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Day 77. “Dookie” by Green Day

I’m pretty sure my old friend, Gordan gave me this album for my 14th birthday. Maybe not…it could have been the Weezer album he gave me (sounds more accurate). 471 more words

Gross! If u ate wendy's chilli u probally ate there employee's shit!!!!!!


A Wendy’s employee is now under arrest after he admitted to “pooping” in several hundred batches of chili since 2013. Brian Casper, 28, had been an “on time and reliable employee,” according to the manager and coworkers at the Mobile, Alabama location. 265 more words

Monday Morning Mind-dump

  • My weekend was awesome… how about you?  I had to dig up my septic system, glove up and get to work.  I kind of felt like Indiana Jones with all my discoveries.  
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22 Years of Green Day's Dookie

Happy Birthday Dookie!

The iconic 1994 album from Green Day turns 22 today and punk fans alike are rejoicing.

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong says of the disc, “Back then, I just wanted to write songs I could be proud of and be able to play in five years.” 145 more words



Wet earth crumbled beneath my feet where I stood, the slightest breeze caressing the surroundings. As the storm passed the feeling of being clean and free from the cares of the world went along with it. 81 more words


Tracks of my Years - 5

5 – Green Day – Basketcase

I’m a huge Green Day fan, though I do tend to prefer their early stuff to be brutally honest. This track came along at just the right time, and was an instant hit with me. 61 more words



Ok I realize I should probably (eventually) post some new content, but I’m having so much fun going through the essays I wrote eight years back with my sister, Amy Morris. 2,788 more words