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El grande de Google le rinde homenaje a Momofuku Andō

El grande Google decidió rendirle un homenaje con un doodle a Momofuku Andō, el creador y presidente de Nissin Productos Alimentarios, quien este cinco de Marzo hubiese cumplido ciento cinco años de edad. 106 more words


I like to do drawrings

I doodled today with an old doodle. I call it, “Old Man Scrummaster”. You’d buy a print, wouldn’t you?

I met this guy (kind of), in scrummaster training that I did about four years ago. 156 more words

I Heart Work

Artwork For Work

Being that I earn my money through pizza, I thought it’d be a good idea to meld it with a creative outlet. I love my job, but you’ve got to keep one foot out of reality to stay sane.

Embracing Courage

I came across a quote, a question, from Vincent Van Gogh recently. It stuck with me, pestered me, prodded me, encouraged me…

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” 87 more words


Vader being spoilt

Busy day, Vader being a spoilt princess, took me awfully longer to churn this out than usual. Will work harder tomorrow!

See y’all tomorrow,
@khaylerb http://instagram.com/khaylerb/ 9 more words

Simple Work

All Smile

Man this guy just looks like he’s always too happy.