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Starting out....

Hi! I’m a geek mom of 3 and love my babies. They have absorbed comics, video games, and movies the way I did as a child. 121 more words


SoulCalibur has sexy ladies?

Kotaku’s Cecilia D’Anastasio interviewed the creators of SoulCalibur 6, and had the very important question: Why dem titties? Their response? We like titties. Titties sell. 483 more words

Video Game

How is Steve Trevor back???

Wonder Woman 1984 pictures have been coming out, and Steve Trevor has been seen standing next to Princess Diana… and people are just wondering how and why? 82 more words


Solomon Grundy wants throwbacks too!

Since I just got back from A-Kon 29, I felt that it was appropriate to throwback to a cosplay I wore at A-Kon 22! Solomon Grundy from The Legion of Doom! 38 more words


The Big Bang Theory - 'My First Jew'

In this clip from the wacky world of nerdom, Howie gets it on with Penny’s sex-mad friend, Christie.

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Shin Gojira

I recently heard that Toho won’t be making another Godzilla movie in this series, This makes me sad.

Instead they’re rebooting again and leaving Shin Goji as a stand alone. 6 more words