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The Five Truths That You Will Never Understand But That I Hope You Someday Do

There are a few simple truths as to why you will never understand what a jerk face you are.  Those are the same truths that will keep you from ever realizing how much you have chipped away at what makes me a person.  562 more words

Being One Woman

Promises, Expectations and Lies ...............

So what`s the difference and why am I blogging about this.

Well firstly, when you have depression or anxiety ” Promises, Expectations and Lies ” are a very important part of your hope of recovery; they can also affect your mood tremendously. 153 more words


Nagging Mind, Drip, Drip, Drip .................

why o why does my mind refuse to relax? My body needed sleep, but my mind won the battle to keep me awake.

Thoughts spiral over and over and refuse to stay still. 55 more words


When All You Want To Do Is Quit

My day began with waking up in the middle of the night to a message. I tossed and turn from 3am until I woke up for work. 626 more words

Learning & Listening

Soul-Sapping, Mind Numbing, Debilitating, It Feels Like ...........

I don’t think its possible for a lot of people to understand what it truly feels like to have severe depression or anxiety, unless they have suffered from it themselves. 179 more words


Idiom of the Day! ~ Foggiest Idea

Today’s idiom is “foggiest idea

Speaker A: We need to find a solution for our budget issues.

Speaker B: That’s a good idea.

Speaker A: How can we cut cost without losing quality? 64 more words


Others Don't Know

When your prisoner of depression, not only do you feel abandoned and detached from friends, family and the world, you also know that most people can not or do not understand how you feel, they can not begin to comprehend or believe, that life can be that painful or lonely.