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whatever the backstory is – it’s not a happy one


HERE WE GO….7 screenshots from E1M2: Return. Shooting demons and solving mysteries can be hard work. This level is very much fun to play! I look forward to releasing it!! 23 more words


Renegade Plays: Doom Days - Taking Down a Boss

I’m not going to lie. I died a couple of times while trying to defeat this boss … but you don’t need to see that. Anyway, I had fun taking down this boss. 19 more words


Elder gives a teaser and promises new track soon

Reflections of a Floating World will be out on June second
in the meantime you can listen to their previous album Lore
New Music


Invisible City Records cassette

Internet refusenik and northeastern drone maestro Culver pops his head above the parapet for a rare appearance to the wider world in this split with Fells on Gateshead’s Invisible City Records. 478 more words

Renegade Plays: Doom Days - Clearing the Room

Doom has become the best part of my weekends. Nothing relaxes the mind more than dragging your virtual knuckles through a demon’s skull. What I love most about Doom is how much it retains the feel of the original. 19 more words


The Plight of…

It starts with just a little, the little leads to more
More then leads to excess, and excess leads to war

A war you cannot win, even though you try… 34 more words