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DOOM 3: Medium F'N G!

DOOM as a series has always held a small special place for me, tied to some truly great memories, and as something I always enjoyed in one form or another. 105 more words

Trivia Time- Doom 3, Demolition Developers

Doom 3 was released in August 2004 after a long production cycle, work on Doom 3 started back in mid 2000. The game was well received for its graphics and lighting but not so much for its gameplay, which was very different to the classic run ‘n’ gun formulae of previous Doom games. 265 more words

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Doom 3

Hello, fellow readers.

After a while, I’m back to talk more about games. I played a couple of games in the meantime with my “wonderful computer” and decided to pick one that reminds me of my childhood: Scary and dark. 1,493 more words

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