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Erick Erickson: The Republicans in 2016 Are DOOMED!!!!!!

Red State — Every once in a while you stumble into a news cycle and think, “This cannot be a coincidence.”

As news reports bring word that Hillary Clinton is still refusing to answer questions from the press, Ramadi falls to ISIS, and things just aren’t going well for the Democrats right now, fear not. 78 more words


DC Divergence week 1 reviews

Following the success of Batgirl’s re-branding, along with new titles like Gotham Academy and Marvel’s Spider-Gwen, DC have endeavored to break away from the so-called ‘house style’ in attempt to diversify their line-up and publish a comic book for everyone’s  unique taste. 1,687 more words



Have you ever wondered what happens to people who piss off the devil?
No! I have, and it seems I’m not alone. *looks into cyber world. 89 more words

Five years - part 1

It’s almost unbelievable that season 5 of Five-0 will come to an end in just a couple of days. This might be the perfect time to reflect on the past seasons. 844 more words

Hawaii Five-0

Have you ever had an inescapable sense of impending doom?

Friday night started as a typical lonely evening for me. I ate large amounts of uneccessary foods, and I indulged in a shameless binge of ‘ 609 more words



A new dimension perpetuated
A parralel universum generated
Traveling at the speed of light
Holding on to momentum
A shredded ship
Traveling towards the hit… 35 more words