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Action 825 - Superman vs Gog vs Doomsday

Finn, Reis and Campos are joined by Joe Prado and Oclair Albert on the double-sized, doubly disappointing, conclusion to the Preus/Gog/Doomsday story arc in Action 825 (May 2005). 137 more words

Action Comics

Action 822 - the big bad repo man

Austen, Reis and Campos relate an uncomfortable Christmas dinner in Action 822 (Feb. 05).

Lois, who is recovering from being shot, joins the Kents, Superboy and Lana Lang for Christmas dinner in Smallville. 100 more words

Action Comics

Action 820 - Silver Banshee takes a new body

The Silver Banshee returns to cause trouble for Superman in Action 820 (Dec.04), by Chuck Austen and Carlos D’Anda.

The Silver Banshee had last appeared in the Ending Battle storyline, and appears to have had her body destroyed in the explosion that took her down.  114 more words

Action Comics

Kuşadası, Turkey, April 2015

Last week the wife and I took a holiday in Turkey with a couple of our friends. None of us had ever been to the country before so really had no idea what to expect. 267 more words


Finished my days' work

Now I get to sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of my day. Maybe some painting needs to get done. Post-Apocalyptica in about 30 or so minutes.


Oh, by the way

we are were doomed.  By all predictions, we should have all been close to dead 15 years ago.  Because apocalypse sells.  Or raises vast amounts of money from folks who are easily scared and don’t know any better. 44 more words

Climate Mafia

End of the world

Once in a while earth are getting news about the end of the world. Meteorite will hit the ground or end to extinct civilization calendar (Mayan), tsunami or some star is exploding and everyone will be zombies for now on. 660 more words