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A classic French pastry fit for Valentine's Day: Recipe for light and airy profiteroles with dark chocolate sauce

A plate piled high with profiteroles is sure to impress your Valentine, or anyone else you deem worthy of this sweet treat come February 14. The small cream puffs are light and airy, and when smothered with dark chocolate sauce and filled with vanilla ice cream, decadent and rich. 1,720 more words


Coconut bundt cake w/ orange & ginger.

In the dark of winter, tropical flavors like coconut, ginger and citrus are as welcome as sunshine. Bundt cakes are a great vehicle for these flavors, and this one was inspired by the inimitable Dorie Greenspan. 617 more words


Tips from Martha: Preheating the Oven (Part 2 of 2)

As I read through Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook I’m picking up pearls of baking wisdom. But many of the recommendations and To Do’s don’t have a lot of the “Why” behind them. 545 more words

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A Piquant Tomato Tart

I received a jar of Maille’s Honey and Modena Balsamic Vinegar mustard from Maille Canada, but received no other consideration. All opinions are my own. 509 more words


Every French cook knows how to make this simple cake, and now you do, too

I’ve been a part-time Parisian for almost 20 years, but you wouldn’t know it if you judged my assimilation by how lightly I tread in high heels, how stylishly I toss a shawl over my shoulder or how capable I am of eating a croissant without covering myself in buttery crumbs. 891 more words


lemon-parsnip cake; a tuesdays with dorie post

The cake for today’s challenge is supposed to be a tangerine-carrot cake but after a quick check in the fridge, I could only find lemons.  Then I spied the last lonely parsnip and decided that I should keep going in this direction and change it all up.   235 more words

Cooking the books: Cream of the crop cookbook selections for 2015

If an occupational health and safety co-ordinator walked past my desk right now, I’d probably get a stern talking to.

While true I don’t keep the cleanest of desks, the greater danger comes from the towering stack of cookbooks occupying one corner and threatening to topple if someone accidentally brushes against them. 1,021 more words