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What If…'The Death of Superman' Happened in 2016?

Back in 1992, DC treated us to Doomsday!, or The Death of Superman. The event played out across six weekly issues of the… 1,257 more words

DC Comics


My main thing at the moment that stops me from … well, going crazy is learning things that interest me.

Currently that subject, or rather two, is quantum mechanics which encompasses quantum computing, how it all works and where they are at. 3,533 more words

Samuel Whitethorne Block

The house flies I had killed I felt worse over than the people I had hated. The sea urchins whose spines had stabbed my feet, I felt less anger towards than those who’d done me wrong. 108 more words


Episode 89: The Death And Return of Superman

Welcome to Journey Into Misery, where I explain complicated comics characters, continuity and concepts to the patient and perpetually perplexed Helena Hart.

Where you when Superman died? 286 more words

Kieran Shiach

Last Night on Earth

We wandered for miles. Harsh air collided with my skin, my feet stepped on waterlogged ground. Black clouds devoured what we used to call our home. 350 more words


Perhaps One Man Can be an Island: The Luxury of Total Self-Sufficiency

Talk to them long enough, and you’ll hear an interesting undercurrent running through the conversations of many highly wealthy people: despite the bravado that many project externally, internally they feel quite vulnerable. 1,424 more words