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Mermaid Board Games?

So yeah, Mermaid Rain was the first board game I had ever heard of, and it’s pretty much about Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid, which is fitting, because the only other mermaid exclusive board game that I can find, is Disney’s The Little Mermaid! 22 more words


Welcome to Buffy Monday?

This post started out with me remembering that Joss Wheadon once made a Buffy The Vampire Slayer animated short in order to sell the pitch idea that the show could work as an animated series, and unfortunately that one thought led me down a rabbit hole. 109 more words


The Inexplicable Billionaire Game

The Billionaire Game by Lila Monroe

Overall Rating: 2.5 (sXe)

For some reason I was pretty excited to read this series. Technically it’s a series because there are three books. 498 more words

Adult Contemporary Romance Series

A Scene in the Library: A Poem

I see you again, sitting alone.
Everyday you’re always on your own.
A book in front, a pen on one hand,
Your thoughts are in a far away land. 62 more words

The Righteous Brother: (Hoser)

It was one of those hot, glorious dog days of summer. I was playing in the front yard with a hose, when I spotted our neighbor Mr. 148 more words


The Righteous Brother: (Playing in the Street)

When I was five, I told my two-year-old sister to stand in the middle of the street. It wasn’t a matter of not knowing any better. 168 more words


Status Quo Pt. 3- Forever

Look at us

cuddled together

finally getting some alone time

kids are asleep

it’s the first time in a week

and honestly this couldn’t be better… 114 more words