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May 27th: Rachel Carson!

This morning, I woke up to find yet another female-focused Doodle on Google’s homepage. Today’s honoree is environmentalist, advocate, biologist, and author Rachel Carson. Born on this date in 1907, Carson’s efforts are credited with spurring action in the U.S. 77 more words

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May 21st: Mary Anning!

Today, a globally-posted Google Doodle honors famed British paleontologist Mary Anning, credited with key fossil discoveries from the Jurassic era. Here, we’ll learn a bit more about Anning, her career, and her contributions to science. 807 more words

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Doodle-Worthy Women of April 2014

I’m quite late this month, having not carved out time to write a Doodle-Worthy Women of April post. This morning, as I was reviewing Doodle statistics for the year to date, I realized why I wasn’t feeling the rush. 452 more words

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May 12th: Dorothy Hodgkin!

Today’s Google Doodle honors Dorothy Hodgkin, a Nobel Prize-winning British chemist born on this date in 1910. Speaking Up first wrote about Hodgkin last year, as one of our May honorees for the Doodle-Worthy Women series… 265 more words

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May 4th: Audrey Hepburn!

Things have been pretty quiet around here at Speaking Up — because things have also been quiet for Google Doodles, at least in the United States. 561 more words

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April 11th: Percy Julian & Annie Dodge Wauneka

Today’s Google Doodle is awesome, and shows Google’s apparently real commitment to changing the way they approach the Doodles program. Their honoree for April 11th is pioneering chemist… 406 more words

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Doodle-Worthy Women of March 2014

This month, we’ll look at 4 remarkable, Doodle-Worthy women from around the world: 463 more words

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