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Tomorrow Starts Today 

A major shift in civilizations is about to happen.

Although from a scientific point of view that most doomsday scenario are mostly unlikely for the near future, there are worldwide signs all over the planet indicating that earth and mankind are now experiencing major changes: a major shift in civilizations is about to happen that started one hundred years ago. 218 more words

Société / Society

52 Mondays Chap 1 Monday Is Not Doomsday | 52 Mondays

52 Mondays – Doomsday implies the end, disaster. Yet research shows that many of us do our best work on a Monday. And most of us seem to do our most productive work Monday mornings.

Action Comics #959

Of all the series to come out of the DC Rebirth so far, I would have to say I have been the most pleased with the run on Action Comics. 361 more words

How Chuck Hogan Turned Me Into a Doomsday Prepper

This is Chuck Hogan. Nice looking guy, right? He’s smart, funny, writes good books, and makes good tv. He, along with Guillermo Del Toro, wrote… 301 more words


Dangerous Cult: House Of Yahweh

Stand against Child abuse, Research the church you choose, before you get involved in it.

If you are thinking of joining the House of Yahweh, please watch these videos first. 11 more words



What can superman and lex do against the doomsday threat?

Thwip! Reviews - Action Comics #959

This issue of Action Comics is written by Dan Jurgens, art by Tyler Kirkham, and cover by Clay Mann, Sonia Black and Dan Jurgens

The big thing about this new revamped and relaunched Action Comics is that there is this big central mystery to the story, which is Jurgens visiting his biggest hit, Death of Superman.  163 more words