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By the Mouth of Divinity

It’s as if infinity sleeps in your eyes
But when you look at me, I am made complete
the poetry of everything that is alive… 147 more words


Album Review: Dopamine by Børns

Since I’ll be making my way to Charleston on Tuesday to see Børns perform at the Pour House, I thought I might share my thoughts on his latest album,  1,242 more words

Album Review

It's Black Friday! Some splurge-less tips to decrease spending sprees

Walking through the mall yesterday, I was completely clueless to the fact that it was the “biggest shopping weekend of the year” (I was quickly made aware of it once I entered the mall though!).  351 more words


Is food like crack?

Obesity Is Not Like Being “Addicted to Food”

Is it possible to be “addicted” to food, much like an addiction to substances (e.g., alcohol, cocaine, opiates) or behaviors (gambling, shopping, Facebook)? 95 more words

Behavioral Economics

The Benefits of Unplugging from Social Media... occasionally.

When you wake up in the morning, how long does it take before you check your phone? Before you go to bed, how long do you lie there before you check your phone just one more time? 564 more words

Social Media

But for the grace of...an empty bank account

So.  Charlie Sheen.  Holy cow.

And my first instinct is to say, “That asshole,”  and “He deserves it.”  Because, really, he’s an asshole.  And the reason he divulged everything to NBC is that it was getting too expensive to keep paying to keep people quiet.   479 more words


Debunking ADHD myths: an author Q&A

By Katherine Ellison and Stephen P. Hinshaw

With the rise in the number ADHD diagnoses, fierce controversies have emerged over the mental disorder—how we should classify it, how best to treat it, and even whether it exists at all. 1,241 more words

Educational Psychology