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This Overheated iPhone Burned Through 12 Sheets Of Notebook Paper

The Cherry Hill, New Jersey fire department reported today that a resident’s iPhone 6 overheated and burned through 12 pages of notebook paper. According to the phone’s owner, a high school student, they were neither using nor charging their phone when the paper started smoking. 211 more words


Dumb - #AtoZ Challenge

I got it! I finally got a way to get on America’s Funniest Videos! This is gonna be great. All I have to do is cover the peak of the roof with sheet metal, and build a ramp coming down to it off the top of the barn. 117 more words

Flash Fiction

A fluid to die the Hair of a flaxen Colour

Take a quart of Lye prepared from the Ashes of Vine-twigs; Briony, Celandine Roots, and Turmeric, of each half an ounce, Saffron and Lilly Roots, of each two drachms; Flowers of Mullein, Yellow Steebas, Broom, and St.

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Last week two different people gave me their thoughts on time.  You can be the judge of how useful they were.

First I was told that ‘Not having enough time is bullshit.  402 more words


To help a face that is red or pimpled

Dissolve common salt in the juyce of Lemmons and with a linnen cloth pat the patients face that is full of heat or pimples It cureth in a few dressings.

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A Depilatory (1100s)

Place three ounces of in a potter’s vase and cook it in the manner of a porridge. Then take one ounce of orpiment and cook it again, and test it with a feather to see if it is sufficiently cooked.

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Don't Try This At Home