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Coral isn’t a plant. It’s a colony of super tiny animals



Doodling - 8/24/2016

Just some sketching tonight. I haven’t drawn Stark in a while, so I decided to re-sketch some Citadel concepts and a quick smiley Stark.

Work In Progress

Are we ever truly alive ?

If you go back in time

the place will be different.

If you go back in space

the time will be wrong.


Yet, within our tiny cranium, 88 more words


the pink ink bottle

Though books scattered around her

Blanket say technicality to imagination,

I ask you to peek a little deeper into

The pages where she scribbles the… 121 more words

Introverted Advice

Yesterday I was trading tweets with my Twitter friend @wiederspielwert about a parallel universe. I wonder what it would be like if it were, in a way, inverted.