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Day 9: First Celeb Crush

While thinking about this one, I think I figured out my fascination with intelligent and yet handsome guys. My first celeb crush was Doogie Howser, MD… 549 more words


Oscar Sundays and Super Bowl Sundays -- They're Not So Different

Oscar night for movie and fashion fans is like the Super Bowl for football fans. There’s tons of hype, people throw parties and often dress up, and emotions can run high. 808 more words


Watch A 14-Year Old Neil Patrick Harris At The 1989 Golden Globes

He was only 14 at the time, but Neil Patrick Harris was already on his way to becoming a star. At the 1989 Golden Globes, NPH was nominated for his performance in… 76 more words


At the Corner Just in Time to See the Bus Fly By

I’m an 80’s baby.  Nothing was better than waking up on Saturday mornings and watching my favorite television shows.  Like most of us, I woke up at 5:30am and started my day off with the… 102 more words

August North

What Makes a Great Teacher?

This week I saw an awesome article from the Washington Post that made me think of all the awesome teachers we have here at school.  It was about Ellie Herman and some lessons she has learned.   304 more words

Bret's $.02

Jon Stewart on the GOP 2016 field: It's like shooting fish in a barrel, but still funny. The real-life Doogie Howser who fooled a Florida hospital. And whale testicle-flavored beer? Sure, why not

So even though it’s still Jan. 2015, a whole bunch of Republicans are already running for President.

Which is sad for the good people of Iowa, who, a year from the caucus, are probably already sick of seeing old white men promising them the moon on their televisions. 418 more words

Toxic 1

Some thoughts are toxic.  They harm the thinker; they interfere knowledge of the self, of others, of the world; they pollute relationships and endeavors; they keep us in our place, keep our governments and ‘social institutions’ corrupt and unresponsive, prevent accomplishment. 658 more words