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Cosplay Day Out turns 10!

One of the greatest things about cosplay, is being able to meet people who are excited just to see that a person like you exists… and despite that single, perfect moment when you meet… all I can think is: “F**K! 137 more words



Oh, and being a dork..


crickets (you’ll notice I have a few ready-to-go)


High School Geek

I didn’t realize I was a misfit until 9th grade. Up until then, I thought I was just a nameless face in the halls at school. 627 more words


I'd like to talk to you about....

I’m a dork.

Ask anybody, and they’ll tell you that I am a huge nerd and dork. When I was a child, I embraced things like Legos, cartoons, and computer games. 521 more words

Cookie's Winter Coat

This is Cookie’s second spring with us.
The second time she’s come face to face with the shedding blade.
While she’s reacted better to it this time ’round (last year she bolted from me every time I tried to approach her with it in hand), she’s still unsure of what this thing has to do with her. 335 more words

Oh, To Get It Right

This card was from my Mom at the party in 1981 or 1983.  I don’t know when it was.  I’ve tried to figure it out, and right when I think I have, I post a card from B. 242 more words

Feelin' The Love

Throwing 'N' the Towel?

By: Adam

This week saw a major announcement about the future of Nintendo and it has me more than a little concerned.

On Tuesday Nintendo announced a partnership with DeNA (a company that develops mobile games) which will see the big N enter the arena of mobile and smart device gaming. 594 more words