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Les Fleurs - darth_scrawl

Why did you pick this picture?

I like how it turned out- I love drawing flowers!

where did the idea come from?

The idea for this was from a self portrait brief- my name is Fleur and the first thing people say to me is “oh that means flower in French!” 151 more words


Miley Sinus (2016) Artist Pen

Miley Sinus (2016) Artist Pen

We all love puns but puns accompanied by a doodle? Even better!

I came up with this during a ridiculous conversation with a work colleague; every topic has a gem and this was that gem.


Trump Smash! (2016) Artist Pen

Trump Smash! (2016) Artist Pen

Here’s a nice little sketch I did featuring none other than Mega-Trump; seen here destroying a city and just about to step on a children’s hospital.