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Five Inconsequential Questions from Justice League

Justice League has been out for a while now and its box office take hasn’t exactly been super. It managed to make $96 million over the weekend. 1,505 more words

Fiefo's Editorial

A Doomsday Prepper's Diary

March  3rd, 8:42PM Cookie Aisle at Food Lion


She walks in,

Eyes of molasses,

Skin twice as sweet.

I’m diabetic;

Too many sweeties in my past. 107 more words


Chinese Millennials

Will Chinese Millennials diverge from their elders’ and ancestors’ infatuation with consuming the world’s endangered species?

“Worth thousands of dollars on the Chinese black market.” 347 more words


Apocalypse Soon? What is Nibiru...?

By Steven Seinberg…

I learned over my morning coffee yesterday that the world will apparently be ending this coming weekend.

Then again, according to your definitions of “world” and “end,” this may or may not have already happened. 1,090 more words


Sebutkan 5 Nama Lain Dari Hari Kiamat? Inilah Jawabannya

Apakah kamu tahu nama-nama lain dari hari kiamat itu? Kalau kamu belum tahu, berarti kamu berada ditempat yang tepat karena tulisan ini mengenai hal tersebut. Untuk kamu yang sudah mengetahuinya, anggap saja tulisan ini untuk menguatkan hafalan kamu seputar nama lain dari hari kiamat tersebut. 201 more words


I remember when pollution was something abstract

I remember when pollution was something abstract and intangible. Something spoken about, but not visible, a phantom evil. I was a child trying to accept data-based but hidden truths. 453 more words