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A Guide To Get Anything You Want

This is a guide on how to achieve anything you want in life. I mean anything. That amazing job you want, the perfect girl you want, the extraordinary skills you want, the material items you desire, anything. 678 more words


Don't Go On Buses Late At Night

Hi. My name is Alice. I’ve always hated these forums, but i don’t think there’s anywhere else i can write something like this. Please take what I say as a warning. 3,949 more words


Watch This Guy Get Put In Check By Mother Nature Before Your Next Cliff Jumping Trip

Sometimes, it feels like life is sending you a special and important message. You’re out in nature, the weather’s perfect, and there’s a waterfall just begging you to jump off… 360 more words


Another famous recipe by Geeklet Girl: Ketchup on Bread

This is exactly what it sounds like, people; exactly what it sounds like. Geeklet Girl was eating hot dogs for lunch and we ran out of buns. 53 more words


What Will The Neighbors Think?

I was deliberate in choosing the undisclosed location of my heavily fortified compound. After multiple encounters in several states with the petty tyrants of Home Owners Associations, who lord power over their subjects and cultivate a snitch culture rivaled only by Soviet Russia, one of the top three criteria for the farm location was a dearth of rules. 1,118 more words

Why You Crying?

Long and Black Hair (1658)

Take a green Lizard, and cutting off the Head and Tail, boyl it in common Oyl, and anoynt your Head with it.

Natural Magick: How to adorn Women, and make them Beautiful…

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Don't Try This At Home

The 3 Stages of Austin Sexuality

METROsexualDefining signs – Beekeeper (predatory)

MAESTROsexualDefining signs – Model train enthusiast (all gauges)

MONTEGOsexualDefining signs – Scout bosun (rear shunt)

Don't Try This At Home