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Dorkus Maximus

Today was productive.  I got out and about to take pictures of the neighborhood for Smart Girls.  It got up to 30 F today, and the sun came out to melt some of the snow.   421 more words


Hair brush

Hey there,

Hair brush something  that all girls/ woman would at least has one in their lifetime as it solves  hair knots and so…

it is usually at a pricey range or else if it’s cheap it won’t last long… 169 more words


Dorky Tuesday

Everything I did was dorky or dumb yesterday!

Let’s Start With the Run

The weather has changed, and its a bit colder now.  For some reason, the cold is REALLY bothering me this year.   440 more words


Why I love the 'uncool' guys

You might read this blog and think NU and I are super cool, super popular gals surrounded by guys who look like models and wear fancy clothes but you would be dead wrong. 892 more words

Rambling Goat

lack of unfinished art 2

This is the kind of stuff that you do not show people: doodles that are terribly scribbled down on crumpled paper that gets littered all over the place. 130 more words


How to Make a Video Game Review

I tell you the secrets of making a video game review for use on YouTube, and review the new video game Evolve in the process. I’m so efficient and hilarious that it hurts.