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Is what some experience ADD, ADHD or Alzheimer’s or Dementia? (Posted late on 05/24 from 05/23)

According to Thomas E. Brown, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine and Associate Director of the Yale Clinic for Attention and Related Disorders, some of the patients that come to see him are afraid of the symptoms they are experiencing. 163 more words

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What we know for sure (Posted late on 05/24 from 05/22)

According to http://www.additudemag.com/q&a/ask_the_add_medical_expert/7265.html most likely also posted in 2011, it is stated that ADD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) cannot cause Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia, but that is still not the question that I want answered now is it? 209 more words

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Yes, Oxytocin Makes You More Trusting and Generous. So Does Booze.

“The Moral Molecule.” “The Cuddle Hormone.” If you’ve been paying attention the past few years, you’ve heard about many of the near-magical effects of the hormone oxytocin on the brain.

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“Hmmm…Oh my! I’ve had bigger but I can work with this”. “Yes, that’s the spot!” Before debunking what I have presented to you, let this be my one and only caveat to readers whose age is unfortunately below the threshold of ‘I get it now’ guidance. 543 more words


Take the Doctor's Advice: Part 5 of 5; Dr. Manuel Montes on the Neurobiology of Addiction


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Published on Jun 3, 2014

Dr. Montes shares his insight on the Neurobiology of Addiction.

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Why Are You In A Bad Mood?

Yesterday I left off explaining what a mood is now I will explain where they can can from. When you find you are in “mood”  you may be able to rattle off a list of problems as to why, but it is actually the thoughts/beliefs about those problems that lead your mood down the dark tunnel. 527 more words

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“•Dopamine is a chemical that makes people seek… food, sex, information. Learning is dopaminergic—we can’t help but want more information.”

“The Psychologist’s View of UX Design” 8 more words