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A Good Step Back: Journey of Freedom - Day 30

Guiding Thought

We focus our mind and thoughts on our Inner Divine Self, our Self of Peace, our Self of Joy, our Self of Infinite Being and Intelligence. 714 more words


This is Life.

I’m not like every other California girl (says every girl ever). I’m not a girl looking for love, or stability, or purpose. I have all those things, and I’m damn appreciative of it. 370 more words

Be Happy

Success and its side effects

The side effects of success? People who were your friends are getting angry at you and can’t deal with your greatness anymore. During my teens, I lived in a small village where my dad was the only foreigner in miles. 698 more words


The soulmate / relationship issue

What we find in a soulmate isn’t something wild to tame, but something wild to run with.

I am a woman who does not really believe in love, at least I think true love is very very rare – and not everyone is supposed to have it. 887 more words