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When  some Blogs makes you Sad (and my Doodle Quote)

Reading blogs were my favorite pass time. I have a hundred collections of blogs on my readers. One of them is about a widow who expresses her heartfelt ongoing agony of losing a husband (even after 78 years of her husband’s death). 514 more words


Using My Sketchbook to Fight Anxiety

I’ve recently started painting and doodling in a sketchbook as a way to fight my anxiety.  I started taking a course called Creative Sketchbooking on Creativebug and these are the projects I completed for week one of the course.


Hello September !

Its been really quiet around here, hasn’t it ? I blame summer. End of story .

Lets welcome September, shall we ? The promise of cooler weather, leaves changing color, warm colors everywhere, scarves and , oh, boots … my oh my ! 114 more words


Jukebox the Post

This is by far one of the coolest things to happen to me. Jukebox the Ghost has been one of my favorite band for years and I’ve always been a fan of guitarist Tommy Siegel’s van doodles. 59 more words