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The benefits of changing your story

I found that getting to the end of my sketchbook I was starting to stall, trying to delay the end. So the pages have laid untouched for some time while I’ve had fun with pencil and watercolour elsewhere. 105 more words


Journal. Doodles.

I’m out of practice. Since I haven’t had school for a couple years, I haven’t been bored out of my mind with nothing but a pen a paper…


Should I Be Scared?

Should I be scared? Probably not.

Well then why am I feeling a bit funky about this? No idea.

My stream of thoughts, oh the mysterious connection maker. 269 more words


Musings on reunions

It is just so very interesting that when you hear from old friends after a long time. It is interesting because, you tend to revert back to the same person you were a long time ago. 253 more words



I like practicing. I like the discipline and the process of creating and accomplishing something out of it. Though sometimes it is tedious, it takes a certain amount of focus just to keep yourself in that solitude to produce a result. 220 more words