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Doppelgänger and Lou

We snacked on the picnic basket I packed as we sailed out of the city and left everything behind to start our weekend. Stuffed olives, cheese, bread and spreads balanced between the seats as the conversation jumped from topic to topic. 406 more words



She slammed the door shut and applied the many locks on the door. Catching her breath, she leaned against the door and listened for the approach of whoever was chasing her. 1,592 more words


maid of orleans

Time has moved swiftly, and I am not even sure I should be writing here, I should be studying, always studying, or working. A few nights ago I had a very strange experience, as all experiences are strange when you make a new friend. 382 more words

Joie De Virve

The Celebrities I Am Told I Resemble

I am often told that I resemble two different celebrities: Brooke Burke, who is mentioned the most frequently, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. I consider such references compliments because they are both incredibly beautiful women. 40 more words


Hey... Don't I Know You...? Body Doubles

This week’s inspirational tidbit came about while I was watching a documentary on body doubles, followed by one discussing the symbology of Nazism. As I’ve noted before, sometimes weird things go into the mental blender and produce delicious – if psychotic – smoothies that disrupt my work on other projects because they just won’t go away. 478 more words

Working Conditions

No Good Deed...

While visiting my grandfather with my sister this past Sunday, I inadvertently destroyed his sink plug. I wanted to do something helpful, and he had a pile of dirty dishes that needed to be done (no dishwasher)…so I figured I’d get scrubbing. 219 more words