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Bliss Comes from Within

The problem with happiness stems from the fact that we try to find it in everything else but never from within ourselves. We expect a promotion at work, a sudden windfall of cash, or a new relationship to give us happiness. 431 more words

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5 Telltale Signs You’re Dangerously Sleep Deprived

Are you hitting snooze multiple times a morning, grabbing a coffee midday to keep from slumping onto your desk, or finding yourself on autopilot? If so, you may be suffering from sleep deprivation. 793 more words


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Chemistry is awesome

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What is it that makes you human? What makes you share a common thread , yet different at the same time?

We are all organic. We have a timeline of existence. 266 more words

MBTI: E vs. I Brains - OVERVIEW


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SITE: ‘The Brain that changes itself” – Norman Daidge, M.D.

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Introverts & Extroverts  90 more words


More than just a high 5... 13/5/18

As a child we constantly look for positive re-enforcement, from parents, school mates, teachers, coaches and other family members.  We get good grades and are looking for that “well done”.  341 more words

MBTI - Introvert vs Extrovert BRAINS (Part 2)

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SITE: Surprising Brain facts

Es = Extroverts   //   Is = Introverts

FACTORS re. biological differences between Introverted & Extroverted brains (cont.) 712 more words