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Microsoft, global law enforcement agencies disrupt Dorkbot botnet

By Shawn Knight | Techspot

Microsoft, in cooperation with a number of law enforcement agencies around the world, managed to disrupt a botnet that’s infected over a million PCs across more than 190 countries. 188 more words


News from the Dorkside: Dorkbot botnet disrupted

ESET has collaborated with Microsoft, CERT.PL and various law enforcement bodies around the world to disrupt known Dorkbot botnets by sinkholing their C&C servers. ESET shared technical analysis, statistical information about the malware used, and known command and control servers’ domains and IPs. 940 more words


Operation Liberpy: Keyloggers and information theft in Latin America

In mid-April 2015, ESET’s Laboratory in Latin America received a report on an executable program named “Liberty2-0.exe” detected by us as Python/Liberpy.A. It was a… 437 more words

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