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Truth-telling time: I am hot mess

I get the call that I have forgotten-yet again- what I am suppose to be doing. This is me: post new-mommy brain, pre-dementia. There must be another label for this forgetfulness that I am so prone to that is more forgiving. 1,085 more words

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper “I love you”
Birds singing in the sycamore trees
Dream a little dream of me… 81 more words


On ''The Man Who Knew Too Much'' (1956)

To my shame, this is by far the second Hitchcock film I’ve seen.  I chose to watch this film first, thinking that it was only a minor work of Hitchcock, and saving his other more popular films like ”Vertigo” and ”North by Northwest” for later.  367 more words

Style to be Admired

I believe that true style comes naturally but it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Hollywood starlets and wanna-be pop princesses can strut around in designer labels and sit in the front row at Paris fashion week, but that still doesn’t mean they have great style….it means that have great stylists. 708 more words

gonna take a sentimental journey...

Feel like singing, maybe you think you can’t… but really it’s just another type of story telling… you don’t have to be the worlds greatest singer you just need to be able to hold a note & create a fun little set to amuse yourself & maybe some others along the way…it’s also another great excuse to style yourself up…for this song, “gonna take a sentimental journey” a slight ’50’s touch is called for…I like vintage but I also like modern, so I usually mix the two or take an old style flavour & recreate with modern pieces…like the… 95 more words