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Promises, lies and empty words.

You promised you’d never leave me behind,

I am alone.

You promised you’d love me,

I am alone.

You promised nothing would go wrong,

I am alone. 63 more words

421. Misunderstood

You’ll never understand. I know.

It’s just the way it is.

You’ll never understand how I feel,

And I’m glad. It is what it is. 87 more words


Why Don't They Understand My Problem

I know that I shouldn’t be angry, since I can accept one difference, I should be able to accept that not everyone will understand what mental illness is all about and even me. 414 more words


A List of Small Things

So, I’ve been thinking about starting this category for a little while. So I’m just going to jump in and do it. This first post will be a small list of things, rather than a whole post for each topic. 894 more words

Mental Health

Evil--Part of the Plan

Is evil part of God’s plan
cruelty, abuse, dark deeds?
“I’m going to create a world
let people decide
if there is to be good and bad.” 87 more words