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Radio host Art Bell has passed away

Art Bell passed away at age 72 yesterday during Friday The 13th… so, I of course had to Snopes it… which is ironic, considering that his former show, Coast to Coast AM deals with the paranormal. 116 more words


The Fallout of Channel Awesome took a depressing turn

When JewWario, Justin Carmical, passed away, many people were heartbroken. This former Channel Awesome producer’s legacy lived on through friends and fans alike, such my friend MarzGurl who helped make the movie Farewell Famikamen Rider as well as youtuber  421 more words


My Favorite Martian

Marzgurl, formerly a producer from Channel Awesome, was fan-art-ed last night/today by myself. See?

Currently, Channel Awesome is seeing some… um…. controversy? Formerly internal, external strife? 290 more words


Live Review: Anteros

Date: 31/04/2018

Venue: Old Blue Last, London

2018 is the year of Anteros, there are no doubts about it. Their media exposure and fan base is growing on a weekly basis and for right reasons. 363 more words


NetSenshi is still jail bait

The name for this blog started out as a terrible web comic for a terrible website about Sailor Moon. Well, that was all done for… 95 more words


Get Cray feminista Friday-ed yo!

Spoilers for season two of Netflix’s Jessica Jones, but in the past, Patricia Walker had a stint as a pop singer… and now Netflix has dropped her full music video, ‘I Want Your Cray Cray.’ There is a catch, other than the fact that it is not great… and that is that it’s Pop-up video style. 10 more words


I am a ヘビーユーザー

Pepsi has launched a bunch of different sodas in Japan to target their ヘビーユーザー (hebiiyuuzaa), or heavy users. This is crazy, because that means that Pepsi is trying to make a palatable product abroad, despite the fact that their product at home is the soda you drink only when at Taco Bell, begrudgingly. 62 more words