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You own the inside of your head

I really enjoy reading about brain science. It affects all of us, and I think it gives us powerful insights into living our lives better. Understanding the role of things like dopamine and serotonin helps me understand what levers I need to pull to get the most out of my life. 314 more words


Words...why they turn me on?

This is what Sunny South Florida will do to you if you go walking, etc.

Vertiginous: Steep, high, causing someone to become dizzy.

Parapet: A low protective wall. 30 more words


the underrated artist: børns

There is one album that I have been listening to on repeat, and that album is Dopamine. After a long day of traveling, my boyfriend surprised me with the album on vinyl laying on my kitchen counter, and I couldn’t be more excited. 308 more words


Morality and Parkinson's

I recently had cause to take a good hard look at my own behaviour, and the way in which I was reacting to other people. 621 more words


BØRNS This Way: BØRNS' "Dopamine"

That guy – the one whose hairs cascades down his back like a nymph, straddling a line between art school sexy and Bushwick eye-roll worthy; the one who waxes poetically about peace, love, understanding, the latest Gibraltar coffee ad; the one that casually quotes Descartes and whose very nonchalance about the name dropping makes him all the more intriguing – has an album out, and it is both very good and also kind of silly. 661 more words

How do opiates affect our brains to cause dependency?

Question: I am interested in the drugs that cause addiction, because my recent research on analgesic shows that opioid family of analgesic is capable of causing dependency. 453 more words

Student Article

Gambling addictions: Not just about hitting the jackpot

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Within the last four years, 11 casinos and racinos have opened in Ohio.

These gaming facilities are being used to help balance Ohio’s government budget. 535 more words