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Doomsday Lite! As Seen On TV!

The plan…says that people should stock 10 days worth of food and water, energy, money and medicine that would allow them to stay put long enough for the government to respond.

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GameStop SDCC 2016 Summer Convention Haul + GIVEAWAY!

Not only do we have more GameStop Summer Exclusives in this video, but we also have our first ever Giveaway, so be sure to check it out! 39 more words

Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer

Superman-Dawn of Justice (Draft 1)

There’s been a lot of discussion over what the best course of action to take with this particular film. My idea, in addition to trying to get through it as quickly as possible, was to try and make it more about Clark and his journey, while finding time to give some breathing room for Bruce only when the plot requires him to be there to advance the duel.   198 more words



On the peaceful planet of Zlook an exciting discovery had been made:

They had found a somewhat intelligent life-form on another planet, but alas a meteor was destined to destroy that world. 129 more words


Action Comics 960 Review

 “I Believe in Dan Jurgens, but we need some answers” 

The cracks are starting to show and I’m beginning to wonder how much story there is to be told regarding the return of Doomsday. 375 more words


Svalbard’s #Doomsday Project

You get the feeling, at times, that the world’s focus is not always where it should be. There’s the endless fascination with money, which at best is a poorly thought out abstract concept (and for that you only need to look at current efforts around quantitative easing, where hundreds of billions of £$€, etc., are printed on a whim). 221 more words


U.S. Military Announces “Doomsday Plan” To Prepare For Infrastructure Collapse!

In 2008, the majority of America realized our electrical grid was held together with duct tape, bubble gum, and hope.

Guess what…

Eight years later, nothing much has changed. 766 more words