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20something vs 30something

20 something v.s. 30 something


「忽略那些對你有意思的人 v.s. 那些人還在嗎?」 🤣




Need that $$$ a little more

People might call you a workerholic. But in actual fact, you just need that little more cash so you can go on a vacation. Ignore what they say and do what you want. Do what you love.



The dream is this,

when i am awake that is,

and where i am sedated by my eyes,

then and there i am awake by my tenses. 11 more words



Mood is changing.. I asked for the butterfly & he gave me one. Man still a bit angry(ish), but I am positive that soon we will see a big smile… (Doodle done on 17.10.17)

Weekend Doodles and Park Speed Sketch

Time away from the kidlets with my art kit meant that I had time to take a walk, do some doodles and a speed sketch on a solo visit to a park in Maidstone… I only allow myself a couple of minutes for the speed sketches to help me to let go of perfectionism and just get a very quick basic drawing down.

No. 3: We Become What We Believe, Doodling to Stay Focused & The Joy of Missing Out

Hello and welcome to this week’s Curious Catalog, a weekly collection of three useful gems for life, work and everything in between. Follow along by subscribing to this blog. 341 more words