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Stavros Giannopoulos of The Atlas Moth on Their New Record, Metal Diversity, and Cults

Chicago has had a long history of significant heavy bands. The underground death metallers Macabre and the now Czech-based Master have both been local staples of the genre for over 30 years. 1,665 more words

Soundgarden - Slaves and Bulldozers

A band called Grunge who, here at least, were delivering straight up heavy Metal as Black Sabbath first imagined. Slow and heavy, and touching on Doom, this track is a real slice of audio fire.


Doom's Contribution to Modern Gaming

Everywhere you look, someone is complaining about “games these days”. I do it all the time. Overpriced season passes, day one patches, and oh so much tedious filler (lookin’ at you Arkham Knight), are some of the biggest complaints you run in to. 399 more words


Monobrow - The Nacarat

¬†After being sick all day, I still need music to listen to as if it’s more important to me than oxygen or blood. However, with a head cold, you can’t exactly enjoy death metal to its fullest, so that’s when I turn to other more “friendly” sources to fill my hunger. 354 more words


Why We Own the Misery of Erin Moran

The untimely death of child actress Erin Moran over the weekend — at age 56, her body was discovered in an Indiana trailer park — … 523 more words

Celebrity Semiotic

Kissing the Ring (A Family Reunion Part 8)

Kissing the ring has been a long standing practice in your family.

At any family gathering-and especially at the big family reunion-the first priority is always finding your grandmother, announcing your presence, and showering her with praise and adulation. 452 more words


Premiere | Plunge - Distress Express

By Kieran Webber

The Brighton based stoner/doom rock band Plunge have recently dropped their snarling new single ‘Distress Express’, the dizzying release¬†is a chaotic onslaught meaty riffs backed by ferocious growls. 41 more words