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School, School

School, school, the golden rule, pencil paper, write your name. Everyone has gone to school at some point in there life, and yes I know that I did a post earlier this year about school. 458 more words


That's All I've Got To Say about The Orville!

I just finally watched the episode before last of The Orville… season 2 episode 11.

In this episode, there is a story about a phone in a time capsule, and one of the crew members uses it to make a simulation of the girl who owned the phone. 56 more words



Dear Love,

I know the journey we are embarking on isn’t always going to be smooth sailing. I know that there will be bumps in the road, and the occasional flat tire. 598 more words

Married With Children

I really loved Married With Children. I get that in 2019 that the themes of this show are considered ‘controversial,’ but you know what? They were controversial in 1987. 43 more words


The Blog is 9 years old!

This blog is 9 years old, and has covered/embraced/celebrated many different things from My Little Pony, Cosplay, Comics, Video Games, and more. I do not know the future of this blog or domain name even… I do know that it has been an enjoyable time, and I have had the glorious opportunity through it to interview some cool people and meeting new friends. 165 more words