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Here’s to the Doomguy

Pen and ink on 8.5” by 11” printer paper (click to enlarge). This is how I imagine the Doomguy from DOOM. He’d have to be big and strong enough to carry all those weapons; plus, it fits the hyperviolent 80s/90s aesthetic.


Desiccant: Faceless.


The living room is dark.

My mother sitting in her work clothes, staring at a paper.

My brother and I know we’re in trouble. 1,112 more words


Stream: Apocalipsis - Dimensión Maldita

Mexican post-metalers Apocalipsis have been rocking our stinky socks for a while and we’re quite excited that they’ve just released a brand new album for your listening pleasure. 49 more words


Ashtar - Ilmasaari (Review)

Ashtar are from Switzerland and play Blackened Doom. This is their début album.

Ashtar play music that incorporates elements of Black Metal, Doom and Sludge. I do love a bit of Blackened Doom, and if you’ve been keeping up with the likes of… 260 more words


Nightslug - Loathe (Review)

Nightslug are a German Sludge band and this is their second album.

Nightslug sound as their name suggests – ponderous and heavy. This is discordant, ugly Sludge that grips you by their hair and forces your face into the vomit. 295 more words


Review: Mist - Inan (EP)

Mist, Slovenian mistresses of doom who burst onto the scene in 2013 with their classy, traditional doom demo, have returned with their new EP, ‘Inan’. Recorded along with their new guitarist Blaž Tanšek, ending their all female lineup, it keeps up their journey into Sabbathian riff utopia. 237 more words


DOOM!! DOOM!!! DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This gub’mint is so boned. king putt, the prince sandtrap, duke of five iron, baron of the back nine, driver of golf cart one, possessor of pen and phone, has been called a , expletive deleted, by both the gub’mint of the Fifth Republic of France and by hollywierdo celebertyette Cher. 89 more words

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