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Fuck My Life.

Why the need for derogatory sentiments, you might ask? Well, because those three words are the best descriptive sentiment for how I’m feeling right now. 3,914 more words


And breathe!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!

How are you on this freezing cold night? Well it is in Thurles. Storm Abigail has died down and it’s just cold and wet. 1,130 more words


Let me start by saying: what a terrible rip-off. Of the owners of Tomorrowland of course.

The people behind the big festival “Tomorrowland” have such a huge ego, that they wanted Disney, the best company in the world, to change the title of their movie in Belgium to “Project T” just because it happened to be the same. 363 more words


Elvis Presley Quote - Frase de Elvis Presley

“La gente piensa que estas loca si hablas de cosas que ellos no entienden. “~ Elvis Presley

“People think you’re crazy if you talk about things they don’t understand.” ~ Elvis Presley 6 more words