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They all deserved better

All these characters deserved better. I’m done with what this show has become, so poorly and lazily written. Too much depression about wasted potential for me. 12 more words


Solar mermaid 

Wee today’s prompt for mermay was solar mermaid so I did a little mermaid soaking in the sun!


Haiku Expectation!

Everything, that catches your eyes,

Might not be the same as your expectation;

Keep on accepting the mirror image!

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May 24

Been a busy day but I’m hanging in there 🙃🙃


Also, I'm Afraid to Google It

I sometimes wonder things.  Everybody wonders things.

You know a thing I wonder?

I wonder why ghosts wear pants.

Not just pants, I guess.  Why do ghosts wear any clothes at all?   62 more words