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And I Survive


Just to let you know-

I am a proud cape wearing superhuman.

I wake up.

I get up.

I am not perfect.

And I survive my imperfections. 10 more words

Life Chatter

Tainan old house





感謝這位小妞在雙11的時候一起陪我南下玩,但還是忍不住跟她開個小玩笑♥️ 謝宅這間名宿令我著迷,雖然沒有住過很多五星級飯店,但我覺得她比五星級飯店還要有溫度。一進去就被美麗的小池塘吸引,旁邊還有兩棵樹,一顆是非洲紅,搭配這個季節拍起照來,非常好看!而屋內有很香的木頭味道,還有日式榻榻米,適合舒適低躺著看書,睡午覺跟趴著畫畫。總之,一切的擺設、佈置真的很有居家環境的感覺。(好希望未來也有個像這樣得居家空間)

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Too good to be true

When you’ve been alone for so long, it’s hard to trust.

I want to, but we’re both guarded and afraid of getting hurt. Still, there’s hope. 551 more words


White text obsession

Hi ho art friends.

A while ago, I picked up Danielle Donaldson’s “Creative Girl” book, which started my enchantment with drawing tiny, wonky houses and using a white acrylic pen on dark backgrounds. 140 more words

Mixed Media