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Counterpart Review

Possible spoilers ahead!

“Counterpart”is the new Starz series that’s one part old-school spy drama, and one part mind bending science fiction. This is a show that features parallel worlds, a diverging timeline, and doppelgangers. 456 more words


on opera, marriage, and keeping it simple

For the past few days I have been listening to German operas at lunch. I have enjoyed operas since I was in junior high and stumbled on theĀ  538 more words

Walking By Faith And Not By Sight

Quick Reads: Manuel Bartual's Vacation

From Spanish cartoonist and filmmaker Manuel Bartual comes a fun little story about a man’s vacation being interrupted by doppelgangers, strange warnings and more, told via Tweets and videos. English translation here.


Awareness, or Going from Soon to Nope

This morning I went out on my deck and made an obvious discovery. The suburbs are supposed to be quiet but they are not. It’s noisy out there. 663 more words


Marky Mark Wanted in my Funky Bunch

I swiped right on a guy who looked like a mix between Mark Walhburg and Donnie Wahlburg on Tinder. He could have actually been their little brother. 548 more words

Naked Tea Sipping