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Christmas of the Subs

As I’ve mentioned before, I love substitute teachers. Y. is going on vacation before Christmas, so the last two jazz classes of the year will be taught by Frodo and Jay respectively, both of whom we’ve had before. 513 more words


The Reason For The Season

The reason for the season is because without season food doesn’t taste as good as it should…or something like that.

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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

Capcom and Marvel are rebooting the Vs. series to focus on Marvel’s movies. Below I have gathered my impressions as well as opinions/concerns. I feel like I will be making a lot of these videos in the future.

Video Game


Let’s start off with the fact I haven’t blogged at all this weekend. Frankly I find the fact that I’m blogging weird and am slightly embarrassed to admit that I blog. 719 more words

Letters To Santa

Happy December! The countdown to Christmas has begun and I couldn’t be more excited for my favourite time of the year! It’s obvious, ain’t it?? BTW, how do you like this month’s header? 591 more words

Austin's Positives: The Nerds Are Cool

Not everyone in Austin is a butting into your conversations brown nose, racist, or frat boy ass. The nerds are great. You find the nerds at places like Toy Joy, Alamo Drafthouse movie sing a long nights, sci fi events, San Antonio Comic Con, nerd events in genreral. 59 more words