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The concept of "evil" in Buddhism and specifically in the context of Dorje Shugden

Here is an interesting essay by Georges Dreyfus from 2011 about the concept of “evil” in Buddhism, specifically in Tibetan Buddhism. Dreyfus examines in this essay among others the concept of “evil” in the context of the deity Dorje Shugden / Dolgyal. 49 more words


Who is Tenzin Peljor?

Tenzin Peljor (Michael Jäckel a.k.a. Mick Jackman) is a “Buddhist monk” based in Germany. By his own admission, he runs a blog supposedly highlighting issues related to Tibetan Buddhism but, in reality, focuses only on and against Dorje Shugden. 244 more words

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Is this how a Buddhist monk behaves?

When Tenzin Peljor a.k.a. Michael Jäckel is not busy attacking Dorje Shugden practitioners online or attending events sponsored by the Tibetan exile government as one of their employees, he is supposedly teaching his students about Buddhist concepts like compassion and bodhicitta. 1,709 more words

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Buddha predicted that the eventual destruction of Buddhism would not come from the outside but from the inside. He predicted that its destruction would come from the shaven-headed members of Buddha’s own order (the Sangha) who did not practice the control of one’s body, speech and mind, and the Dharma. 519 more words

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More on Tenzin Peljor

There are many other websites which have exposed Tenzin Peljor’s online activities. For further information about this person masquerading in monk’s robes, please see these links: 19 more words

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The Anti-Dalai Lama Protests: Separating Fact From Fiction

by Linda Ciardiello

For about the last 18 months the Dalai Lama has been under sustained public attack from a group of mostly white westerners calling themselves the International Shugden Community (ISC), for alleged human rights abuses, supression of religious freedom and for causing a schism in the Tibetan Buddhist community. 2,459 more words

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What motivates someone to become a Dorje Shugden supporter?

Craig Tweeted, “Unfollows anyone with Kelsang in their name.”

He had been trolling some Dorje Shugden accounts on Twitter for some reason.

I asked him, “How would you characterize what their thing is? 195 more words

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