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It's a 50/50 kinda situation when it comes to shoes vs books for my Little Lady.

Little lady and I went shopping this afternoon and on the way to the car I realized that books are just as important to her as shoes!! 169 more words

My Little Lady And Fierce Knight

I had a bit of a frankenstien moment

One of my regular charity shops has started putting several dolls together in a bag to sell. Theyve done it a few times now. It seems like this is kinda common in american thrift shops, Ive seen it a lot in peoples thrift shopping and haul videos, but it isnt so usual in the UK. 530 more words

Dora The Explorer vs Smaug

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Suggested by Destroyer Smaug is a pretty powerful dragon and one good fire blast can definitely end the round in an instant. Dora The Explorer can’t navigate her away around this fighter because he is just too big and too strong. 26 more words


7 Children's TV Characters Who Will Probably Grow Up to Be Degenerates

Hopefully, all of your children can name at least 1 character from a book, movie, or television show whom they absolutely adore. These are your Nemos, your Boo Boos, your Harry Potters. 1,271 more words

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Dora topper set

This is a 3D Dora cake topper made with fondant/gumpaste and some fondant flowers and butterflies so go with it


A Detailed, In-depth Analysis of the New Black Panther Trailer

“They looked for it in South America
…but it was in Africa the whole time.”

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