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Hey... Don't I Know You...? Body Doubles

This week’s inspirational tidbit came about while I was watching a documentary on body doubles, followed by one discussing the symbology of Nazism. As I’ve noted before, sometimes weird things go into the mental blender and produce delicious – if psychotic – smoothies that disrupt my work on other projects because they just won’t go away. 478 more words

Working Conditions

No Good Deed...

While visiting my grandfather with my sister this past Sunday, I inadvertently destroyed his sink plug. I wanted to do something helpful, and he had a pile of dirty dishes that needed to be done (no dishwasher)…so I figured I’d get scrubbing. 219 more words


Taylor Swift and the Web think this girl could be her twin. I don't see it.

You know how in “Zoolander,” everybody was gushing over how revolutionary and male-model groundbreaking the Blue Steel, Le Tigre and Ferrari looks were, while arch villain Mugatu was insisted that he must be taking crazy pills because they look like the same face? 242 more words


The Double by Jose Saramago

Tertuliano Maximo Afonso started the engine, waited until she had gone into the building, and then, with a weary gesture, set the car in motion and drove home, where, patient and confident of its power, loneliness was waiting for him.

450 more words

How unique is your personal information?

Mr. Creasman, one of my high school English teachers, once asked us to write an essay about our impressions of personal impact. My essay contained a duality. 542 more words

One Man Alone


I just recently discovered a crazy resemblance between my childhood music teacher and my college classmate.

Its uncanny. Makes you wonder if Time Travel and Parallel Universes do actually exist.