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Lovecraft Flower Doodle

The product of a few doodle session while out having coffee using my grided notebook. I called it the Lovecraft Flower after being told it made someone think of Lovecraft… it works.


A single word, or even the though of it, that can make me cringe right now is (no wait for it) 2018!

By this time of the year, we have assuredly forgotten about our (almost unrealistic) new year resolutions and are all set to linger on hopefully to the next year. 99 more words


On The Door

NOTE: sorry, I can’t read your posts now. Bit busy with school

Fevicryl 3d liner, copper

Inktober - day 20 - deep

This took less time than I thought it would.


Black And Silver Mandala Doodle

Sometimes you want to doodle in reverse, light on dark rather than dark on light. This is a small silver ink mandala doodle created on black paper to be framed for sale at a later date:

Brush Calligraphy — Crafty Claire - Claire Ann

Good evening all, so this evening I have been to a class with my mum to learn the art of brush calligraphy. Man it is so hard.

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Art Journaling

Creativity and inspiration

I have a table in the corner of my bedroom that is a source of appreciation for me.

I have two singing bowls, a single chime tuned to high E, a kalimba (thumb piano), and  gamelan chimes. 95 more words