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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Spoilers follow

Batman v Superman is a sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel, where the destruction of Metropolis has lead Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) to be distrustful of Superman (Henry Cavill). 745 more words



I’m the madman they fear,
‘Coz of the truth which I bring about ‘ere.
The Darkest Knight is my only peer,
“Am I so different from you, my dear?!” 92 more words

How I would Improve? Doomsday (Just the film version)

Now for anyone who has not watched the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, this is your only warning:


Right now that is out of the way, let us begin. 646 more words


Killer robots won't doom humanity–but our fears of AI might

Just how worried should we be about killer robots? To go by the opinions of a highly regarded group of scholars, including Stephen Hawking, Max Tegmark, Franz Wilczek, and Stuart Russell, … 1,205 more words

Here's what everyone got wrong about the latest Apple doomsday scenario

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The tech world was in a frenzy this weekend, arguing over whether or not Apple would collapse if it failed to catch onto the budding trend of artificial intelligence, which some think could be the next major computing platform after the smartphone. 743 more words


Why the liberal doomsday never comes true

One of the strident complaints leveled by conservatives against liberals and progressives is that they constantly decry doomsday scenarios that never come true.

But there’s a good reason why the bad things about which liberals hew and cry never come about. 1,410 more words

Theology And Philosophy For The Post Modern Age


  • Expansion Team Sidewalk Slammers beat up the Benny’s For First League Win
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  • Is The Baga GM In Trouble Again?
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