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Bull Rider's Wisdom

Don’t worry ’bout tomorrow, Pard’ ~ you can’t ride but one bull at a time.

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A Break Up. Question Friday

I’ve recently gone through an awful break up. I was with him 2 and ½ years. He cheated on me beyond forgiveness and will not talk to me at all. 537 more words

Dont Worry

i wake up some mornings

I wake up some mornings, ask Jesus for encouragement in this crazy world. Ask for a way to stay centered, not get distracted by cynicism and accusation and apathy and bitterness. 1,067 more words

En(courage)ment For Hard Times

Day 2: Don't Anticipate the End Just Be Present

Day 2

Are you the person who dreads the end? You know you’re on vacation and all you can think about is how in 4 days it will be over?!   177 more words

How DoTerra saved me 50K and my sanity.

I’ve always had trouble sleeping. Waking up in the middle of the night because I quit breathing.  My mind never turning off. I was lucky if I got 5 hours of sleep. 279 more words


Faithfully Honest: Don't Worry

Growing up, I was taught that in order to have a successful life, I needed to make sure the path I paved as a child and as a teenager would determine how I would live as an adult. 937 more words

Dizzy Spangle

Checklist Complete

Good Afternoon Friends! There’s something very liberating about finishing what you started. About believing that you could do it in the first place…
Some of you know that I’m working on a project that has been occupying a lot of mental space. 296 more words