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How are newcomers introduced to the Dorje Shugden issues in the New Kadampa Tradition?

Question: Is there any NKT documentation that talks about when to introduce the Dorje Shugden issues to new students? Is there a deliberate policy of concealment and delay in introducing this until people are ‘too far in to get out’? 1,637 more words


Tashi Delek! Losar Dance 2142

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015 is the Tibetan New Year, 1st day of the 1st moon, Sheep Year 2142

The U.S. is Blessed by His Holiness Trijang Chocktrul Rinpoche in Vermont's Trijang Buddhist Institute

A Rinpoche is a previously enlightened being who has chosen, out of Great Compassion to return to this earthly realm of suffering . . . though he or she does not have to re-enter the cycle of life and death and life and death . 70 more words

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The making of a Shugden hub in the United States

By Thierry Dodin / TIN

In early October 2014, followers of the Dorje Shugden cult dedicated a monastery in the United States, which they plan as their major American hub. 587 more words


New website about the Shugden Controversy and the Shugden / Anti-Dalai Lama protests

There is a new website totally dedicated to the Shugden Controversy and the Shugden / Anti-Dalai Lama protests that contains information, clarifications and refutations of the key claims of the campaigning Western Shugden group (NKT/ICS). 16 more words

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