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Un - The Tomb of All Things (Review)

Un are a Doom band from the US. This is their début album.

This is an impressive and ambitious release that takes elements of Doom, Funeral Doom, Sludge and Post-Metal into its miserable embrace and crushes them all into a murky paste. 170 more words


-10- Band photography

I hear a lot of people complain about how boring and crappy Winnipeg is, but I personally don’t agree. Yeah, maybe it’s cold in the winter and the transit system sucks, but we have such a diverse and active music community here. 150 more words


Fantfourstic: How to NOT make a superhero movie

Disclaimer: Here be spoilers from Fant4stic. Actually, I’ve written the entire plot, but I doubt if the warning is needed at all. Just watching the movie is a pretty big deal.

1,810 more words

Ixion - "Enfant de la Nuit"

Ixion belong to the new breed of doom metal bands that have one foot firmly placed on the prog metal side of things. While they might not be as prog as a band like While Heaven Wept, they do use keyboards as a lead instrument many times. 330 more words

Progressive Metal

Interview: Daniel Arvidsson of Mammoth Storm

I reviewed Mammoth Storm’s debut full length Fornjot for Echoes & Dust a few weeks back and took quite a shine to it. Not knowing much about them I asked their bassist on behalf of E&D if he wouldn’t mind introducing his band and talk a bit about the doom/stoner scene in Sweden. 11 more words


DOOM gets another multiplayer alpha

You didn’t get into the first DOOM multiplayer alpha test? Don’t worry, because there will be another one, soon. 86 more words


First wave of Doom Multiplayer Closed Alpha Invites Going Out Today

By Simon Parker

The first wave of invites for Doom multiplayer Closed Alpha are being sent today. Check your inbox if you are one of the ones who are eligible. 344 more words