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Everything he wants...

“Not Janie Briggs. She has glasses and a pony tail!” -Not Another Teen Movie

In the movie they followed with “and don’t forget the paint colored overalls.” Who needs paint covered overalls when you have the mother of all nerdness… braces! 626 more words

Doomed Civilization

I see a divided world with little hope of healing

A failed experiment in multicultural dealing

A nihilistic elite pushing us into cultural decay

garnering a lack of belief beyond pleasures today. 294 more words


Man Who Predicted 9/11 Attack And Fall Of The Berlin Wall Says America Is Doomed Under Donald Trump

Johan Galtung, a sociologist and Norwegian professor, who rightly made several predictions, among them being the 911 attack, the fall of the Soviet Union and the Tiananmen Square uprising, has predicted that the world’s super power will collapse while Trump is in the white house. 332 more words


Ordog - The Grand Wall (Review)

Ordog are from Finland and play death/doom metal. This is their fifth album.

Okay, so let’s start this review off in no uncertain terms – The Grand Wall is a great album. 445 more words


House prices

I am very lucky, I still live at home and I am able to save money to afford some place to rent/buy in the future, but I’m 100% sure this will not be in the city I love so much. 136 more words

Once upon a night... 

​​​The place alongside her is void and cold.

Without the warmth of his haven,

Restless and sleepless nights looks for his embrace.

His chest, her paradise and hideout. 160 more words


Hey Ho! I am back finally decided to break the silence.

Today I am going to talk about “Anna”. This is the Fifth full length album of doom/atmospheric death metal one man band called “Doomed”. 505 more words