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It’s a common cliche that there’s a first time for everything. All things we see around us didn’t just begin at once, and even if the did, there was a first time they did. 390 more words


Are We All Crazy?/Sanity Is Relative

I think “crazy” is not so easily definable as we think sometimes and has levels and facets, different causes and effects. I think we can all dip into “crazy” from time to time in moments or seasons when our view of the world is warped through the lens of something that throws us for a loop. 675 more words


Soccer Is Not a Zero Sum Game

The youth sports culture (especially soccer) is in need of change.  The needed change is not one of rules or procedures but culture.  The norms and beliefs surrounding youth sports are largely influenced by the adults that administer the delivery of the sport.   1,854 more words

Mile High Club

The exclusive club that pilots, flight attendants and daring airline passengers have been whispering about since early flight.

Flying high makes for better orgasms

The dip in atmospheric pressure is said to increase orgasmic intensity. 87 more words


Mirror's Edge Catalyst Build

I would consider this my first major build that I undertook.

I am a huge fan of the Mirror’s Edge game which I designed and built this computer after in preparation of the new game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. 23 more words


Dopamine dan Pengaruhi Orang Lain!

Tidak tahu bagaimana caranya harus menarik perhatian orang lain. Saya dulunya sangat merasa terganggu bila bicara di depan kelas dan satu persatu secara bergantian para peserta keluar ke toilet entah pokoknya keluar ruangan. 235 more words