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Doodle Journal 3

A few of my friends have been bitten by the winter lurgy recently so when it came to doing a doodle, not a euphemism, it was no surprise that it inspired the overal outcome. 291 more words


four days in one

I finally figured it out.  I was hating my daily pictures of my doodles…none of them looked right.  So, since these aren’t amazing works of art (just yet…)  I’ll just post them in collage form every few days. 64 more words


My Sweet(s) Addiction

“When you try your best but you don’t succeed…”

Just like the Coldplay song, that’s how I feel when I have a weak moment and cannot say no to cakes, biscuits, ice cream, candy, etc etc…. 82 more words


6 Honest Lessons from a Student in the U.K.

Here’s a short list of the lessons I’ve learned spending the past three years of my life as a non-economically-independent but free-spirited international student in the U.K. 685 more words



Hello! Gosh its cold today isn’t? Hope you are all wrapped up.

So I thought I would show a couple of pics I have put on… 81 more words


The End

If you’ve been following my blog and are wondering why I haven’t been posting, here’s your answer: 167 more words


Travel tomorrow, to live today

Read : To all those who are sure of themselves. 

One doesn’t need to travel to open one’s mind, but traveling does open one’s mind. Moving away from the comforts of your immediate mental constructs, once you are on the road, you see the expanse of the world stretching along its paths newer ways of understanding life. 453 more words