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A Song of (V)ice and (Wi-Fi)re - Part 1

In a former life as a teenaged computer enthusiast with a very minor track record of excellence – terms like “coder” would be too generous – I briefly donned the mantle of wardriver, one of that patchwork, somewhat unmoored community of misfits (mostly men) who roll around town mapping the location of wi-fi networks using an antenna and GPS unit. 955 more words


Cartoon of the day

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How somw people think and – no, I don’t know why.




No, I tell you: a thousand times no!
I sink low, sure — but never that low.
Though it fall in my lap,
I shall not read the crap… 11 more words

Freedom of thought and the public domain

We have seen recent crises and events that stirred the public anger and indignation. From the Charlie Hebdo attacks to Katie Hopkins ill-tempered rant, the public have been forced to confront the limits to and consequences of the freedom of speech. 622 more words

Public Interest

Hillary's Private Spy Service

Mark Hemingway has a piece over at The Weekly Standard about a group of folks who have functioned as a private intelligence network of sorts for Hillary Clinton. 88 more words