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Finding My Way

The last few months have found me incredibly busy. My project with first-job has become permanent, I’ve taken to writing bits of sermons and gospel songs (of sorts), and my writing has been so scattered, it’s difficult for me to even consider it real writing. 2,197 more words


I Haven’t Posted in a While, So Here’s a Guest Blog

Mainly because I’ve taken a rather long break from life under the sea in Second Life. No excuse: I just needed a break. And I still need a break, so I’ve decided to turn my blog over to a guest blogger. 1,504 more words


A Flight (a novel) to Remember

Eight years ago, at the age of 22, I sat at the same desk at which I’m currently writing and decided that the only way I was going to learn how… 886 more words


Jumbled Thoughts

I’ve been thinking quite a bit these last few weeks, but as my thoughts hurry from one to another, I’ve not got much to say on any… 956 more words


An Aging Lamentation

In the last week, I’ve come to a painful realization: I’m old. True, 30 didn’t seem that old when I was 28 and I’m sure it won’t sound old when I’m 45, but here in the present, I have to acknowledge what it is. 534 more words


I Dream of Writing

I’ve been using the Lift.do app for much of the past eighteen months. In addition to helping me make flossing, bible reading, and some form of exercise daily activities, it has also given me a graphical display of my writing activities over the last year. 1,111 more words


Year 30

Do you ever have so much to say that you no longer have anything to say?

A lot has happened recently. I’ve turned 30. I’ve traveled alone to London and returned, safe with no drama. 1,537 more words