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Addiction 탐닉

Addiction 탐닉

I am addicted to the sound
You make in my mind
My ball of fire, my branded rite
My April fire-cracker

The cranberry tears of holding… 201 more words


Some Kinda Science-y Something

It’s something about the way the drumming
comes in, the cymbals being beaten into oblivion.
In person or on a record, when I hear “Corduroy,” 177 more words


Showers of Spring

Showers of Spring

Spring, do you like to bring us pleasure?
As I delight in bringing
A woman to the brim of the sun
When I am in bed… 120 more words


Dopamine. Norepinephrine. Serotonin.

When I was fourteen I had a best friend who had four boyfriends in one year. And I was jealous. She would turn to me when we were alone with sparkles in her eyes and tell me she loved them. 455 more words

Is Addiction More than a Physical Disorder?

Experts often wonder why drug addiction overrides all logic.

Addicts easily disregard their health, social standing and future to go out and seek another fix. Surely, the addictive quality of a substance in the biological sense is not enough to keep someone secure in addiction’s grip. 367 more words


This is one of those blog posts that probably won’t interest anyone else out there, especially not very many in the 11.2-13.1 duplication region.  I’m trying to figure out if there’s any link between the cause of my disorder (dopa-responsive dystonia) which is usually caused by a genetic mutation of the GCH1 gene, and the duplication that Anneliese has.  876 more words


Why Are You Nearsighted? Here's An Explanation You May Not Have Heard.

The southern city of Guangzhou has long held the largest eye hospital in China. But about five years ago, it became clear that the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center needed to expand.

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