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Tuesdays with Dorie: Graham Crackers

Well, I can say it’ll be awhile before I’m buying a box of graham crackers at the store again. The flavor combinations and shape possibilities are still whirling in my mind, and my fiancee really wants another batch to do s’mores with before it gets too cold! 26 more words


Tuesdays with Dorie: Two Bite One Chip Cookies

These had to be the absolute cutest little cookies I’ve ever made! That being said, I don’t plan on making these again. They took a LOT of patience… one teaspoon of dough and one chocolate chip at a time, scooping out of what looked to be a never ending bowl of cookie dough. 51 more words


"Grateful for everything, entitled to nothing"

This is Jim McIngvale.  A man I had never heard of until yesterday.  AKA Mattress Mack. The Clarion-Ledger ran an article about him yesterday and that’s where I found the quote that is the title of today’s post. 1,562 more words


Tuesdays with Dorie REWIND: Coffee Malteds

I’m not a coffee fan- in any form. Hot, cold, flavored- forget it. I did like these cookies though! I used ground Starbucks mocha peppermint coffee and regular malted milk powder. 32 more words


Back to the Present — A Birthday Carrot Cake

A million years ago, when I was in high school, I used to make carrot cakes and zucchini bread all the time. It was the Seventies, and one simple way to gain hippie cred as a baker (not to mention impress the opposite sex) was to reproduce these down-to-earth desserts whose defining ingredients are, somewhat counterintuitively, vegetables. 1,067 more words


I should have been writing. Instead…Fudgy Mocha Bars

There’s nothing I like better than seeing my wife drive off for a few errands–now, now, now, let me finish–so I can dive into a baking project. 298 more words


Dorie's Cookies - Crash-O Cookies

This month’s Cookies and Kindness selection from Dorie Greenspan is the very last one of the series, though Dorie hopes that everyone who bakes her recipes will continue making sharing and goodwill part of the mix. 166 more words