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Doraemon: Movies and new episodes

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Doraemon: Movies and new episodes

The LA Screenings are giving interesting things, as Rose Entertainment announced that for the first time presented eight films anime Doraemon .

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Nobuyo Ohyama, Pengisi Suara Doraemon Terserang Demensia

Kabar kurang enak datang dari Nobuyo Ohyama. Wanita 81 tahun yang sangat senior menjadi pengisi suara Doraemon itu sekarang mengalami demensia. Ini adalah penyakit saraf yang mmebuat seseorang mengalami kepikunan atau mudah lupa. 188 more words

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What would Doraemon look like with more decapitations? Something like this video

Many overseas anime fans don’t get their first introduction to the medium until they’re in their teens, and most are initially startled by how much more comfortable Japanese animation is than its western counterpart when it comes to depicting… 444 more words


Doraemon - chú mèo máy của tuổi thơ

Từ challenges của anh Sò

Ngày thứ 11 – Nhân vật muốn được gặp nhất ở ngoài đời

Doraemon – chú mèo máy của tuổi thơ 170 more words


[fanart][comic][sehun] Hun & Doraemon

Literally based on KMIX event where Hun kept glaring so hard at a girl’s big boobs =)) How ashamed of you OSH could you please secretly express your interest hahaaa we both know you are men but men act gently like a gentlement. 29 more words



A set I submitted to Lego Ideas in celebration of Doraemon’s creator Fujio F. Fujiko’s 80th Anniversary. Please drop by the webpage to vote. Thanks!


From Doraemon To Reality

One of the coolest thing about reading Dorameon (ドラえもん) as a kid was all the cool gadgets, Dokodemo doorTime FuroshikiTranslation konyaku… 48 more words