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A Cat Tale

Before my wife and kids, there was just me, and a weird ass cat I called Zonker, named after the star of stage, screen, and Walden’s Commune, Edgar Zonker Harris, immortalised in Gary Trudeau’s ‘Doonesbury’ comic strip.  819 more words

Doonesbury Stole My Opium...

Doonesbury Stole My Opium…Idea

I thought I had a good angle on this story making the rounds in the news media, but that thieving Garry Trudeau clearly wire tapps my brain with a microwave, and the results can be seen… 119 more words


A Book That I Will Never Write, That You Will Never Read.

A history of how America experienced the Cold War and the transition to the post-9/11 era as read through four fairly mainstream/widely-read comic strips. Chapter One: Pogo. 223 more words

Bloom County

Censored Doonesbury Comics of 1976: Revealed (Again)

Get ready for hot, sexy comic strip action: 1976-style!

Just kidding. What you’re about to see is, by today’s standards, quite tame.

But in November, 1976, … 965 more words

Walt Jaschek

A Moment Of Doonsebury History

A moment of Doonsebury history (February 05, 1972) for today:


Too bad they won’t let me link direct any way that I can figure out. 10 more words

Contract Faculty t-shirts have arrived!

(This article is from the WLUFA Advocate October 2016 5.1.)

Not only is your Negotiating Team hard at work, now Doonesbury has your back! Wear your t-shirt as a show of support and a refusal to let history repeat itself. 36 more words

WLUFA Advocate

"One plucky leper"

I have been a fan of Gary Trudeau’s work for a long time.  He does a lot of current political things.  I’m pretty sure, for instance, that there will be a caricature of Donald Trump in today’s cartoon.   774 more words