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A ghost ship
Adrift in deep space

Harboring ghosts
Of the crew
As cargo

When the captain left
On an escape shuttle

Leaving them all to perish



Impassioned and dreamy to live,
the one-way lane to bliss

Drudgery and mundanity boredom gives

Failure be a toxic recipe
Mute, the soul seeks therapy… 420 more words


#tbt 2000 "Love or Lust"

Love vs Lust is a difficult thing for most people to differeciate between. Basically, a lot of relationships I have been in, I always have thought that I really cared about the person, but there are certain things that I would do to show them “I love them” but I wouldn’t consider doing anything for anyone that was crazy, unless I really felt I truly loved them. 154 more words


Waltz With Vampires

“Waltz with me.” She pulls me along, gracefully swaying and stepping to the orchestra’s tempo. Though crowds of the beautiful and rich in their masquerade gowns and suits stare at us, her wine-red eyes never leave mine. 1,834 more words


The SoundCloud You Loved Is Doomed | Pitchfork

(Source: pitchfork.com)

SoundCloud’s problems have gone as viral as a SoundCloud hit. Earlier this month, the popular streaming service announced it was laying off… 1,133 more words



Pouring rain,

the splash to my feet

My minds are wandering through the pool of memories,

pool of healing

Time seems have its own loop… 41 more words


Adobe Flash Will Finally Die In 2020

If you’re one of the many, many people out there who despise Adobe Flash for its reputation of being a crashy wasteland brimming with bugs… 323 more words

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