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Creativity and inspiration

I have a table in the corner of my bedroom that is a source of appreciation for me.

I have two singing bowls, a single chime tuned to high E, a kalimba (thumb piano), and  gamelan chimes. 95 more words

Post #6

The moment I know when the meeting has gone too long and my notes become this sort of thing…

Doodling In Meetings

Pre-exam doodles

It’s my history exam today! (It’s 1 Am) and I still have 60 pages left to read.

Yet, here I am…. Doodling!!

I tried to illustrate a song by Porcupine Tree…. 105 more words

Inktober - day 10 - gigantic

After dealing with the bug problem the federation found itself a new enemy, or rather it found the federation. A star fleet was attacked at 800 hours today by Dragons. 57 more words