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Doodling Your Way To Happiness

Are you a chronic doodler? Do your notes from meetings have a border of puppy faces, three-dimensional cubes, or some other artwork in the margins? Don’t be embarrassed by your proclivity to draw, color, or simply move your pen around the page making designs everywhere. 673 more words



Drawing is something I love to do. Pencil sketching, zentangles and abstract ink work are all approaches that I enjoy exploring.

For me, creating pictures (or creating anything for that matter) is incredibly satisfying. 99 more words


Hear-T 心

It’s so limited space inside of me.



Kalamadoodle? in Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo!  Isn’t that one of the more fun city names to say?  Kalamazoo. A small city in Michigan with all the amenities of a big city yet all the quaint charm of a small town with a strong art community willing to go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome.  553 more words


Tuesday Afternoon

I’m like that Moody Blues song. “Tuesday afternoon, I’m just beginning to see, in on my way.”

Day 2 of tracking was a little harder to navigate. 208 more words


unapologetically, be

i've been thinking lately that the most irrational moments, 
those that only make sense if kept as secrets inside your forehead, like a drunken kiss or a late night text, 
those you don’t want to organize into words because words always tangle all things soft, 
i've been thinking that those spaces of spontaneity should be the essence of your days. 170 more words