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9 Under-$100 Ways To Instantly Upgrade Your Dorm

Unless you’re living large off campus (you lucky upperclassman, you) you probably have to deal with the dorm life. From cinderblock walls to tile floors to ugly wooden furniture and deeply unflattering lighting, turning your dorm room into a mega-chic abode isn’t exactly easy. 444 more words


Dorm Decor: 4 Tips for Decorating an RA Dorm

From organizing floor bonding activities and having duty until two in the morning, to basically being on on-call 24-7 for your residents, being a Resident Assistant is a daunting task. 185 more words


Dorm Room Tour: Spring 2016

Hello friends! I am back this week with another dorm room tour. I’ve been putting this off for a while because in case you don’t know, my dorm is usually messy a good 80% of the time so taking these pictures was a struggle.  807 more words


DIY: Glass Dorm Decor

By Madison DeHaven

Unfortunately, glass cannot be recycled in most dorms. You have to actually find somewhere to dispose of it out in the world. If you’re like me, those lemonade bottles and coffee containers just pile up in the corner, collecting dust. 330 more words

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Roxy Sowlaty's Tips For Decorating Your Dorm Like A #RichKid On A Budget

If you watch #RichKids of Beverly Hills, you know that Roxy Sowlaty is more than just a pretty girl from a rich family – she’s also a talented interior designer with killer taste. 432 more words