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'Derek The Dwarf' Doodle

I find doodling relaxing. It soothes me to work slowly with a 2B or 3B pencil to create shapes with light and shade. So recently, when the beginnings of a head cold kept me awake in the small wee hours of the morning I broke out my sketchpad, turned off my mind and let my pencils do the talking. 12 more words


The House of my development team

This is an early sketch of the now usual monthly “delivery cartoon”. When our job started to get really messy, I started to draw my team on a random geeky theme and with tons of inside jokes to lighten the mood. 81 more words


Avocado ahoy!

Yay its summer officially over here :) The best part about summer is all the awesome fruit and veg thats in season…including my fave weird fruit/vegetable hybrid AVOCADOS!!!!! 13 more words


Ready or Not

We might prepare for an awful lot of stuff.

But we never can control

What stuff might, or might not, happen.

As prepared as we may be… 36 more words

Life Chatter

A More Modern Look In Only Two Tries

This took far fewer attempts than the last one, and although I should have pencil sketched it first, I did not. I’m aiming for a variety of styles, and this gave a cool modern look. 140 more words



Friday meeting scribble. I call it Jeremy.