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The Apocalypse: the end of electricity

The four horsemen of the apocalypse: Conquest, War, Famine and Death. Each more horrifying than the other. But now in the 21st century these horsemen have merged into one major fear. 621 more words


Doomsday - Helping out With a Megagame

I’m not sure how popular megagames are around the world but I know there have been a few in the UK and I’m sure that there have been some in America. 542 more words

LHC milestone re-ignites doomsday talk

The Large Hadron Collider set another record for particle-smashing energy levels this week – which set off another round of hyped-up rumblings about the end of the world. 283 more words


Of Thanksgiving, Death Stars and other Planet Killers

As we celebrate the day Americans everywhere feast to their hearts content (my auto-correct somehow managed to insert the word “ringworm” into this post before I removed it razor sharp carving tools), we are reminded that we are just weeks away from the most amazing moment of the year, full of lights, festivities and magical times. 615 more words