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Children's TV Review, Part I

My daughter is three-and-a-half years old now and well on her way to her proper place as a proud American. What I mean is, she watches a shit-ton of TV. 2,292 more words

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Five Children's TV Characters That Need to Evaporate ASAP

It was going to be “eviscerated ASAP” but the husband thought it was a bit much. Then again he’s not in the house at 9:35am most mornings. 403 more words


Film Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I’ve heard some mumblings from Star Wars fans about this film being lackluster and some very passionate words from my other half about character development failings, but honestly I still found the movie entertaining. 265 more words

Dora the Explorer produced by Michael Bay?!

This past week, I found out a Dora the Explorer movie was in the works, produced by none other than Michael Bay. I really hoped this was a joke. 315 more words


Chapter 1: Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona was the first destination of the trip. Three nights were spent there, with the Sagrada Familia being the clear standout, followed by the Plaça de Cataunya and the massive demonstration of locals protesting for Catalonia’s independence. 697 more words


Dora Explores Universal Studios Florida in the Superstar Parade

One of the most influential preschool shows of the past generation, “Dora the Explorer” has entertained and educated children since it debuted in 2000. Centered around a young Latina girl and her adventures with her monkey pal Boots and her trusty backpack, the series was known for its heavy use of audience interaction. 168 more words

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How Do You Say "Explosion" in Spanish? Michael Bay to Produce Dora the Explorer Movie

Image courtesy of/copyright Dark Horizons

In perhaps the best or worst choice that Hollywood has ever made (depending on your idea of a good idea), Michael Bay announces a live-action… 408 more words