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Signs of Dooms day

He (the inquirer ) again said:  Messenger of Allah, when would there be the hour (of Doom)?
He (the Holy Prophet ﷺ) replied: The one who is asked about it is no better informed than the inquirer.

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Remember this

the next time the “anti-GMO” crowd starts shrieking.  Better yet, remind them.  There are over a billion thankful people because of him.


Unnecessary Insanity

It’s hard to comprehend the end of the world. When will it occur? Will it occur? How will it occur? I was 11 when I began asking myself these questions. 178 more words


Apocalypse Cake

The night before last, it was the Apocalypse: Disease-Edition.  My mother, brother and I had contracted the virus that was wiping out the entire human race.   221 more words


One Year in Korea

This is what it’s like. It’s the Ireland of Asia here. People know how to do business on the bottle. Married Korean men are called… 1,050 more words