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Finding PARK16

The genetics of any disease is very complicated. We are, however, gradually identifying the genetic mutations/variations that are associated with Parkinson’s disease and coming to understand that role of those genes in the condition. 780 more words

Candy Crush Domination

What happens when an organic form of existence, after evolving for millions of years, meets the last word in planned and designed addictiveness?  Darwin goes searching for the gas pedal in this evolutionary phenomenon of his.

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Is love evolutionary advantageous?

Is love from an evolutionary stand point evolutionary advantageous? Some people might argue that it’s not. Love is an end to a mean. It’ just there for intromission and after that it’s over. 239 more words


Fishy tales

I seem to have what LSO calls “the hunting gene” and I am looking forward to going fishing again but it is unusually cold here for the season and my Parkinson’s prefers it warmer. 488 more words

Parkinson's Disease

Hugging* should be allowed in schools because it is a non-romantic show of affection that we use to provide comfort to others. While it can be used in a romantic way, there is nothing wrong with embracing someone in a public setting. 402 more words


Coffee has so many chemicals

…. other than just caffeine.

Indians like to drink coffee (and tea) with milk and sugar or sucralose/aspartame/saccahrin/…. This adds to the chemical compounds consumed. 276 more words

Ancient Indians

The Compass of Pleasure – Book Review

by David J Linden

The Compass of Pleasure

This is book about how various activities activate the dopamine pleasure circuit in the brain.  Linden starts the book off talking about some extremely controversial but intriguing experiments – like the one involving artificial manipulation of the pleasure circuits via implanted electrodes to attempt to change a man’s sexuality.   573 more words

Book Review