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I changed a few things

I changed my theme, the order of the widgets, and I painstakingly replaced my old terrible header for a new one. Let’s take a look of the process of that! 199 more words


My opinions about Ghostbusters, again.

I feel like my post the other day about why I am not excited anymore for Ghostbusters needed some more fleshing out. I still like the videos that I shared from youtube, so still please check those out on my… 446 more words


James Rolfe refusses to see New Ghostbusters movie

James Rolfe, best known as ‘The Angry Video Game Nerd,’ released a video earlier today where he announced that since the new Ghostbusters movie looks terrible, especially when compared to the visual effects of the original 1984 movie, he is refusing to give the movie any support. 136 more words


Another one goes to Japan

One of my friend’s leaves for Japan this Monday morning, while another one leaves in, I believe, October. It has been six years since my trip to Japan, and I wont pretend that I’m not a little envious of all of my friends who have been going to the beautiful land of the rising sun lately. 88 more words


A typical love story.

And so, I feel in love with the jock. It wasn’t like I made a promise to myself to never fall in love with one but well you know it wasn’t in the playing cards for me. 315 more words

Why I hate Psylocke

I hate Psylocke for one major reason, and if she were a real flesh and blood person, I would probably be a monster for hating her, as it isn’t her fault. 287 more words


New trending GIF tagged reaction hello wave hi...

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