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Quentin Willson Flogs Stuff

Welcome to a new, ocassional feature we’re calling ‘Quentin Willson Flogs Stuff’. Every now and again we’ll be sharing one of the former, former, former Top Gear presenter’s latest TV ads, whereby he’s employed to flog any old shit in exchange for some cash; and to remain in the public eye that little bit longer. 12 more words

Don't Try This At Home

T'Grand(est) Day out

I kid myself I know a thing or two about cars and motoring per se. Have done ever since I were an itch in my dad’s crotch. 2,263 more words

Don't Try This At Home

Make-It Monday: Failed attempt to defog headlights

I keep seeing these dramatic before-and-after photos on Pinterest that show how you can defog old plastic headlight covers using cheap toothpaste.

I was pretty sure this was crap the first time I read it, but I figured it was worth a try, since the headlights on the Dreamcar were covered with black walnut sap, the plastic was yellowed, I’d gotten overspray on them after forgetting to mask them off last time I painted the hood, and toothpaste costs a dollar a tube. 514 more words


A Guide To Get Anything You Want

This is a guide on how to achieve anything you want in life. I mean anything. That amazing job you want, the perfect girl you want, the extraordinary skills you want, the material items you desire, anything. 678 more words


Don't Go On Buses Late At Night

Hi. My name is Alice. I’ve always hated these forums, but i don’t think there’s anywhere else i can write something like this. Please take what I say as a warning. 3,949 more words


Watch This Guy Get Put In Check By Mother Nature Before Your Next Cliff Jumping Trip

Sometimes, it feels like life is sending you a special and important message. You’re out in nature, the weather’s perfect, and there’s a waterfall just begging you to jump off… 360 more words


Another famous recipe by Geeklet Girl: Ketchup on Bread

This is exactly what it sounds like, people; exactly what it sounds like. Geeklet Girl was eating hot dogs for lunch and we ran out of buns. 53 more words