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366 Days of Art Doodles

I tend not to always post the doodles like today’s art. I don’t know that people would find a whole post about a doodle as interesting as one with more elements so I tend to save them up. 9 more words

366 Days Of Art

Doodle 005 | 4'33" and Miau

John Cage wrote 4’33” and the anonymous person who used Gioachino Rossini’s work wrote¬†Duetto Buffo di Due Gatti, respectively. The first is composed of silence. 23 more words

Daily Doodles

Sprout time

Tiny radish plants sprouting in my living room – at different times of the day. It’s the first time I doodled something inanimate in a while. 20 more words


Illustration @scribe_lore by Ayushi Gupta

“I walk , I look, I see, I stop, I photograph” leon levinstein

The observer.
Life is all about capturing the moment, collecting, sketching, scribbling and celebrating the various beautiful emotions that life has to offer.