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Chapter 25: Out of the Vein, Part 3

It sounded like snickers coming from outside, but there was no way of confirming, at least not at this time. Alone I sat in the bathroom, once again forced to purvey over violent expulsions, a chronic theme that held the potential for serious medical attention, tremendous and erratic with each blow; a reaction over the abundance of booze and beef that had entered my body the night before—it had to be. 2,083 more words

Explaining your Netflix addiction!

OK… I admit it… I am a Netflix addict.

And I am not alone. You’ve probably faced the same situation as me when, after watching one too many episodes of your current addiction, Netflix politely asks you if you are still watching. 445 more words

Oh January,

…with your wan light and heavy skies.  I’m thinking of making some potato salad and grilled hot dogs today just to mock you.  I’m done with the broken eave outside my bedroom window spilling its contents onto the cold concrete below like a westernized version of Chinese water torture. 692 more words

Addictions and God-Image

When a person’s centre of interest is jarred and he or she is no longer pointed in the direction they have known, a person is vulnerable to addictions.   233 more words


The Two Ways Sugar Hijacks Your Brain

Ask anyone who’s ever resolved to break up with sweets and then crumbled at the sight of a cookie: it’s tough to quit eating sugar. Now, a new animal… 511 more words

The vulnerability of dopamine cells in the brain

The classical clinical motor features of Parkinson’s disease (slowness of movement, rigidity and a resting tremor in one of the limbs) are associated with the loss 60% of the dopamine neurons in the midbrain. 546 more words

The Social Cookie: A Day in the Life of a Compulsive Facebook Checker

As of this writing I’ve been married almost five months and have owned a home and mortgage a bit longer. Almost every morning I follow the same routine. 1,085 more words