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Don't Worry, Doubt Will Answer Its Mystery By the End of Season 1

Have no doubt, the creators of Doubt have no intention of stringing you along.
By the time CBS’ new legal drama, premiering tonight, reaches its first season finale, you will have… 10 more words

they’re not killing cas off

11 Feb 2017 (AFR) - Reserve Bank of Australia's new mantra 'Don't worry, be happy'

(11 February 2017, AFR, p12, by Karen Maley)

‘Eight years after the GFC smashed the global economy the signs are beginning to turn.’

‘Reserve Bank of Australia boss Philip Lowe is well-known for his optimistic outlook on life, a personality trait that has long distinguished him from his more dour central banking peers. 65 more words

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This Is How You're Making Life Way More Complicated Than It Has To Be

All we’re waiting for is something to arrive that would explain the unexplainable things or would give us the peace we need to just let it be, something that would help us unclench our fists from contained anger of so many years, so much bad luck, so many betrayals, so many ghosts to put to rest. 410 more words

Crooning on the cross in 2017

The past year has been a messy muddle for masochists who seemed to revel in it, but we really should stop fretting about what’s in store for the new year. 453 more words

Have you failed recently? 

Could one long for faliure rather than success? It’s true. All those who fail become philosophers. But I am truly humbled. The mixed emotions of pain, agony, sadness amplified to amounts you cannot possibly perceive and here I am in a crowd expressing just one emotion, “nothingness”. 138 more words

I Have Trouble Being Happy

As life goes on, sometimes it drags on, doesn’t it? Our gait slows, our heads droop. Saggy faces see only the ground, the dust, the litter, and garbage. 200 more words