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“The Lord looked down from His holy height, from heaven He beheld the earth, to hear the groaning of the prisoners, to release those doomed to die.” – Psalm 102: 19-20… 6 more words


Plows were the Robots of the 13th Century

Jury duty this morning, which meant lots of quiet reading time and in the end no *actual* jury duty (yeah for settlements!).

I am reading… 399 more words


“There’s always a stupid criminal out there…”

Talk about weak preparation.  Now remember children, when casing a potential place to rob, one or two cameras may or not be a problem, If you can disable them, but to rob a store that cells nothing but cameras and surveillance equipment is a complete failure and deserves a place in our log of eternal fucking idiots.   38 more words


Do We Believe in Friday the 13th?

It’s a major part of our society’s general conspiracy that if it’s a Friday and its the 13th day of a month you’re pretty much as good as dead. 128 more words


#1015 - Doomed

We’re going camping and hiking at the end of the month withy my brother down in Texas. I’ve got three weeks to get ready. This…may not work out well.

Sketch A Day

What to do, what to do...

What do you do when you’ve had to cancel your haircut with Tom and your next appointment isn’t until April 1–oh fool, I.  Hope for a cancellation or turn your mop into a DIY project?  279 more words


Alien Reconnaissance Report on Planet Earth

(Translated excerpts pertaining to the era of 20,000 b.p. to the present)

Section IV:   Advanced Information Processing Species

A.    Human Beings

1.   Ecological Type ( 164 more words