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The Puzzles in Poetry

How do you like your poetry?

Do you want the meaning to be apparent after the first reading, or do you prefer to be teased and let the poem unfold, piece by piece, to be savoured over time? 241 more words


The phenomenon of boredom

In a world where there is so much to do and see, why do so many people find themselves bored? We can go to cinema, play video-games, cook new meals, spend time with friends, read a book, text, watch TV… the list is endless! 821 more words


The Balancing Act

I’m not new to experiencing the effects of hormones on the body. After all, I went through 8+ years of infertility treatments. There can be very high highs and very low lows. 258 more words

Starting Anew

An irrecoverable Condition

November almost 10 years back, that was the first time i stepped foot into the City of Lights. Back then i had only seen a few pictures and movies and just knew about the most famous places but, time, that amazing privilege we don’t always have taught me that Paris has a lot more to offer. 1,807 more words



I like you…
I mean I like you
because you like me

I don’t really know you
but you are my bestie
But I won’t like you… 322 more words


A Dopamine Starved Chimp (From a few years back)

An article I wrote a few years back. I’m surprised I’m still alive and sane in 2017. My binge eating hasn’t killed me and I haven’t had a breakdown. 881 more words


Dosing Dopamine to Regulate Rest

Sleep is great.  We all do it (sort of), and the fortunate among us can look forward to getting some sweet slumber every night.  1,069 more words