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Hillary's Private Spy Service

Mark Hemingway has a piece over at The Weekly Standard about a group of folks who have functioned as a private intelligence network of sorts for Hillary Clinton. 88 more words


"That Would Be Harsher Punishment for Parole Violators, Stan"

Feb.25th is the birth anniversary of Millicent Fenwick, the real-life inspiration of the character Lacey Davenport in the comic strip Doonesbury.  Her career spanned the gamut from fashion model to U.S. 174 more words

How's your book coming?

I got a text message this week from my mom, who’d met someone for lunch who asked about me:

She wants to know how your book is coming. 782 more words


From the Collegian Archives: John Anderson

I first heard of John Anderson while reading old Doonesbury cartoons. Trudeau, a vocal liberal, shilled for the moderate Republican-turned-independent John Anderson during his bid for the presidency in 1980. 341 more words


Ian Shoales: Doonesbury

I discovered Ian Shoales at a moment potentially dangerous for my own comic voice: I was writing a lot for an unread leftist student newspaper with delusions of grandeur (the newspaper, and myself) and I had a lot of space to fill. 732 more words


Sick Of The Snow And Thinking Of Doonesbury

Despite reputation, it doesn’t get that cold in Denver and snow doesn’t usually stick around in the city for long. However, we’re in a cold snap right now and that has coincided with some snow. 94 more words