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Doom 3

When I first wanted to play this game, my PC was pretty bad, so I had to wait until I get a better one.

Doom 3 is worthy of the franchise, I loved previous Doom games, but this one has some things that make it less enjoyable. 157 more words


Meet your Doom! Doom 3 that is…

As some of you may know I have always been a huge fan of the original Quake game released way back in the 90’s (on the N64 in my case) so much so that I did a Halloween tribute to it a few years back and the beginnings of a Let’s Play! 683 more words

Corps and creds and corruption. oh my!

Future corps! Nothing says dystopian future world like a made up, globe spanning faceless business machine.

Sci-fi is full of these monsters, slowly reducing humans to disposable resources in the name capitalism. 479 more words

Retro Games

Do you know what a real hardcore gaming?

Probably many are thinking just about Dark Souls or different indie “bagels”. Yes, they are definitely a challenging game, but some players it was not enough. 182 more words


FEARLESS VISITS - DOOM 3 PART 4 #F*** Them Batteries

What’s up guys! Make sure you check out my DOOM 3 playthrough on Youtube! I think towards the end I am going to write a little blog post about my experience and what I liked in this game…then I will most likely return to another old classic game! 41 more words

Doom 3