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"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Hi everyone,

This is my very first blog post (YAY) and with that, I want to encourage you to stay strong and focused on the Lord today. 284 more words

Don't Worry

Book Excerpt, Chapter 3 - The Altar Boy Fights Back: A Little

I made one great blunder when I was an altar boy, and I was afraid it would be the end of my altar boy career. One morning I was serving the children’s Mass, and it was during the distribution of Communion when I did the unthinkable. 1,131 more words

Don't Worry...

Letter to My(younger)self

Hey Hayden,

So, its currently one in the morning and for some reason I thought it would be cool to write a letter to you, or I guess me, or just a younger version of me, even though you technically do not exist anymore. 1,219 more words


4 things I learned at 16.

4 things I learned at 16…

#1 You are not an adult.

I remember thinking my life was together. I was my own boss, I mean come on, I had my license!! 233 more words

Don't Worry, Be Happy

I just LOL’d when this video cam on VH1 this morning. Nothing but the classics. Truth is there really is no reward for worrying  – it aids nothing, nothing at all. 445 more words


#Motivation from bosslady_creationz

To everyone out there that I may have done wrong , forgive me. And to those out there that have done me wrong, don’t worry, I forgive you to. 112 more words


Keeping the Celebration Going

International Day of Happiness (Friday)

A nod to SUSANRUSHTON.NET for bringing us to the Fount of Happiness so we may drink, and for providing the world with the most wonderful flowers that she has been sharing. 26 more words