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Episode 637: Bury Me a Little

“If you marry me, it’ll be like marrying a corpse.”

Ladies, I get it. The dating scene is hard. Sometimes, it feels like a guy is stringing you along, and maybe the relationship isn’t going anywhere, but it’s hard to know when it’s time to just cut your losses and move on.

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Gordon Russell

Episode 626: The Amazing New Phenomenon

“You want to keep track of me? The amazing new phenomenon? The ghost who breathes?”

As the black-robed executioner opened the door to Vicki’s cell, her lover looked into her eyes, and promised her every last thing he could think of.

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Sam Hall

This Day So Far


Mouse to me: Mom, you have to read this book (Ed: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell) I just finished. You will love it. It’s full of doomed romance! 98 more words


Episode 611: The Love Object

“Now I understand why I have the urge to kill Adam.”

So here’s the latest: Eve, the Bride of Frankenstein monster who used to be a French psychopath named Danielle Roget, is in love with Jeff Clark, the amnesiac who used to be an 18th-century lawyer named Peter Bradford, and she killed her lover to be with him, only to have him reject her and fall in love with a time traveling governess who’s on trial for witchcraft.

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Gordon Russell

Glass Beach

Ocean waves lap the sandy beach shore, once filled with glass; its beauty removed by the millions of hands searching for a few pieces of colored gracefulness. 163 more words

Calamity Road - Link and Chapter One Preview!

I never dreamed I would commit murder, however much it occurred to me over the years. What occurs to me now, in the aftermath of stealing my first life and under the promise of anarchy without consequence, is to do it again and again, to see how far it will take me. 967 more words


Into the Woods (2014)

Theater fans, take this review with a Broadway-sized grain of salt because I’m going to admit I’ve never seen Into the Woods prior to its film release. 1,319 more words