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You won't want to share this cold treat: Dorie Greenspan's creamy-smooth, egg-free raspberry ice cream

I know I don’t seem like the kind of woman who would take food from a baby’s mouth, but here’s my son’s version of a recurrent childhood experience. 1,402 more words


(anne): double mint milk chocolate mousse and gelée

yesterday, i made the double mint milk chocolate mousse and gelée from dory greenspan’s  “baking chez moi”… it was fabulous!!!

the dessert is made in individual servings, so i chose to use some vintage punch cups, which were the perfect size… 199 more words

Swedish Limpa; a Tuesdays with Dorie post

It has been quite a while since I have participated in the Tuesdays with Dorie baking.  What can I say, life gets in the way?  Partly, the other angle; having a pile of sweets in the house for just two of us means we eat way more than we should!   254 more words

Tuesdays With Dorie

(livi): nutella buttons

these tiny little Nutella buttons from dorie greenspan’s baking chez moi were such a delight to eat…and make, i was in “baker’s heaven”.

this was one of those baking nights that requires you to spill confectionery sugar all over yourself, and the counters, and don’t forget the floor…and make sure you’re barefoot for the experience to be complete. 200 more words

A zippy marinade does double duty for steaks that need a tenderizing touch

The other day, we were six for lunch — another of my picnic-type meals, no grass involved – and I cooked something I rarely do. Steak! 1,150 more words


Picnic Dorie Greenspan's way, and you'll never worry about ants again: Sour cream swirl cakelettes

If you’ve ever come to one of my picnics, you know that you never get closer to the great outdoors than peering at it through a window. 1,282 more words


Go off the usual grid with savoury waffles for brunch: Dorie Greenspan's smoked salmon waffles

Neither my mother nor my father could find their way around the kitchen, but they both loved shopping for food. My mom did so twice a week, always with a list that was arranged in columns that synced with what was on the supermarket aisles. 1,195 more words