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AIpocalypse Maybe.

My irritation with the AI issue and total lack of concern about it was primarily based on my stance as a dualist in the philosophy of the mind. 621 more words


Grant Morrison’s run on ACTION COMICS reaches its conclusion with this new hardcover collecting issues #13-18 of the series. The Multitude returns, and Superman must face them on Mars! 769 more words

Comic Review

February 20, 1524: Don't They Know It's the End of the World?

Those Peruvians must have thought the world was coming to an end when the volcano blew its top in 1600 (February 19). In Europe, they were certain the end was near quite a few years earlier. 299 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Reading Log: Invasive

Title: Invasive
Author: Chuck Wendig
Date Finished: 2/17/2018

Another Chuck Wendig book! After reading Unclean Spirits (my review), I decided to pick up another one of Chuck Wendig’s books. 296 more words


the zombie apocalypse genre: a case of mass psychological conditioning?

So-called zombie apocalypse movies, gory as these are, have become persistent and nearly ubiquitous over the past 20 years.  A not insignificant percentage of each year’s movie production in Hollywood is devoted to putting out these type of movies.  927 more words


Comic Report: Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey

I just finished reviewing another trade collection on my other site but only the individual issues. Here I’ll be looking at the final collection, so we’ll take a week off from Transformers. 1,085 more words


A Call to Action

Last Month’s Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved the hands of the metaphorical doomsday clock to two minutes to midnight.  In their statement they discuss the reasons for their decision.  151 more words

Environmental Crisis