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If your heart is a closed door
all around you, you will behold closed doors;
If your heart is a wide, open field
all around you, you will behold infinity

© Meisaan Chan

Spiritual Poetry

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Cuffs, Best

Turn any ordinary door into an erotic bondage playground with these incredible Deluxe Door Cuffs. Simply drape 2 metal tubes over the top of an open door, close and lock the door, and your partner is securely restrained between the door and the door frame. 143 more words

It's not just me.

Remember my interest in doors?

I’ve learned that making pictures of doors is a thing. Really! So, this week I’ll play along with Thursday Doors… 87 more words


Fairy Doors

I hope these fairy doors open to a warmer plane of existence because it’s frigid outside right now and the poor little fairies would freeze their wings off.

Thursday Doors-December 8, 2016


Garage doors

It does not really look like the doors lead to a proper park space, it’s probably just enough to let passengers off a boat into the house. 22 more words


Path of Love (A Shadorma)

​​The path that

stretches between us

is made of

fallen stars;

Most doors broken open and

Some still silent scars

Note: Originally posted on September 03, 2016