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Talking around my toes

I spend way too much of my time with my foot in my mouth. Not literally. I am not one of those disgusting people who nibbles toenails or toe cuticles or whatever it is those toe-chewers do (my apologies if you’re a foot-eater but seriously … that habit is cute in babies only). 300 more words



Also, Happy Valentine’s Day !




More like a relief from the usual books that I have been reading off late. Nope, I am not being biased because it’s written by a malayalee, but I do think that the author Sidin Vadukut has done a good job with Dork. 303 more words

Book Reviews

Willie J Healey - Dork Magazine February Edition

Willie J Healey – The Bullingdon 15/12/16

For some time now Willie J Healey has been Oxford’s best kept secret. However after years of developing, honing and polishing his musical prowess, 2017 promises to be the year he is propelled into the collective consciousness, his charmingly warm and compelling compositions too infectious and too enticing to remain just a localised murmur. 344 more words


How You Doin'?

Hey, how was your week?

Ours was…ah, it was a week.
Last Friday, Ms Cookie went off her feed.
Oh, she was still eating hay and drinking just fine, but she refused her beet pulp. 617 more words

Emerson's 5 Plum Pie (Pushing Daisies)

It has been 5 days, 3 hours, and 22 minutes since my last pie was made.

If you ever want to watch the sweetest, most clever little show that involves pie-making, a tall, awkward and handsome man, and a girl named Chuck, you have to see Pushing Daisies. 767 more words