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Prince George’s Treehouse – Don’t Try This At Home

My fiction novel critique group is one of the best for reality checks. From how many seconds it takes for a body to fall from a San Francisco skyscraper roof to driving hours from Arizona to Texas, they question the reality. 254 more words

Violet Carr Moore

How to win a girl's heart - the hard way

The video for Hard Rock Sofa & Skidla’s toe-tapping marvel Arms Around Me demonstrates a couple of things. It’s not the easiest way to win a girl’s heart, but it’s probably one of the most impressive. 19 more words


WATCH: Drunk Guy Chops Friends Nose Off With Sword (video)

When they said “Don’t Try This At HOME!” apparently these yahoo’s weren’t listening.  Drunk dudes attempting to be ninja’s & samurais probably not the best idea, I’m just hoping all these youtube views helped to pay for the reattachment on the tip of his schnoz. 10 more words


Man Who Shot His Computer In An Alley Pleads Guilty To Criminal Charge

Remember the guy who executed his misbehaving computer in an alley behind his home? He won’t be shooting up any more electronics any time soon, after he pleaded guilty to discharging a firearm within the city limits of Colorado Springs. 129 more words

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Put Your $10K Apple Watch Between Powerful Magnets

It doesn’t matter if we’ve seen a slew of videos showing expensive electronics getting totally [spoiler alert] destroyed at the hands of curious home scientists (in the name of durability testing, of course), put another one in front of us and we’re probably going to watch the destruction footage yet again. 144 more words

22lr Bullets in a MICROWAVE!! Don't Try This At Home

Will these destroyed rounds actually function in a hotpocket cooking apparatus – otherwise known as a microwave?!?!? These are the rounds I blended in my blender! 323 more words


Don't Try This At Home - Angela Readman

Short story novels have never appealed to me until I read the excellent ‘The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher’ by Hilary Mantel last year.  I am glad I did as not only did I thouroughly enjoy that collection but it meant I chose to pick up another set of short stories this year when purchasing Angela Readman’s ‘Don’t Try This At Home.’ 119 more words

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