are many, many safer ways to drink a beer.


Wanted: Banal, Charisma-free, Obedience-trained Presenter for Popular Sunday Evening Motoring Show. Must be Alan Titchmarsh

With the gossip-wranglers (and those with nothing else better to do) cranking up the bullshit levels to the max in light of Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson’s latest public indiscretion… 1,722 more words

Don't Try This At Home

Top 8 Best Cars to Drive In Strong Winds (Courtesy of the Lowest Drag Co-Efficient) For Under £2000

We know, an SEO wet dream of a title, but needs must and all that. After seeing pictures on the telly in recent months of trucks lying on their sides in the middle of the road, uprooted trees and twats standing on seafronts with their mobile phone cameras focused on the swelling sea which seconds later will drag them to their death, we decided it was high time to offer some advice to (impoverished) car owners looking to offset particular windiness via a more considered approach to bodily air-o-dynamics. 2,379 more words

Don't Try This At Home