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Valentines Doomsday! Will The World End On February 14th???

WORLDWIDE — Brace yourselves, and prepare while you still can! According to one source, the world will end this Sunday… February 14th, 2016!

Of course that prediction comes from “Ghostbusters 2”, but it makes it about as reliable as most end of the world predictions! 133 more words


John Henry Irons, STEEL

From a recent photoshoot with Tony Martins (@TonyM_Photo), this is Steel. This 1/9th scale figure was sculpted with a mixture of Super Sculpey  over an aluminum foil  armature, primed and painted with acrylic paints. 135 more words


Trailer Breakdowns: Batman v Superman Trailer #3

Seriously, that was awesome!

Why does this one have to be the last trailer? They could easily go ahead with one or two more, and no one would complain. 535 more words

Character Takeover

Check Out the New Batman v Superman Trailer!

The new Batman v Superman trailer leaked!

Wasn’t it supposed to be attached to Deadpool?

Yep! But there’s a YouTube channel that released the full trailer, and in awesome quality! 106 more words

Comic Book News

The Death and Life of Superman

Title: The Death and Life of Superman

Author: Roger Stern

Published: 1993

We’re all aware that DC Comics killed Superman back in the early 90’s, right? 448 more words


Bernie Vs Hillary -Honesty, Claims, and the Job

Bernie vs Hillary – my take.

Q. Is Hillary the most honest?

A. No

Q. Is Hillary greedy, by taking money from super pacs?

A. Of course she’s greedy. 333 more words

The daily good

I subscribe to this newsletter called Daily Good. I make a point of reading one article from it in the morning most days, but on really bad days I end up reading up to 10 articles. 664 more words