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Isaiah 57:1-10

Scripture: from verse 1

For the righteous man is taken away from calamity; he enters into peace…

Observation:  Yesterday at the ladies’ Bible study, one of the ladies was questioning why God allows people to die young despite our prayers.  

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Day 20 - NaPoWriMo - I know - "My Person"

I know you hate it when I’m mad and wish I’d just turn around and talk to you.

I know you wish that we always got along and there wasn’t fights like these and lonely nights on the couch. 177 more words


Things I Don't Understand...Other Drivers

I drive about four hundred miles a week.  Certainly not a long-haul, cross country truck driver type of log, but enough that I have seen a few cars go by my windows and given the fact that I have been driving for close to fifty years, should establish that I am not a novice driver. 836 more words

Random Thoughts

Vanishing People

People vanishing

I find myself alone again

I don’t understand


Not so scary ghost story (Poem #56)

I never understood ghost stories…

They just don’t make sense to me…

What is so scary about a wandering soul?

I mean isn’t that what all of us are? 27 more words


Hetero's getting their freak on, double fisting and expressing themselves

I don’t really understand this outfit. Or the pattern he shaved in his chest hair. Al, you’re welcome!!

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