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Totengott - Doppelgänger

 Every band has got to start somewhere before they can embark on their own grand journey as a group. Many start out simply cover classics from renowned bands that they love and enjoy. 427 more words


It's a fish eat fish world out there!

The piranha represents many things to many people, too numerous to list.  But unless you’re in denile, you know what that piranha really is.  All I can say is swim fast little fishy!

Alunah - Solennial (Review)

This is the fourth album from UK doom metal band Alunah.

An obvious focal point for anyone listening to Alunah is the incredibly impressive singing voice of their vocalist. 327 more words


The Last Survivor

The world is becoming a prey to their hatred with blood on every living hand. Not a face is left alive that does not belong to a killer; they have all turned into butchers ready to chop heads off. 63 more words


The Best Part of Any Video Game Has Been and Always Will Be Movement

Movement in video games has always been the make-or-break element of any game I have ever played. A lot of people can find a game boring or deserted, and they can’t quite explain what it is. 1,516 more words


Good or Bad!

Why would anyone give up on something so good, unless it was bad (in disguise)?

Can too much of good really be bad?

P.S. Hi all! 17 more words


Interview with Wo Fat

Wo Fat are a band that know how to write a good tune. Hot off the back of their stunning sixth album, 2016’s Midnight Cometh, they’re already thinking of what comes next for the band. 1,889 more words