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The Joy Of.... Doomed Romances

A few months ago, someone e-mailed me a link to a short gothic horror film on Youtube called “Wake“. This is a film about a woman who, after the sudden death of her father, makes a deal with the devil in order to get the perfect husband. 640 more words


The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015)

In 1976 San Francisco, Minnie (Bel Powley) is trying to navigate the world of boys and her teenage feelings. She’s 15 years old and wants to be an artist. 1,229 more words


The Last Five Years (2015)

It’s a musical about the beginning and end of a five-year relationship, and each partner is starting at a different point and meeting in the middle. 325 more words


Episode 712: The Neverending Story

“Tell me what you meant by what you said to me.”

Hey, guess who’s out on parole? It’s Angelique, freshly sprung from the flames of the netherworld, conducting an impromptu lecture tour in other people’s houses.

1,530 more words
Gordon Russell

Episode 637: Bury Me a Little

“If you marry me, it’ll be like marrying a corpse.”

Ladies, I get it. The dating scene is hard. Sometimes, it feels like a guy is stringing you along, and maybe the relationship isn’t going anywhere, but it’s hard to know when it’s time to just cut your losses and move on.

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Gordon Russell

Episode 626: The Amazing New Phenomenon

“You want to keep track of me? The amazing new phenomenon? The ghost who breathes?”

As the black-robed executioner opened the door to Vicki’s cell, her lover looked into her eyes, and promised her every last thing he could think of.

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Sam Hall

This Day So Far


Mouse to me: Mom, you have to read this book (Ed: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell) I just finished. You will love it. It’s full of doomed romance! 98 more words