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A Special Look at: Smith and Jones

Smith & Jones is considered still a pretty damn awesome episode. Following Doomsday (with the loss of Rose Tyler) and The Runaway Bride (with Donna Noble returning home), the Doctor still doesn’t have a full-time companion, until this episode, introducing Martha Jones, the first woman of color to be as such until Bill Potts’ arrival during Series 10 (though, as an orphan, Bill’s family didn’t have a part in the story like Martha’s did, which was really freaking awesome). 4,128 more words

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A Special Look at: Journey's End

Journey’s End is the season finale of Series 4, but also the culmination of events since the episode Rose in regarding the Last Great Time War, as well as Sarah’s tenure as a companion during the Third and Fourth Doctor Eras. 5,833 more words

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A Special Look at: Earthshock

Earthshock is an absolutely fantastic story, featuring the unannounced return of Cybermen since 1975’s Revenge of the Cybermen, and the death of companion Adric. According to… 3,544 more words

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A Special Look at: Doomsday

Taking place immediately after Army of Ghosts, Doomsday sees the last time of Rose Tyler as the full-time companion, though she would return in later episodes during Series 4. 7,070 more words

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Shorty*: “World is My Own and I have Made Myself”- A Tale of Two Cultures

*Shorty is a short post

Prophet Ezekiel is prophesying on doomsday destiny of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and on doomsday destiny of Egypt’s ego-centered culture, of which Pharaoh is top representative. 895 more words

My Research On The Bible And Biblical Hebrew

Preventing Doomsday

W.J. Astore

It’s hard to think of a higher priority than the prevention of doomsday. Global catastrophe could strike in quick-time via nuclear war, or in slow-motion via global warming. 1,009 more words

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Project MIMI - Doomsday Edition

Mimi was laid on a metal bed; the kind used in hospitals. She couldn’t open her eyes as they were programmed to stay shut. In fact, her whole body was programmed to stay immobile. 1,839 more words