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Hulk Vs. Doomsday

Who do you think will win in a fight between The Incredible Hulk or the Superman villain Doomsday????

Death of Superman Doomsday.

Earth 616 Savage Hulk.

Versus Battles

He's a ConTinder #13

Mason, 26

Some may call me a ‘Doomsday Prepper,’ but I prefer the title of Survivalist. I think it is practical to be self-sufficient with the inevitable collapse of civilization as we know it looming around the corner. 154 more words



In a few respects, it must feel like Doomsday all over Greece today.

It is almost certain that the southern European country, with accumulated debts amounting to 177% of its GDP, will go into default today. 888 more words


NASA Plans to 'Prevent' The Apocalypse by Launching Nuclear Bombs Into Space to Blast Earth Threatening Asteroids

If a massive asteroid is hurtling toward Earth and threatening to sterilize the entire planet, blasting it to pieces with nuclear bombs might seem fit for a Hollywood movie. 2,229 more words

End Time Prophecy