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Dopamine role still not settled

There have been literally thousands of pages published about the dopamine function(s). Dopamine, which made its stage debut as the “pleasure molecule”, is a chemical produced by some neurons in your brain that is vital to its functioning. 400 more words


Me and Meniere's: Chocolate, chocolate everywhere but not a drop to eat

My subconscious heard it first. My blood pressure shot up, hormones squirting from the adrenal glands, neurones firing, electrical signals zipping everywhere, pupils dilating, digestion halting – essential systems only – my blood supply being directed to fighting and fleeing limbs, all senses, “action stations”! 1,795 more words

Menieres Disease

6 in 60: Number 8 - One for Mr Cadbury

Hello! welcome to this weeks 6 in 60! This week is all about my number 1 weakness, my own kryptonite – Chocolate!

  1. Your brain produces dopamine (otherwise known as the happy chemical) when you eat or think about chocolate!
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Mind Games: The Altering Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

The next time you say, “One more drink won’t hurt”, think again!

Researchers have now found the possible mechanism behind alcoholism and it might very well lie in that “one more” possibly harmless drink that you have. 418 more words


Insight on how a new class of antidepressants works

Those who are close to me know that I have been blabbing on and on about the role Glutamate plays in mental health disorders. Everyday new research points to how messing with Glutamate receptors can treat everything from… 447 more words


Addictions, Understanding our body chemistry

Addictions, Understanding our body chemistry 

Understanding how our body chemistry works can help us to prepare and to succeed in cutting down and withdrawing from addictive foods and other substances. 438 more words

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