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What I've been doing recently

Another update!

I feel like my recent posts have been filled with doodles. Oh well, I guess I doodle a lot, haha.

The weather this week has been quite rainy. 197 more words


Caption this

Doodled this last night but don’t know what he should say. Help me out? I’ll repost with the best idea.


tip of the day #0013

Fearing actual physical contact, Alison resorted to an alternative method of getting to know new people.

Despite the weird looks, she was actually far more comfortable this way. 34 more words


Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (2016)

AHHHHHHHHH! My new toy arrived!!! I have been doodling with this cheap stylus for the past few doodles. The stylus tip was getting to me…. QQ… 278 more words

people in a discord server were posting pictures of Wayne from Hylics. Never played it but I wanted to contribute.