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Happy Brokenhearted Father's Day

I should’ve known better when I spent my entire day on finding the healthiest best cookie recipe I could ever find and put into practice for this Father’s Day. 479 more words


Some kind of an inner child talk

The shell which I’ve built so thoroughly and elaborately in my whole life has been peeling off. All my guards has lowered. All my answers until now to protect myself has shattered. 310 more words


Mystery is power

I’ll probably sound cheesy af in this entire post but, it is what it is I guess. I feel like I came out of a war and now it is time to heal my wounds. 344 more words

Dora The Explorer

Saat akşam 7.30 suları

Çok yorgunum. Sinirli veya huzurlu değilim. Bir fırtınadan yeni çıkmışım da, herhangi bir geminin güvertesinde sonunda sakinleşen havayı izliyor gibiyim. Bir ayda kulaklarım o kadar çok şey duydu, gözlerim o kadar çok şey gördü ve ruhum o kadar çok duygu tattı ki; birkaç ay büyümüş gibi hissediyorum emeklemeye çalışan bu bebek hissiyatları arasında. 200 more words

Dora The Explorer

A utopic day of Doroborus

In the last two days, a lot has happened and it happened very rapidly. I felt far away from myself, corroborated the notion that “everyone comes into our lives for a reason, for a lesson” and have realized some of my patterns even more vividly. 412 more words


It's da season finally!

Yass, it’s da watermelon season!!

09.06.2020 The first breakfast that I have after carrying my favourite chair from my childhood into the balcony.

Before I start to talk about this delishh breakfast, I’d like to go into record about how I am grateful to have this balcony and trees and greens once again. 283 more words

Dora The Explorer

Do you think that I could get into the Guinness Records?

Because I could bear working only for one day. Before judging me as a spoiled kid, first hear me out;

I woke up at 7 am because as you may know, I have two cats and, whether I’m working or not, they want/need attention. 579 more words