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Guess What's Bock? Bock Again? Two Roads' Bock! Tell a Friend . . .

“Without Brew” to the tune of “Without Me” by Eminem

Guess what’s bock? Bock again?

Two Roads’ Bock, tell a friend.

Guess what’s bock

guess what’s bock… 389 more words

Stratford Connecticut

Beer Regions: Germany, Pt. II

Hello everyone!

It’s time yet again to talk about beer regions, so we’re going to pop right back in with Germany.

WAR, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? 1,181 more words



For my first ever beer review, I have chosen Celebrator, by Ayinger Brewery.  This is a perfect beer to celebrate the winter season and the new year. 452 more words

Smuttynose S'muttonator

Hoppy Boston Dopplebock Week continues with a review of S’muttonator, the bold and malty lager from Smuttynose Brewing Company in Portsmouth, NH. I think Smuttynose has set a blueprint for how a brewery can grow and expand distribution while still staying cutting edge and innovative. 243 more words

Beer Review

Sam Adams Double Bock

Craft brewers seem to be very competitive, which has led to the rise of a number of judged beer competitions in the US and internationally. Typically brewers submit their strongest beers and a set of judges do a blind tasting and award medals for the best beers in a particular style. 301 more words

Beer Review

Troegs Troegenator

I have spent the last few months focused on drinking and reviewing malty beers, especially malty lagers. My frequent readers might notice that there is one style I haven’t touched upon, the dopplebock. 282 more words

Beer Review

SIPS: Autumnal Fire

Appearance: When poured AF has a honey amber color that immediately references fall. There’s a nice creamy inch white head that doesn’t linger for to long. 140 more words